Who are the rulers of the United States?

A perfect example —among many— is Florida Senator Rick Scott (former governor of the state).

According to some official sources, he has a net worth of $166 million and declared $133 million for investments covering all sectors of the economy.

He is being regarded as one of the wealthiest lawmakers in the Senate.

His wealth was somehow affected after he spent $65 million to beat Democrat candidate Bill Nelson.

It is believed the actual wealth of Senator Scott is hardly difficult to determine as the informational standards only need certain revenue categories.

Ann Scott, his wife, bought some assets valued at $1 million or more. Hence, her estate cannot be calculated either.

Suffice to say that this multimillionaire Senator served as governor of Florida, and he took charge thanks to his billions.

Few have forgotten that when Scott aimed to work as governor, he was supported by neo-Nazi political party Tea Party.

Miami —known to be headquarter of several terrorist groups of Cuban origin since 1959— belongs to that state.

Not always clandestine, some of those who carried out terrorist attacks against Cuba went as far as to say publicly what they had done.

Moreover, resounding tributes were made to celebrate terrorists like Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch Avila.

Observers believe Rick Scott had some sort of involvement behind the scenes as he facilitated every plot of the darkest sector of the American society, particularly in Florida.

Thus, it is not surprising Florida is a very valuable state when it comes to U.S. elections.

This Senator strengthens the idea of who the rulers of the U.S. are.

Today’s President Donald Trump took office with the least amount of popular votes. But he was backed by an important sector of Wall Street.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz/ CubaSi Translation Staff

Florida: "For the Nibbling Critic of Rodents"

Terrible news travels his territory, he has to return millions of dollars to his tax-payers.

Two journalists of the New Herald, Daniel Chang and Elizabeth Koh revealed this Monday that the Jackson Health from Miami-Dade county received and spent those funds illegally.

It was discovered by an audit carried out by the Department of Health and Human Services of the United States.

Thus was reported by a media, "Political", and several other publications repeated.

The aforementioned audit found that since 2010 up to 2014, Medicaid of Florida supposedly paid Jackson Health those unauthorized millions to people of low incomes and without health insurance.

Authorities discovered that in that territory those funds were not controlled, opening the gates to all sort of corrupt tricks.

It was in fact in this scenario that the Florida Health System claimed the costs of the care to undocumented migrants and prisoners who received ambulatory care.

To make matters worse, they also discovered the concealment in Florida of 64 million dollars in terms of over payments.

Mary Mayhew, Secretary for the Agency for Health Care Administration in Florida, as well as of the funds distribution, refuted the discoveries of the audit.

"The result is mistaken and deceiving", she expressed in a written declaration.

The Florida President of the House of Representatives, José Oliva, republican of Miami Lakes, underestimated the already mentioned report describing it like this:

“These are disagreements among suppliers and bureaucrats from Washington that happen almost every day, especially in the field of medical care."

He added that the audit demonstrates that "the health care in this country are too bureaucratic, too complicated and too expensive."

Many there endorse it, even when their points of view only receive as an echo the nibbling critic of rodents.

Tropical depression may attempt to brew offshore of Florida early this week

AccuWeather meteorologists are monitoring the southwestern Atlantic Ocean for potential tropical development early this week.

The Atlantic basin has been quiet since Barry slammed onto the Louisiana coast as a hurricane on Saturday, July 13.

A concentrated batch of downpours and thunderstorms churning near the central Bahamas may attempt to brew into a more organized tropical system offshore of the southeastern United States in the coming days.

This feature will continue to track northwestward through the Bahamas before turning to the north and then northeast near Florida's southeastern coast through Tuesday.

"There is just a chance that this develops into a tropical depression before turning to the northeast and becoming incorporated with a stalling cold front along the southeastern coast of the U.S. during the middle of the week," according to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Adam Douty.

Regardless, residents and visitors across the central and northwestern Bahamas will notice an increase in showers and thunderstorms on Monday.

Early week July 22

The downpours can graze Miami and West Palm Beach on Monday night into early Tuesday, but more of the Southeast will turn stormy on Tuesday as the cold front sinks southward.

The front will make significant southward progress for July, sweeping cooler and less humid air across the Interstate-85 corridor and down to around I-10 in the lower Mississippi Valley.

However, some of the thunderstorms may turn severe across the Carolinas on Tuesday.

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Florida: Rebellion of black women?

As the Ku Klux-Klan shows its head again in U.S., those women rise up against measures that have humiliated them for years.

They bring to light the racism imposed on them whenever they need medical assistance, generally very insufficient.

MiamiDiario website said Wednesday that members of that South Floridian community would hold a so-called invisible Round Table.

In them they plan to denounce the racism prevailing in their health system.

The aforementioned activity will take place in a neighborhood in Miami, a week before the state Legislature begins its debates on health expenditures.

Regarding this last issue, experts have noticed that black women would remain “invisible” in the debates.

That’s why, Miami Diario reports, its activists will promote in September a chain of events to say “No more”.

Those events will seek to highlight the racial effects of certain policies and the need for South Florida lawmakers to defend the black community.

Right now, the lawmakers will go on vacation until September 5.

“We hope they will return to Washington knowing that they make health plans unconnected with the needs of our community.”

Thus claimed Janet Barrett, who works for both Medicare and Medicaid, allegedly destined to millions of poor and disabled people.

It is in such a scenario that Florida’s black women decided to urge lawmakers to stop the deep and systematic contempt that has overwhelmed them.

Titanic mission in a country devoured by selfishness, frivolity and its ardent worship for money.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / Cubasi Translation Staff

Miami: Oasis for corrupters in Latin America?

This city shows the odd modality of sheltering and serving as a springboard to fugitive politicians and entrepreneurs, who seek to evade sanctions.

Last Sunday, Miami Herald’s section “Undertone” published an article on the issue signed by Kyra Gurney.

She begins her article writing that Miami “is still a magnet for those charged with corruption in Latin America”.

Then, she endorses her opinion detailing a large number of specific examples. One approaches the case of Alejandro Lyons Muskus, former Colombian governor who is facing 20 charges linked to this kind of dirty businesses.

He committed those offenses while he led the department of Cordoba between 2012 and 2015.

Prosecutors say it was a misappropriation scheme linked to payments made for the right to extract natural resources.

According to Gurney, since former governor Lyons Muskus left office, he has been trailed by allegations of corruption in Colombia.

“Now, the specialist writes, he could be the latest example of a long tradition in Florida:

What? Officials who chose to flee after plundering their homelands and settle down in this place “beyond the reach of their authorities”.

Later, to the surprise of many, she writes with great naturalness:

The climate of South Florida and its waterfront condos make it a prime spot for those who are under an investigative microscope.

An investigative report published by the Miami Herald in December outlined some examples. Last week, the most strident turn around Ricardo Martineli, former President of Panama, by the way, a bitter enemy of Cuba.

He was arrested in Miami near his $8.2 million home in Coral Gables.

“This practice is extremely common”, said José Miguel Cruz, research director of Florida International University’s Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean Center.

What was Cruz referring to? Firstly, to very influential politicians from elsewhere fleeing to Miami and added:

“Florida has a long history with regard to cases of corrupt officials who came to U.S. not only to evade charges in their own countries, but basically to retire with the dirty money they made during their tenure”. But without embarrassment they have slammed in diverse scenarios

the lack of human rights in Cuba.

And right now, they organize and wage a low-intensity war against Venezuela, because it does not do what they do.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / Cubasi Translation Staff

Florida Aquarium Helps Create Underwater Coral Nursery in Cuba

An international team of divers from The Florida Aquarium and the National Aquarium of Cuba constructed an underwater staghorn coral nursey in Cuba waters,according local media today.

The underwater coral nursery took months of planning and six days in the field. The nursery is located in the Guanahacabibes, Peninsula National Park, off the westernmost point of Cuba.

The coral nursey was created by anchoring 20 'trees' to the ocean floor, 15 feet in length and able to hold up to 60 coral fragments. The trees are able to move with the ocean waves and currents.

Once the trees were installed, they were filled with a specific staghorn coral.

The design of the tree keeps the growing corals above the sea floor, away from competition and predators.

The Florida Aquarium has been studying sexual reproduction of the staghorn coral, as it is a key, fast-growing building block for reef ecosystems.

The Director of The Florida Aquarium Center for Conservation, Scott Graves, who managed the project, said the operation was a huge success.

'I have never worked in the field with a better team. Our Cuban colleagues are highly skilled divers, knowledgeable biologists, tireless workers and a pleasure to be around,' he said.

Now, land-base 'coral greenhouses' are being constructed, where differing genotypes of coral can be preserved and living labs operated.

The Florida Aquarium said the goal is to help build these 'greenhouses' at the National Aquarium of Cuba, too.

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Marco Rubio Says People ‘Get Rude And Stupid’ At Town Halls

The Florida Republican says that’s why he won’t be holding any.

When a constituent confronted Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) Thursday about why he wasn’t holding a town hall event during this week’s congressional recess, Rubio gave what seemed an honest answer. 

“I don’t know man, because town halls, people get rude and stupid ― on both sides,” the senator told the man.

A community organizer for the Florida chapter of the Service Employees International Union tweeted a video of the encounter, which happened in a lecture hall at Florida International University, where Rubio teaches a class. The questioner appears to be Rafael Velasquez, a member of the Florida Democratic party’s board of trustees.

@Tomaskenn We finally caught up with Senator Marco Rubio at @FIU. He told us that he won't host a townhall because people act "rude and stupid."

The senator is one of several Republican members of Congress struggling with angry constituents as lawmakers take a break from Washington, D.C. Instead of getting yelled at for working with President Donald Trump to repeal Obamacare, Rubio and many other Republicans decided not to hold any public forums. 

Rubio’s constituents held a town hall on his behalf Thursday night, with an empty suit standing in for the senator. One woman pleaded with the suit not to repeal Obamacare, since doing so would leave her uninsured, unable to afford her medication, and then confined to a wheelchair and unemployed.

The man confronting Rubio earlier on Thursday suggested a town hall would allow the senator to hear from the people his represents, but Rubio said he didn’t need to. 

“I’ve heard the people,” Rubio said. “I ran for office. I told everybody I was against Obamacare. I told everybody I was in favor of the things I was in favor of. I’m gonna do what I told people I was going to do.” 


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Florida: The Weapons’ Lovers

That territory lives a show hard to understand, fierce legislators who approve the use of them.  

Thus was notified by MiamiDiario last Monday which was even clearer in the following title: “They don't want to have weapon-free areas."  

At the same time, they presented to the Florida Legislature a bill to legalize weapons possession in Florida.

In order to smooth the content they wanted to be "concealed".

Where would they exhibit them? Among other places at the Miami Dolphins games, the bars, even electoral colleges.

The proposal responds, according to two conservative republican legislators, to events like the Pulse massacre, in Orlando, and the shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport.  

MiamiDiario affirms that the aforementioned legislators want to eliminate all the "weapon-free areas" of Florida.

How many so far? Fifteen, where state laws don't authorize the open possession of weapons not even concealed.

The pretext to back up the initiative falls upon Senator Dennis Baxley, from Ocala, and of the representative Don Hahnfeldt, from The Villages.

They allege their proposal aims at giving greater control, among other things, to personal security and businesses, all thanks to carrying concealed weapons.  

If the SB 908/HB 803 gets to be a law, it would give green light to carry them in many places where now it is forbidden.

Like sea ports, police stations, Highway Patrols, jails, courts, passenger terminals and public schools from Kinder to colleges.

Don Hahnfeldt pointed out that they will only keep untouched restrictions imposed by federal laws.  

Then he added: "The weapon-free areas have been a failure", because they left businesses most susceptible to sustain damages and lesions perpetuated by criminals.

Analysts considered, such words – like it or not – show to a great extent the true colors of their bill.

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