Health, Prosperity and a Happy 2019! (+ Photos)

Waiting for a new year and saying farewell to the previous one is always cause for happiness and revelry. Here I collected the best wishes from less and well-known personalities, after all, they are all Cuban.

José Rubiera: That there are not hurricanes"

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"For 2019 I wish you all, especially, plenty of health and well-being for our people and hopefully no hurricanes!

"I also believe that we should keep on fighting for the environment, it’s an every-day battle, but not just because of its impact in the climatic change. I always recall Doctor Rosa Elena Simeón when she told us that eating a candy didn't harm at all, but littering the floor with the wrapping, it did. Then that battle for a clean city has to be won.

"Walking in Cuba and many cities and capitals are neatly clean, not Havana, and that is a would-be wish to fulfill, so that our capital is more beautiful every passing day.

"I’ll wait for 2019 with my family, as always! ".

Mariela Castro: "A Yes for the Constitution!

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"For the new year I wish a Yes for the Constitution and begin the process of popular consultation of the Family Code.

"I wish that the GDP increases so that the wealth can be distributed more and with greater quality. My greatest goal is that all our people are happier, because they deserve it indeed. Of course I will wait the new year in family! ".

Fernando González: Happiness in the 60th anniversary of the Revolution!

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"Above all, for this 2019 I wish the people of Cuba great happiness in the 60th anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution that everything that was debated in this session of the National Assembly comes to fruition, as for the plan of the economy that - although large and we grow some percent – which is a very positive point, mainly on the basis of our own natural reserves.

"I believe these are encouraging news that also reflected what we’ve been discussing in this process of Constitution that - without being chovinist – it’s something we only do here. In any other country around the world after a process like this one many governments toppled, because they don't have the support of the people.

"We, on the other hand have proven how democratic we are, how much support has the Revolution, and the sacrifice made by our people day in and day out to withstand the conditions set by the U.S. and fighting with the confidence that we’ll pull through.

"This will be my fifth year being in Cuba that I begin it in February. Therefore, for my family, and personally, I wish everyone all the happiness, which also includes professional goals.

"The Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples reaches its 58th anniversary in December, correspondently our mission will be to spread and strengthen the movement of solidarity. We are working on this regard so that Cuba continues enjoying a wider and greater movement of solidarity with any social and revolutionary process in the world."

Doctor Rodolfo Arencibia Figueroa: "Attain tangible objectives"

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"My wishes for 2019 are to treat that the country marches onward, because then we all move forward, that we attain tangible objectives in each fields of society that we have the chance to carry out doable dreams, with the help of our social system that we only need to organize it better."

Janet Pérez: "I wish a big Yes for the referendum on February 24th"

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"All my wishes are that the people of Cuba give a big Yes in the referendum next February 24th. That would be a huge joy after these days we’ve lived in the last months of constitutional reformation. I wish the Cuban family all the good they deserve, absolute happiness for children, adolescents and young, they are the center of our work in every educational institutions throughout the country.

"How will I wait for the new year? As always, in family!, with my mother, my children, my husband, my four sisters and my brother-in-laws… all together we make Cuba."

Ricardo Ronquillo: "Combine my personal life with the professional side".

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"As Cuban, my greatest wish is that the transformation project we intend, our model of socialism, thrives. The other thing is that the lower bases of economy fructify to attain a boost in our domestic economy that the process of upgrade speeds up and the dream of a prosperous country becomes real as soon as possible, where it can be combined the national project with the professional and life project of people's life.

"And from the point of view of journalists and communication, this year 2018 was the year of establishing guidelines – so to speak - of the system of public communication in our country and for 2019 should be the year of setting these politics into practice that should include the transformation of the system of public media.

"Personally? Well, to be able to combine my job as chairman of UPEC (Association of Cuban Journalists) and my professional life, to keep writing. My daughter attends her senior year of Journalism, I’d like her to be successful in her career, and that my family prospers.

“I will wait 2019 in Camagüey, my mom is 90 years old and to me is like a religious thing to spend new year’s eve with her, only a cataclysm would prevent me from doing so".

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Parliament gives the green light for consultation on the draft Constitution

The National Assembly of People's Power approved on Sunday the holding - from August 13 to November 15 of this year - of a popular consultation on the draft Constitution of the Republic, a transcendental step before the final referendum.

At the Havana Convention Center, after the two-day debate on the constitutional draft, in which more than a hundred legislators took part, the Parliament unanimously, approved the proposed Magna Carta, as amended.

The popular consultation will be the ideal opportunity for citizens to express their views and suggest changes to the normative document, a genuinely democratic and uncommon step in the international arena where the Constitution is presented to the people only to say Yes or No in a referendum, without the opportunity to actively participate in the construction of the text.

Esteban Lazo Hernández, president of the National Assembly of People's Power, acknowledged the efficient, profound and fruitful work of the temporary committee, made up of 33 deputies, who worked since June 2 on the draft Constitution, which had been worked on by legal experts for five years.

He stressed that the discussion in the legislature - broadcasted live on Cuban television - helped to bring the people closer to the legal concepts and particularities of the process of total reform of the Law of Laws, which will allow for deeper debates in society.

With the presence of Army General Raúl Castro, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, and the President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, the two-day parliamentary debate, marked by the plurality of criteria, took place on the basis of respect, scientific arguments and the search for a more inclusive country.

In exclusive statements to the Cuban News Agency, Darianna Beatriz Acuña, deputy for Matanzas, reaffirmed that the discussion of the draft bill in the Assembly was the first step for the people, the highest exponent of the Cuban State, to express their opinions on the draft Magna Carta.

The people will have the responsibility of giving continuity to the study of the text, which should be carried out with moderation and responsibility, in order to issue criteria on the socialist project, he argued.

Sonia Garcia Osmin, also a representative of Matanzas, agreed that it is essential to take into account the perspective of the citizens of the island to reach a consensus on the new Constitution.
For Anabel Tetro de la Paz, deputy for the province of Villa Clara, the most important aspect of the process is the discussion that will be held from now on in the communities, student centers and workplaces.

In these spaces, the population will have the possibility of contributing with their criteria to perfect the Constitution and thus exercise their right, he added.

On the democratic and singular character of the popular consultation process, Deputy Jorge Crespo, for Pueblo Nuevo, in Matanzas, commented on the genuine nature of this step for constitutional reform.
Cuban legislators on Sunday provided assessments of the rights, duties and guarantees included in the draft Constitution, including those related to marriage and the replacement of the concept of "freedom of speech" with "freedom of expression".

Speaking at the conference, Daicar Saladrigas, a deputy for the municipality of Camagüey, suggested modifying the term that appears in Article 53 of the current Magna Carta, endorsed in 1976.

Her proposal, accepted by all those present, raises the need to transform the wording of this paragraph so that it is written "freedom of expression", in line with its use in international standards, and in line with the recently approved communication policy in the country.

That the constitutional reform contemplates a more inclusive vision based on the human rights of marriage is a wonderful achievement, the result of learning from the Cuban revolutionary process, said Mariela Castro Espín, director of the National Center for Sexual Education (CENESEX).

After an in-depth debate on the issue during the second day of work of the National Assembly, the expert highlighted the fact that the deputies debated the issue and accepted article 68 of the preliminary draft of the Magna Carta.

This paragraph recognizes marriage as "the voluntary consensual union between two persons with legal aptitude for it", which is a sign of the sustained work of the politics of the Revolution.

There was broad support for the debate on the preliminary draft, which, according to the Cuban intellectual Miguel Barnet, marks the beginning of a new era.

The proposal for a new Constitution is dialectical and modern, which breaks traditions, because to break tradition in a revolutionary act and in Socialism there is no room for any kind of discrimination against human beings, he stressed.

According to Homero Acosta, secretary of the Council of State, who led the debate on the text in Parliament, among the regulations that must be adapted after the total reform of the Constitution are the Electoral Law, the Family, Civil and Criminal Codes, and the laws of the People's Courts and National Defense.

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Cuban Television will Broadcast Pope’s Video Message to the Cuban People

Cuban Television will broadcast today the Pope Francis's video message to the Cuban people, about his coming visit to this country, it was officially informed.

At 8:30 this evening Cuban Television will broadcast the video message of Pope Francis to the Cuban people.

Granma newspaper highlighted that the message arrives a few hours before the Bishop of Rome begins his journey to the Island for the apostolic visit scheduled between days 19 and 22 this month.

During his stay, he will say masses in Havana, Holguín, and Santiago de Cuba; he will also pay a courtesy visit to President Raul Castro, among other activities.

Yesterday, Chancellor Bruno Rodríguez affirmed at a press conference that this visit will be "a landmark event for our people, our culture, and the Cuban nation".

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Cuba Gets Ready for Colorful, Compact May Day Parade

A call for this May Day parade to be compact, colorful and combative was made in this capital on Monday, during a plenary meeting on the occasion of International Workers' Day.

Ulises Guilarte de Nacimiento, member of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) and secretary general of the Cuban Workers Confederation, called upon the labor movement to express in this parade its support for the Revolution, as well as its commitment and responsibility in boosting the new economic model.

The meeting was also chaired by Mercedes Lopez Acea, member of the Politburo, vice-president of the Council of State and first secretary of the PCC in Havana, who urged to show on May 1st the honorable, humane and solidarity values of Cuban workers.

The enthusiasm of members of different sectors of the economy and the services that will march to the emblematic Jose Marti Revolution Square on Friday was expressed at Havana's Lazaro Peña Theater, venue of the meeting.

Arletys Barasal, leader of the Union of Health Workers in the province, said the over 50,000 professionals that will open the massive parade in this capital, headed by about 100 members of the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade who fought the Ebola epidemic in Africa, are ready for the march.

Representatives of other trade unions and the Havana municipalities that will take part in the great celebration for the day of world proletariat also tackled initiatives they will bring to the march, which be closed by members of the Young Communists' League.

The upcoming May Day parade, under the slogan "United in the Construction of Socialism", is also motivated by the presence on the Caribbean island of the Cuban Five who were unfairly incarcerated in the United States for fighting terrorism.

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