Finance Ministers to Discuss Anti-IS Strategies

Featured Finance Ministers to Discuss Anti-IS Strategies

Finance ministers will discuss on Dec. 17 in the UN Security Council the strategies to cut off the Islamic State''s access to resources, confirmed the US Ambassador here, Samantha Power.

In remarks to the press, the US diplomat, who presides over the Council this month, announced the presence in the meeting of the US Secretary of the Treasury, Jack Lew.

According to Power, it will be a historic meeting, a bright opportunity to promote consensus actions against the sources of funding of the terrorist group that is trying to impose a caliphate in regions of Syria and Iraq, as a starting point of its plans of expansion.

The world community must improve its tools in facing the IS, said the US diplomat.

The Islamic fundamentalists resort to oil smuggling, extortion, kidnapping and other crimes to get money, she added.

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