An uncontrolled Trump anticipates dirty electoral controversy

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Featured An uncontrolled Trump anticipates dirty electoral controversy

The rude racist remarks that Donald Trump tweeted on Sunday were condemned by the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

Thus informed, among other outlets, BBC News Mundo. It is about a resolution they passed 240-187.

The BBC recalls what happened there, the resolution denounced that “Trump’s racist comments have legitimated fear and hatred of new American citizens and people of color.”

The president has also been accused of racist and xenophobic after telling the four congresswomen to leave the country.

Trump reacted attacking the resolution.  

He resorted to Twitter where he tweeted: "I do not have a single racist bone in my body."

And he added: Why don’t they go back to the places they came from.”

In a series of tweets, published on Sunday, Trump said that congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib, came from countries whose governments are a complete and total “disaster.”

The four women played down importance to what the president tweeted from the Executive Mansion and described it as a “distraction” and urged the people to further focus on facts than on words.

"Do not take the bait, it's a distraction", they warned their followers.

The BBC commented that a grudging debate preceded the vote in the House of Representatives.

Democrat John Lewis said that "at the highest level of government there is no room for racism," while Republican Dan Meuser called the attack a "ridiculous defamation."

After the reading of the resolution, Congressman Al Green (Texas) commented that Trump "had taken the position of the presidency of the United States to contempt, ridicule, dishonor and disrepute."

In this regard, Trump praised in a tweet the unity of the Republican Party "when voting against the resolution.

He also lambasted the four congresswomen for "the horrible things they said about our country, Israel and much more."

The resolution not only "condemns Trump's racist words, but also cited other presidents' thoughts on immigration.

This has defined that "All Americans, except the descendants of native people and enslaved African Americans, are immigrants or descendants of immigrants."

It stressed that patriotism is not determined by race or ethnicity "but by devotion to the constitutional ideals of equality, freedom, inclusion and democracy."

An opinion poll conducted after the controversial messages showed that Republican support for the president increased 5%, although it fell among Democratic and independent voters.

That is, the electoral process becomes intricate, thus opening a campaign full of clashes, threats, contradictions and clashes of interest.

All without forgetting that, at least up to here, Donald Trump keeps the lead in
triumph predictions.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / CubaSi Translation Staff

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