Cuba: No Blackouts Scheduled

Featured Cuba: No Blackouts Scheduled

Raul Garcia Barreiro, Minister of Energy and Mining, highlighted that it may occur some blackouts at any time due to failures in the power circuit or points within the electrical power system, “but there are no blackouts scheduled due to any deficit in the power-generating capacity of the nation. And if necessary, it will be provided timely information.”

During the second information TV program Mesa Redonda on the temporary oil shortage, he shared with the audience the teleconference held with the power administrations in every province where power consumption in state-owned companies and guidelines to follow to reduce it were deeply analyzed.

Regarding the residential area, which represents 60% of the total power consumption —bigger in peak hours— he urged citizens to saving energy.

He also elaborated on the need to boost renewable sources of energy as well as the supply of liquefied gas.

Regarding liquefied gas —with 1.7 million clients— he stated that there were difficulties late in August and early in September. Hence, it was necessary to extend the supply period either subsidized or not. “However, we can confirm this service would be guaranteed and stabilized.”

He also made reference to the fuel supply, which will be guaranteed in gas stations.

In the line of savings, the Minister stated that public lights will be turned on only when necessary and this issue will be closely monitored. He also suggested calling 1-1-8 to report any irregularity.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz/CubaSi Translation Staff

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