“Los Compadres” are back at heritage vinyl record exhibition

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Featured “Los Compadres” are back at heritage vinyl record exhibition

The 4th Heritage Vinyl Record Exhibition will be dedicated to the legacy of duo Los Compadres, indispensable mainstay of the history of Cuban music. This initiative, developed from the Office of the City’s Conserver and Casa Dranguet (Dranguet House), appraises not only the sound legacy of Santiago de Cuba, but of the most musical Caribbean island as well.

Starting next Tuesday, March 19, at 11:00 am, the exhibition will open at Dranguet House as part of the program of activities of the International “Pepe Sanchez” Trova Festival, initiative that also highlights the importance of both heritage vinyl records and Los Compadres. It will also strengthen the concept of seeing this city as the “musical city of Cuba”.

“Los Compadres” are back at a heritage vinyl record exhibition

The exhibition will be entitled “Hay compadres para rato”, focused on one of the themes of the duo, recorded in their famous record “Los Compadres” (1969), which was edited by MAG in 1972 for the Peruvian market and that earned them the “Golden Microphone” in January 1973, for sales record.

Anecdotes, curiosities, real stories, an approach to the discography of this emblematic musical duo from Santiago de Cuba, as well as significant details of the life and work of its members, will be revealed at the exhibition, whose fourth edition will include both a new theme and the screening of audiovisuals linked to Los Compadres, as a record player will play old guarachas, sones… for the delight of visitors every day.

As another way of sensitizing people to know heritage vinyl record and preserve it, to get closer to the work of Los Compadres and to show Santiago de Cuba as a musical city in the Caribbean, organizers promote a contest so everyone can take objects linked to this famous duo to be shown there, including images, writings, old records, among others.

Lorenzo Hierrezuelo and María Teresa Vera formed part of the duo that remained active around three decades with a repertoire that meant the best of the old trova (song).

Later, María Teresa Vera was replaced by Francisco Repilado (Compay Segundo), who together with Lorenzo Hierrezuelo made up duo Los Compadres.

Afterwards, Lorenzo called his brother Reynaldo Hierrezuelo, and both continued the work of the duo together.

This unforgettable duo remained active until the death of Lorenzo Hierrezuelo. Its legacy has been present in many of the groups and songs of Cuba’s musical history, and has achieved a well-deserved acknowledgement among the youngest generations.

In 2015, Septeto Santiaguero’s album “Tributo a Los Compadres” (Tribute to Los Compadres) won the Latin Grammy for Best Traditional Tropical album, a well-deserved tribute to musicians who put Cuban music on the highest step of the world stave.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / CubaSi Translation Staff

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