The Skripal: Healthier than ever before

Today the couple —they were dead first, then badly injured— cannot be found after being discharged from a British hospital where they made a “miraculous” recovery and even gained some weight.

One hundred fifty Russian diplomats expelled. The Consulate in Seattle, U.S.: closed. Everything is part of a sanction policy implemented by the West against Russia. This time an alleged or fake poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter by the expressed consent of Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, took place in the British park of Salisbury, as confirmed at first.

Since British PM Theresa May announced the news and confirmed the responsibility of Moscow in the poisoning, the support of the U.S., France, and two dozens of European heads of state — most of them members of NATO — came swiftly. All of them “pointed at” Moscow, with no evidence, as the responsible of the event.

In short, this is another empty threat of the West, which has unleashed such an aggressive stance since the fascist setback in Ukraine some years ago. They bombed the Russian-speaking citizens in bordering regions of Ukraine and Russia, and rejected the freedom of Crimea to adhere once again to the Russian Federation.

Last April 18th, the United Nations Security Council met once again to analyze the Skripal’s case. But as usual, nothing came to fruition. Although it was stated that Yulia, 33, daughter of former spy Sergei Skripal, is already recovered and her father is getting better. It was also missed out that they were put out of action by the British intelligence so the Russians could not find out the possible truth.

What is significant is how they went from being on the brink of death to a miraculous recovery. Afterwards, as we already said, they vanished both. Moscow described this situation as a virtual kidnapping.


In this regard, Russia stated that UK internally attacked the Skripal, added to a media conspiracy. It may lead to the resignation of the British government; not to mention the embarrassment of those countries that fell into the trap. But I do not believe London will resign nor its associates have shame whatsoever.

Thus, the recent document of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) reveals that these people were poisoned with a very pure nerve agent without airing its identity or state publicly that it is named Novichok. They only limit to recognize they were poisoned. Therefore, the speech of Theresa May is clearly dubious to say the least. The “high purity” creates tons of doubts by not eliminating these people.

Hence, it is crystal clear that the political stance followed by several nations was not coherent at all.

The minister of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain, Boris Johnson, who removed a public message incriminating him, blames again Russia for the attacks by saying that “there is no alternative explanation as to what nation is responsible.” It is true that Johnson’s analytical skills are reduced since he cannot have any different idea.

Contrary to his perspective, everything suggests there are many alternative such as the experiments carried out by his own government concerning toxic weapons and the site of the exposing (Salisbury), or the contacts of the former spy with other people interested in chemical weapons. It may well be a self inflicted attack to divert attention from the UK’s serious domestic crisis, violence, and poverty. They also have strong desire to damage the image of the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018 and to reverse its failures by backing terrorism in Syria, among others.

Police and scientific authorities do not know where the Skripal were poisoned and who did it, how, when, or the probable cause of the survival from a highly lethal substance.

It does not take brains to notice that the sole plausible explanation is that the British government is compromised in the case. Believing without evidence, for the sake of faith, is not convincing at all.

The Skripal’s disappearance is like having them in jail with no communication with their relatives. The UK has destroyed evidence; for instance, the dead animals in the Skripal’s house, which confirmed the procedure to remove all sort of evidence that could have jeopardized an undisputable truth.

It seems they will try to give a secret identity to Sergei and Yulia Skripal. It means they could be eliminated in order to hide the main evidence. And that is a very dangerous tactics that both, the American and British intelligence are proven experts.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

German intel spied on over 2,000+ EU & NATO diplomatic missions up to 2013 – report

German intelligence spied on dozens of EU and NATO government figures and hundreds of diplomatic missions until October 2013, a parliamentary paper seen by the DPA agency reportedly says. Targets included heads of states and governments.

The German DPA news agency cited a document from the Bundestag’s Parliamentary Control Panel (PKGr), which provides parliamentary oversight for Germany’s foreign intelligence.

A “low two-figure number of people” belonging to foreign governments were snooped on until October 2013, the report said. It is not yet clear when exactly the snooping started.

The paper claims that BND surveilled government figures from EU and NATO states. Among them were heads of state, heads of government and ministers, the DPA added. The intelligence also looked at EU and NATO military facilities.

According to the DPA, “dozens” of such cases were mentioned in the report.

German intelligence spied on , UK’s MoD, & US Air Force

Diplomatic missions of EU and NATO member states across the globe were reportedly the focus, making up more than two-thirds of all BND’s 3,300 targets. BND also snooped on a double-digit number of non-governmental and economic organizations.

Examples of BND spying activities include snooping on aerospace, the arms trade, transportation and media sectors, according to the paper. The DPA says it’s unclear how exactly the intelligence agency spied on the media sector.

The report is not the first to disclose that German intelligence spied on other countries, including its allies. In April, Der Spiegel revealed Germany had spied on the US State Department, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s office, the UK’s Ministry of Defence, NASA and the US Air Force.

READ MORE: German BND agent sentenced to 8yrs, says he spied ‘for the thrill’

German espionage programs reportedly targeted some departments of Austria and Belgium’s Interior Ministries, as well as at least two subdivisions of the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS) and helicopter maker Eurocopter Group.

@RT_com Germany tapped John Kerry’s phone, spied on Turkey for years - report

OPEC, the International Monetary Fund and the UN International Drug Control Program were also among the BND’s targets.

Earlier in 2015, Der Spiegel reported that German espionage programs targeted interior ministries in Poland, Denmark and Croatia, US diplomatic missions at the EU and UN, the US Treasury Department and Department of the Interior in Washington.

BND has already been accused of eavesdropping on officials at the French Foreign Ministry and presidency, as well as the European Commission. Spiegel Online earlier claimed Germany’s snooping was mostly done on behalf of its US counterpart – the National Security Agency (NSA).

In 2013, when mass surveillance was first disclosed to the global community by former NSA employee Edward Snowden, Germany expressed outrage.

READ MORE: Germany ‘systematically spied’ on own allies on grand scale – Spiegel

“Spying on friends is not acceptable,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose mobile phone had also been tapped by the NSA, said when the scandal broke.

However, later it was revealed that several embassies and administrations of “European states and allies” had been targeted by Germany. Also German media disclosed that the NSA had provided German intelligence services with spying software in exchange for data sharing, which meant that BND and BfV (German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution) had been assisting the NSA in conducting its global surveillance programs.

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