Trump and the reality show of Venezuela

Featured Trump and the reality show of Venezuela

As a sort of macabre version of Carlo Collodi’s great story, (Pinocchio) Guaido thanked on his Twitter account his (Pepeto) Trump for his “strong support” in the restoration of democracy in Venezuela.

“President Donald Trump (@POTUS), we thanked your strong support to the restoration of democracy in Venezuela. We are going to keep the international coordination aimed to achieve the necessary pressure to put an end to usurpation and conquering the freedom of our nation,” stated Guaido on his Twitter account.

Pinocchio Guaido, traditional after all, changed the story and got it all wrong. As a matter of fact, his master Trump is the one who should be thankful for his invaluable service to steal Citgo’s assets —Citgo is a Venezuelan state-oil and sales company in the U.S.—, as well as the 1.2 billion USD in gold stored in a bank in London.

But we already know that puppet masters do not waste their time apologizing to their inanimate puppets unless the fairy tale has a happy ending. This was not the case.

Guaido is the latest Venezuelan little traitor in this reality show staged by Trump worldwide about Venezuela whose actual goal is, as you know, to plunder the rich natural resources of that Latin American nation rather than overthrowing “dictator” Maduro.

As in The Apprentice, the reality show that made Donald Trump famous in the U.S. television, Guaido seems to be the leading star of a crew of entrepreneurs competing for 250,000 USD and a contract to manage one of the Trump’s companies. Citgo? In the competition (to earn the money), there are also representatives of former European powers in decline, Trump’s hawks and the “chickens” of the Lima Group.

Who is going to win the race to make America greater? The world audience is asking awe-struck before such a political incompetence.

Military intervention and fratricidal bloodshed in Latin America or not? Is it another gangster trick of the producer of the reality show to keep you thrilled? As we know —that is the way he has handled the missile crisis with Korea, the tariff escalation against Europe and China, or the Wall issue—, Trump usually fabricates weird crisis to make feel his opponents dispirited no matter what.

Is it only the armed robbery of 38 million USD to the people of Venezuela?

None knows. We will need to wait until Trump “the politician”, expert in reality shows, decides when to shut down the show.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz/CubaSi Translation Staff

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