Why is the Campaign #YoVotoSí of Cuba Annoying?

Featured Why is the Campaign #YoVotoSí of Cuba Annoying?

More than one report published by foreign agencies accuses the Cuban government of deploying a strong propaganda for the passing next February 24th of the new Constitution.

"In buses, in supermarkets or in television: in Cuba, the socialist government's slogan #YoVotoSí for the new Constitution to be voted next February 24th, appears everywhere and it generates critics in the social networks", said AFP.

It’s curious that it raises concern for the campaign of the #YoVotoSí and absolutely no concern for that of #YoVotoNo, launched by the U.S. against the constitutional referendum to try to influence the results.

Some say that an electoral campaign has been launched, but they forget that this popular consult on the constitutional draft project that began since August 13th until November 15th and it was approved by the National Assembly in last December, it is not that sort of campaign because it was not carried out in favor of any candidate running for a position and it’s neither banned by the law.

Apparently it unsettles that the Cuban government has been able to run a democratic, communicative, and transparent process, something unthinkable right now in countries like France, where the yellow vests movement has three uninterrupted months of protests against Emmanuel Macron, to whom Saturday after Saturday they demand for social justice, to reform the Constitution seeking a full democracy and carry out national referendums on relevant issues.

The truth is that, regardless who hurts, in our country an exercise of profound debate was developed which in turn gave way to a Constitution that is the outcome of a collective construction, shaped to the country we live in and we want. A Constitution that leads the way, not just in Latin America, but also worldwide, due to the rights that it comprises and the warranties of those rights.

But why does the campaign #YoVotoSí annoys anyone?

Well, perhaps it annoys because with that firm Yes we reassure that, after 60 years of the victory of a Socialist Revolution, Cubans have historical memory, and that neither Obama with his actor charms, neither Trump with his evident stupidity can make us give it up.

Those who are annoyed with this Revolution should get really mad and try to imitate us or surpass us regarding democracy. Why Donald Trump doesn't organize a national referendum of his politics, instead of financing imperialistic coups against the sister Venezuela and Anti-Cuban campaigns?

The Constitution we Cubans will approve this Sunday is the Constitution of our people; it’s the Constitution of our youths; it’s the Constitution of our students. We wrote together and we will defend it together.

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