Russia: Trump promised to make visit to Moscow if Putin accepts invite to White House

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Friday that President Trump indicated he could visit Moscow if Russian leader Vladimir Putin comes to the United States.

Lavrov told state television that Trump mentioned the possible trip when he called Putin on March 20 to congratulate him on his re-election to another six years in office.

State-run news agency RIA Novosti, citing the foreign ministry, said Trump invited Putin to Washington and said he would be glad to see his Russian counterpart in the White House.

Lavrov, who met with Trump in Washington in May, said Russia was expecting Trump to formalize the invitation, RIA Novosti reported. 

“We proceed from the fact that the U.S. president in a telephone conversation ... made such an invitation, said he would be glad to see (Putin) in the White House, would then be glad to meet on a reciprocal visit,” Lavrov said in comments posted on the foreign ministry's website.

“He returned to this topic a couple of times, so we let our American colleagues know that we do not want to impose, but we also do not want to be impolite, and that considering that President Trump made this proposal, we proceed from the position that he will make it concrete.”

Both the White House and the Kremlin previously revealed that Trump had invited Putin to the White House during the same call, when the two leaders discussed wanting to meet soon.

A visit by Putin to Washington would anger Trump's critics, amid special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into possible links between Trump's 2016 campaign and Russians who sought to influence the election by hacking emails and spreading fake news.

Trump has repeatedly said his campaign did not collude with Russia to gain advantage in the election. Lavrov has dismissed the meddling allegations as a baseless "claptrap."

Trump met face-to-face with Putin for the first time at the Group of 20 summit of world leaders in Hamburg, Germany, in July. 

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Trump-Immigrants: Guaranteeing Deportation

The current U.S. administration lead by Donald Trump is giving specific orders to immigration officials to deny most of applications on this regard and guarantee the greater number of deportations.

Inconsistent, controversial, and unstable could qualify exactly the president of the United States, Donald Trump, if we look at his changing statements, always pejorative about Russia, China, Syria, Iran and the Popular Democratic Republic of Korea. These statements are fixed and obsessive about the wall along the Mexican border, for which he already accepts millionaire amounts from rich xenophobic people and he deploys troops of the National Guard in the states that cross the large wall.

The true purpose behind Trump´s decision of deploying 2000-4000 troops of the National Guard in the U.S.-Mexico border is to mobilize soldiers to guard improvised military detention camps or take off the burden from Customs and Border Protection agents so that they carry on with their jobs.

Since last April 9th immigrants are being arrested indefinitely, while military support is given to the repressive action, a large-scale incarceration that did not happen since President Franklin Delano Roosevelt ordered the confinement of Japanese and North American of Japanese origin during World War II.

The new policy is part of a general campaign of terror of Trump´s republican administration, with the complicity of the democrats. On Thursday 12th, Immigration and Customs officers raided a meatpacking plant in rural Tennessee, resulting in 97 immigrants arrested, in the largest single workplace raid in a decade.

The note of Trump’s administration will expand exponentially the group of immigrants internment camps scattered throughout the Southwest of the United States. It demands the General District Attorney and the Department of National Security "to assign all available legally resources to build, operate, control or modify—or establish contracts to build, operate, control or modify—facilities to detain immigrants for immigration law violations in or near the United States borders."

No leader of the presumably opponent Democratic Party has shown his rejection to the memo. In March, democrats united joined republicans to pass a bill of expenses for 1,3 trillion dollars that includes a resolution that grants Trump the power to expand the system of immigrants jails "as necessary to guarantee the detention of foreigners with deportation priority".

This is nothing new, because Trump requested in January 2017 the end of what he called "catch and release" immigration policy. This is, in fact, a basic principle of the due process. Immigrants who are interviewed by a customs officer should demonstrate a “credible fear” of returning to their country of origin, which allows them to live in the U.S., while their deportation procedures are carried out in the administrative court.

The overwhelming majority of immigrants who cross the U.S.–Mexico borders are hard-working men who have never committed a felony and seek refuge from their desolated countries ravaged by years of imperialistic exploitation and dictators and death squads supported by the United States.

But none of this matters to the Empire whose current administration lead by Donald Trump is giving specific orders to immigration officials to deny most applications on this regard and guarantee the greater number of deportations. Through credible fear interviews agents commit fraud, fabricate testimonies, destroy documents and belongings of immigrants and force them to sign documents that haven’t been read. Thus, deportation is guaranteed.

Moscow has ‘irrefutable’ evidence chem attack in Syria’s Douma was staged – Russia’s envoy to OPCW

Moscow has “irrefutable proof” that the alleged chemical incident in Syria’s Douma was a “false-flag attack,” orchestrated by UK security services with support from the United States, the Russian envoy to the OPCW said.

“We have not just a ‘high level of confidence,’ as our Western partners uniformly put it; we have irrefutable proof that there was no chemical attack in Douma on April 7,” Russia’s Ambassador to the Organization for the Prohibition of the Chemical Weapons Aleksandr Shulgin said at a special meeting of the UN chemical watchdog’s executive council. The diplomat added that the incident had been a “pre-planned false-flag attack by the British security services, which could have also been aided by their allies in Washington.”

“Things unfolded according to the pre-written scenario prepared by Washington. There’s no doubt, the Americans play ‘first fiddle’ in all of this,” Shulgin said, adding that “attack” was staged by “pseudo-humanitarian NGOs,” which are under the patronage of the Syrian government’s foreign adversaries.

READ MORE: The facts behind the ‘staged’ video of kids’ chemical weapons drill in Syria


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‘They can go anywhere they want in Douma’: OPCW team arrives in Syria to investigate alleged attack

The first four chemical weapons experts from the OPCW have arrived in Syria on a fact-finding mission (FFM) into the April 7 Douma incident, while Western leaders continue to blame the government for the alleged attack.


? In response to media queries, the Spokesperson for the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) confirms that the OPCW Fact-Finding Mission (FFM) team is on its way to Syria and will start its work as of Saturday 14 April 2018.

"We will facilitate the arrival of the team to anywhere they want, in Douma, to check whether or not there was use of chemical substances," said Bashar Jaafari, Syria’s envoy to the UN in New York, adding that a second team is due to arrive on Friday.

US Secretary of Defense James Mattis waits to testify to the House Armed Services Committee on

The Damascus suburb of Douma was recaptured by the government this week, so experts from the UN-backed Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons are expected to have easier access than on previous occasions when the alleged attacks happened in areas of ongoing fighting or those controlled by radical Islamists.

Syria and Russia both requested an FFM team to be dispatched after opposition groups claimed that the Syrian army executed a chemical weapons attack there, alleging there were scores of deaths and hundreds of casualties.

Both countries have claimed that the incident was “staged” with the purpose of galvanizing Western rebel backers after the US earlier announced that it was planning to pull out of Syria, and they say that there may not have been any chemical use at all.

READ MORE: Macron blames Assad for Douma ‘chemical attack’ before OPCW visits site

In a television interview on Thursday, French President Emmanuel Macron said, “that chemical weapons were used [in Douma] at least with chlorine, and that they were used by the regime of Bashar al-Assad,” but he did not disclose the nature of the evidence.

A day earlier, the US said that it was “still assessing intelligence” and that it was “confident” that Damascus was involved.

The FFM experts, whose mission was set up in 2014, are not entitled to place responsibility for the incident on either side, but they are expected to say if and what chemicals were used, and how they were disseminated.

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Trump Cancels his Participation at 8th Summit of the Americas

Washington, Apr 10 (Prensa Latina) US President Donald Trump canceled his participation at the 8th Summits of the Americas this week in Peru and a subsequent visit to Colombia, in what would be his first visit to the region as president.

'President Trump will not attend the 8th Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru, nor will he travel to Bogota, Colombia, as he was originally scheduled,' White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement on Tuesday.

According to the spokeswoman, Vice President Mike Pence will travel instead, while Trump will remain in the United States 'to monitor the US response to Syria and monitor events around the world.'

The news about the non-participation of the head of state in the hemispheric forum occurs only a day after a State Department official offered details of the trip and the Republican ruler's intentions to attend the event, which will be held on the April 13 and 14.

In that time, however, he has undertaken more distant trips to Europe, Asia and the Middle East on several occassions.

The news of the cancellation of the trip is spread after Trump said Yesterday that the United States would have 24 to 48 hours to decide the response to an alleged attack with chemical weapons in Syria, from which Washington wasted no time to blame the government of Bashar Al -Assad.

The possible presence of Trump at the Summit of the Americas in Lima was seen as a cause of tension in the meeting, as the president was with an agenda aimed at seeking regional support for his hostile stance against Venezuela, as confirmed by his administration on Monday.

Also, his position on immigration and recent comments against countries in the area considered offensive augured another reason for disagreement in the forum.

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US hits Russia with new sanctions, interior minister among 38 officials, tycoons & companies listed

The US Treasury has issued new Russia-related sanctions, adding to the already existing list almost 40 high-profile businessmen and politicians, as well as companies.

In total, 24 Russians and 14 entities were put on the list, in a move that represents the latest tough measures from Washington against Moscow. US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin accused Russia of “a range of malign activity around the globe,” referring to what he called the occupation of Crimea and the instigation violence in eastern Ukraine, as well as “supplying the Assad regime with material and weaponry.” 

Russia’s other alleged wrongdoings include “attempting to subvert Western democracies, and malicious cyber activities.”

© Michael Weber

The list of the “specially designated nationals” now includes Chairperson of the Council of the Federation Committee on Foreign Affairs Konstantin Kosachev. Kosachev fired back, calling the US move baseless and hostile.

“Another unsustained, unfriendly and meaningless step. The attempt to justify the absence of real strategy and to prove allegedly existing legality of the [US] actions towards Russia,” Kosachev told Interfax.

Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev, head of the National Guard Service (Rosgvardiya) Viktor Zolotov, and ex-FSB head Nikolay Patrushev have also made it to the list.

The US Treasury also targeted big guns such as billionaire and aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska and Alexey Miller. Deripaska is the founder and owner of one of the largest Russian industrial groups, Basic Element. Until 2018, he served as the president of En+ Group. Deripaska’s main companies, such as Basic Element, En+ Group, Rusal, and Russian Machines are included on the list.

Russian defense corporation Rosoboronexport is also among the targeted companies.

While the US claims the new round of restrictions concerns alleged Russian meddling, the real reason behind the move is more selfish, a top Russian official believes.

“Lobbying of the US military-industrial complex” is what actually drives these decisions, the deputy head of the Russian lower house of parliament’s defense committee, Yury Shvitkin, said.

The newly-imposed restrictions will actually have no impact on Russia’s official activities in the international arena, ex-FSB head Nikolay Patrushev believes.

The allegations voiced by the US Treasury have been repeatedly refuted by Moscow. Crimea reunited with Russia following a referendum in 2014, in which the overwhelming majority voted for reunification. However, Kiev and its allies, including Washington, consider it to be “occupied.” Moscow insists the referendum was conducted in accordance with international law.

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Puerto Rico: Controversy among Wolves

Half year after the mighty hurricane Maria wrecked havoc in Puerto Rico President Donald Trump did not prioritize the help to that territory.

This Wednesday the far-right journalist of Argentinean origin, Andrés Oppenheimer, columnist for the New Herald, wrote that Trump sent far greater aid to the victims of hurricane Harvey in Texas than to those of Puerto Rico, although the island suffered much bigger losses.

He highlighted that soon after the hurricane that swept over Puerto Rico, he received many critics for pointing out the "late and not very enthusiastic" answer of Trump to the humanitarian crisis of that island.

The journalist affirmed that Trump "seems foreign to the fact that the 3,4 million people that there are North American."

In his column, he affirmed that the president visited Texas twice after Harvey, Florida five days after Irma, while he visited Puerto Rico two weeks later.

And when he finally did visit he offended the victims by throwing sanitary paper rolls.

He refers to what was published in the website polí about a detailed report ratifying the double-standard of the current White House Administration with the hurricanes in Texas and Puerto Rico.

A few examples on this regard:

The Federal Emergency Management Agency approved 141,800 million dollars for the victims in Texas, while single 6 thousand for those of Puerto Rico.

During the first nine days he gave 5,100 million of meal boxes and only 1,600 to Puerto Rico.

The federal government sent 30 000 workers to Texas and 10 thousand to Puerto Rico.

After two and a half months 39% of the federal applications on behalf of the Texas victims were approved while the 28% of those from Puerto Rico.

After six months funds were approved for nearly a dozen projects to repair of schools and highways in Texas and none in Puerto Rico.

Oppenheimer considers that there may be some extenuating circumstances, like the prohibition that Puerto Ricans can vote in U.S. elections and the reiterated scorn that the president shows toward the Latin immigrants living in the United States.

Finally, the columnist in his article points out that "Donald Trump has called Latin immigrants delinquent and rapists and he described El Salvador and Haiti as shitholes countries".

And he added: "it’s difficult to exclude the contempt - or racism – as one of the main reasons of Trump’s late answer to the tragedy of Puerto Rico. If something resembles a duck, swims like a duck and sounds like a duck, it most likely is a duck."

This controversy between Oppenheimer and Trump is interesting because we are witnessing progressive personalities, just the opposite.

This time with a singularity that the first one tells harsh truths to the second and leaves him without a believable answer.

But if there’s something that fuses them as a whole: they are both wolves of the same pack.

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USA-huge student march: Another one?

A true flood of people gathered last Saturday in several cities of the United States and the world to demand greater control over firearms.

On this march, highly awaited, several media outlets sounded out people’s reaction and thus reported what happened.

For example, Los Angeles Times published that the demonstrators demanded a legislation to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, like those used in Parkland and Las Vegas shootings in recent months.

Among the participants was 18-year-old student Enma Gonzalez, one of the representatives of the preparatory schools in Florida, who said from the podium: “Fight for your lives, before it’s someone else’s job”.

According to the publication, minutes earlier, she stood in silence during six minutes and twenty seconds, the time it took the gunman to carry out the massacre in Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, Florida. In Los Angeles City, the demonstrators, carrying posters, denounced the National Rifle Association (NRA) and demanded changes.

There, student Giselle Jimenez, 17, held a sign reading: "Silly me, I didn’t know that not wanting children to be slaughtered by assault rifles was being political”.

Famous singer Paul McCartney was at the march in New York to honor his former bandmate and friend, John Lennon.

He attended the rally wearing a t-shirt with the slogan “We Can End Gun Violence", and told the CNN: “One of my best friends was murdered by gun violence right here, so this protest is important to me".

As it’s known, Lennon was shot to death on December 8, 1980, in front of his apartment in that city.

In New Orleans, the students too carrying posters criticized House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, seriously wounded in a shooting.

Olivia Keefe, 17, said “the gun-control legislation should not be a partisan issue; it is not about Democrats or Republicans at all… This is about common sense".

Media outlets estimated that the figures of the participants are inexact, because hundreds of thousands of people rallied in Washington.

The students from the Majory Stoneman Douglas High became survivors and political activists of this march that had a world response.

"Welcome to the revolution", said Cameron Kasky, one of the Parkland student organizers, in his speech aimed at members of Congress. And added: “We’re the change… Represent us or get out”.

Delaney Tarr, another Majory Stoneman Douglas High school student said: “We are a movement and we won’t stop!”.

On the other hand, Trump neither listened to the echo of the march nor the speeches by the students, because last Saturday, he was at his elegant West Palm Beach, Florida golf course, alongside his wife Melania.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / Cubasi Translation Staff

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