Cuba-Miami: Resounding setback for its “extreme right-wingers”

Featured Cuba-Miami: Resounding setback for its “extreme right-wingers”

The Miami mafia rallied on the streets against the re-establishment of Cuba-U.S. relations.

The Cuban American extreme right-wing based in that locality seems to begin its political retirement.

Reason? The agreements reached by Cuba and the United States this week to normalize their diplomatic relations, interrupted by the northern country since 1961.

Along with this, the US government released three Cuban anti-terrorists, out of five, who still remained in its prisons.

Their names: Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino and Antonio Guerrero, previously joined by Fernando y René González.

The latter had already returned to their country after serving the last day of their spurious conviction.

The news was received with huge jubilation on Cuban and squares, but also throughout the world.

Obama termed Washington’s approach to the island “outdated” and its alleged isolation “failled”.

In parallel, there were significant statements by US Secretary of State John Kerry.

“Our policy of isolating Cuba has further isolated U.S.”, said the official.

Later, in an article published in The Washington Post, he reiterated an upcoming trip to Havana, where he remarked “We will open the embassy”.

He said in advance that among the issues to “review” immediately is Cuba’s presence on the list of state sponsors of terrorism.

Kerry also boasted he would be the first secretary of state to arrive on the island.

However, almost at the same time, online site El Nuevo Dí posted a title that reads: “Cuban exile rejects the release of the spies”.

Its text assures that the decision is “a terrible mistake” of Washington’s international policy.

A so-called Democratic Directorate fired in Maimi the same broadside against the “three spies”, because in its opinion the swap “harms US national security”.

On Wednesday, the extreme right-wingers of that city tried to protest the bilateral agreement, but the rally was so meager that it failed.

Barack Obama has been courageous since he hasn’t let the vultures flying over Washington and Miami blackmailed him.

It’s simply worth acknowledging it.

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