Very Short Chronicles: Adopteeds

Featured Very Short Chronicles: Adopteeds

When humor and solidarity fit in the same car...

At the busstop of Monumental freeway near the Panamericana Vila a girl holding a sign that in large letters read:#AdoptAPassenger.

In her case it would have been two to be adopted because standing next to her was a lady who seem to be her mother.

It was an intermediate stop therefore all taxis were full when they drove by, but they kept their smiles on their faces.

A white car with private plates stopped before them, the driver stepped down from the car, opened the rear door, and happily said: I will adopt you both!

They entered the car giggling.

"I can still adopt one more" said the driver before setting the car back into motion.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSi Translation Staff

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