Miami’s fools and some disoriented people

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Featured Miami’s fools and some disoriented people

The show Risas y Musica para Cuba (Laughs and Music for Cuba), aiming at raising funds for the US Cuba Democracy PAC was performed this Sunday from 4pm to 7pm at the Miami Dade County Auditorium.

In this article, I am going to talk about the goal of this PAC (Political Action Committee) and how contradictory all those voluntary performances carried out by some Cuban artists are, especially in a show that raises funds in favor of those people who fight and discredit a sovereign country, linked to those artists in history and interests.

According to its own webpage, the US Cuba Democracy PAC’s goal and agenda are to contribute with money to the election and re-election of representatives who will favor laws to intensify sanctions against Cuba. That is to say, economic sanctions aiming at surrendering the Cuban people through hunger and triggering an internal conflict to justify a military intervention; or producing a climate of social insecurity caused by the shortage of basic goods in order to reverse or pause the process of normalization between Cuba and the United States.

And they want to achieve it with the means of this wild capitalism: money and more money. And this money comes from fund-raisings and donations from events like the aforementioned Risas y Musica… held in Miami on Sunday; the entry price ranged from USD 27-60.

The US Cuba Democracy PAC has raised a total of USD 214,322 this year. Its manager is the entrepreneur Remedios Diaz Oliver and the treasurer is the car dealer in South Florida Gus Machado. Its representative in Washington DC is the lawyer Mauricio Claver Carone who is also the executive director of Cuba Democracy Advocates. Claver Carone, Gus Machado, and Leopoldo Fernandez Pujals are closely linked to Spanish right. This document (complaint) shows the stratagem of how these people manage the money of all failed plans against Cuba:

Let’s look at the main donors of US Cuba Democracy PAC —with a maximum limit of USD 5,000—, Carlos Lopez Cantera (Lieutenant Governor of Florida), Ana Carbonell (assistant to Lincoln Diaz Balart), Benjamin Leon (owner of Leon Medical Center) and Sergio Pino (developmentalist).

Having into account the generational and social make-up, as well as their interests, it is counterproductive the performance of some artists in a show where the above mentioned US Cuba Democracy PAC gets the money to back the Anti-Cuban policy. Extremist people like Diego Suarez, Alberto Hernandez, Ninoska Lucrecia Perez Castellon, and Marcel Felipe are members of this committee. All of them have been linked in one way or another with terrorists like Luis Posada Carriles, Orlando Bosch, Pedro Remon, Jose Dionisio Suarez, Gaspar Jimenez Escobedo, to name a few. Artists supporting these people…Are they ignorant? Are they fully aware of it?

In the first place, it is not coherent the work of Los Tres de La Habana with this show. This group came to Miami in 2007 and its members are German Pinelli, Ari Pinelli, and Ana Paez. They have never been in trouble to travel to Cuba; therefore, it is somehow obscure they collaborate with a group of people who wants exactly the opposite.

On the other side, the views of the members of the US Cuba Democracy PAC on Cuba’s education and culture are notorious. Indeed, that same education and culture formed Los Tres de La Habana.

Judith Gonzalez —known as Magdalena La Pelua— is also part of the show. Judith was born in Ciego de Avila. She graduated from the National School of Theater Professors and then she moved to Havana. Being graduated from such a school, Judith was always closer to the social work and political affiliation. That is why we cannot understand what she is doing with those characters, prone to defame what she represents.

Not to mention Idania y Yo Soy el Son, formed in a Culture House in Bahia Honda with the program Farmers’ Night (Noches Campesinas), something that Batista’s followers certainly mocks at.

I am not trying to judge these artists. I just wanted to say the truth behind this US Cuba Democracy PAC with its usual cast: Blanca Rosa Gil, Roberto Torres, Onelio Perez, and the Miami version of the Riverside orchestra. These young artists are performing in favor of people who want to punish Cuba, their families, and themselves.

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