The Trump Plan: A Fascist America?

Featured The Trump Plan: A Fascist America?

The North American lawyer born in Somalia Ilhan Omar branded on Thursday as "Fascist" the president Donald Trump, after the leader accused her in an electoral meeting of hating the United States and asked her to "return" to her country of origin.

Does anyone doubt the racism, the xenophobia and white nationalism of the North American president, Donald Trump so far?

If there was any doubt about it, it was dispelled this weekend, when the real estate magnate attacked via Twitter four democratic congress members of different races to whom, even being Americans, he asked them to return to their countries of origin."

As the young lawyers Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York), Ayanna Pressley (Massachusetts), Rashida Tlaib (Michigan) and Ihlan Omar (Minnesota) are not white or blond, Trump determined that they have forbidden to "say to the most powerful country on Earth how it should be governed.

As if these words weren’t racist and discriminatory enough, he kept shooting through his Twitter account: "it’s interesting watching those progressive democratic congress members coming from the worst countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, to say "aloud and aggressively" to the U.S. people how their Executive should be handled" concluded Trump.


It seems the President doesn't have in his agenda to diplomatically handle The Squad, as they are known in the political circle these four lawyers. All of them belonging to ethnic minorities, they landed in Washington after the elections of November that concluded in the most diverse congress and with the largest number of women representatives in history.

Even, the white supremacist, has refused to apologize and has insisted in that he doesn't have "a single racist bone in his body", to what the former vice-president and also democrat candidate for 2020 Elections, Joe Biden, replied with irony that if Trump doesn't have a "single racist bone in his body" that’s because he "has no bones."

Let’s remember that Trump is in charge in the Republican Party, besides, he believes he is God on Earth and, to make matters worse, there are some who lower the head without uttering a sound like the spokesman of Twitter, Brandon Borrman, when declaring to The Washington Post: "The tweets in question do not break the policies of the social network", although the policies of the company forbid to "promote violence against, or directly attack or threaten other people for reasons of race, ethnic origin, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability or severe illness".

On the other hand, the president of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, replied harshly to the republican leader: "I reject Trump’s xenophobic comments that seek to divide our country", and at the time she accused him of making America white.

Besides, the members of that legislative body approved a resolution that condemns, energetically, the statements "that have legitimated and enhanced the fear and hatred toward the new Americans and people of color", supported by 240 congress members.

But, as it was expected, Trump qualified the resolution as stupid and this Thursday he attacked again the rebel lawyers, when he accused them, in a reelection meeting of his campaign, of "feeding the emergence in the United States of a dangerous militant left".


Donald Trump has transformed the hostility between races into the core of his reelection campaign, and some of his critics even believe that the strategy could win a second round in the presidency.

It is so that in the aforementioned meeting, in Greenville, North Carolina, a crowd chanted outside the premises: "Send them back! ", repeating the Trump’s tweet during the weekend about the lawyers should "returning" to their country of origin.

The president has kept a hard-hand position against immigration in these four years, he seems to forget that the United States is a country of immigrants. His own wife, Melania Trump, came from Slovenia 20 years ago, and his mother, Mary MacLeod, was born in Scotland and at age 18 she left towards the United States, where she married Fred Trump, son of German immigrants.

However, to win votes beyond his faithful followers in the campaign, the leader bets on the racial divisions and white nationalism, to the very style of Adolfo Hitler’s fascism in Germany when, after spurring the hatred against Jews, unleashed the Holocaust that exterminated in World War II nearly six million people.

No wonder the American lawmaker Ilhan Omar branded Trump this Thursday as "Fascist". “We have said that this president is racist, we have condemned his racist comments", he also told the press who is, one of the two Muslim women in Congress. "I believe that he is a Fascist."

As it’s already known, the American Dream of many immigrants in the U.S. has ended up in the new concentration camps in North American territory. Now we just have to wait and see if the self-proclaimed owner of the world, in a fascist flush, will end, for racial reasons, extraditing those who have historically made America big.

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