Roberto Skyers: I am Looking for my Personal Goal, which is to Break the 20-second Barrier

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Featured Roberto Skyers: I am Looking for my Personal Goal, which is to Break the 20-second Barrier

After being the star of Cuban speed for almost a decade, he has seen the light now in a different way. He is challenging a persistent plantar fasciitis in both feet but he is really optimistic before new future challenges. Skyers (November 12, 1991, Camaguey) makes reference to past sports performances as well:

“My present trainer trusts on me 100% and this is what changed from other seasons. I am lucky I have lived different stages in my sports career, some of them dark…to the extent that I did not believe I would enjoy such a wonderful moment. I personally do not think this is an extraordinary system.”

Is there any difference with the Skyers who won with 20.37-seconds in Guadalajara in 2011?

We are mixing everything, resistance band workouts, jumps, gyms to gain power and strength…My mission is to follow my trainers’ advice and get focused on. I trust his word.

What about the rehab factor to deal with the calcification in your heels?

Results correspond to consistency, the convergence of so many elements. We even have two gym sessions in a day. It is not that exhausting, but it is systematic. What you leave behind, you cannot get it back. You must boost the talent you have. Hence, it is important to have a detailed recovery especially on injured areas. It is crucial.

You have achieved your best results in 200-meters races, like the one in Toronto 2015 (20.02-seconds). You have excelled now in 100-meters. Are you planning to run both distances in future events?

The result in 100-meters was achieved thanks to the training. I remain focused on the 200-meters although I think it is going to be hard to lower the results. But the training is basically targeting this goal. Everyone knows I am not that good in the first meters of the race and we are working hard to improve this handicap.

I am not going to run the 100-meters race in the Pan American Games, nor the World Championship. We are focused on the 200-meters and I will pursue my personal goal, which is to run under 20-seconds.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz/CubaSi Translation Staff

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