US Has Killed 40,000 Venezuela Citizens, Bolivian Minister States

The economic ''strangulation'' measures the United States is currently applying against Venezuela have already killed 40,000 citizens, Minister of the Presidency, Juan Ramon Quintana, stated at the La Paz International Book Fair.

'It cannot be that a powerful country such as the United States deprives the Venezuelan society of something as fundamental as food, and currently also deprives its people of medicines, basic supplies, and has caused the death of more than 40,000 citizens in recent years,' Quintana said.

The minister spoke Wednesday night at the launch of the book 'America Latina en el proyecto de domination de Estados Unidos. Pautas y perspectivas en el siglo XXI' (Latin America in the domination project of the United States. Patterns and perspectives in the 21st century), a compilation of essays edited by the Plurinational Public Management School (EGPP).

During his speech in the Chuquiago Marka fairground's Emma Villazon Hall, the minister explained that the chapter he wrote for the book addresses from different perspectives the changes underway in Latin America in its relationship with Washington.

Quintana, who is also coordinator of the book 'BoliviaLeaks' with documents on US political interference against the country's Process of Change (2006-2010), noted that with the launch of the new volume, the EGPP opens the possibility of establishing an observatory, as a research center endowed with a solid library.

The volume includes texts by researchers Esteban Morales, Loreta Telleria, Luis Suarez Salazar, Jorge Hernandez, Juan Ramon Quintana and Yasmin Barbara Vasquez.

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Mexico Grateful for Solidarity after Terrorist Attack in El Paso

The Mexican Foreign Ministry expressed its gratitude in a statement for the solidarity shown by the international community following the terrorist attack that took place on Saturday, August 3, in El Paso, the United States.

We recognize the support received from political leaders, organizations, members of civil society and many governments from more than 40 countries of all continents, the note issued on Tuesday read.

China, Russia, Japan, Cuba, Jamaica, Ireland, Finland, Norway, Spain, France, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the European Union, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Uruguay and Venezuela are among the nations that have expressed their solidarity.

The United Nations Secretariat, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean and the Organization of American States, also sent messages of support.

The Ibero-American General Secretariat and the Central American Integration System, among many other international institutions, also expressed gratitude for the solidarity.

The Secretariat states that these expressions show a broad, profound and forceful rejection of violence, intimidation and hate speech. The Ministry also hopes that the messages will be a source of strength for those who were injured and for the families of the victims.

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Mexican Foreign Secretary Describes El Paso Shooting as Terrorist

The shooting perpetrated at a supermarket in El Paso, Texas, in which 20 people were killed and 26 were wounded, was a terrorist act, Mexican Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard said on Monday.

During a press briefing, Ebrard considered this an attack against Mexican nationals, so the possibility of lodging a complaint for this crime will be analyzed, so that the person or persons responsible can be extradited to Mexico.

This would represent the first denunciation in history of the relationship between the two nations.

Ebrard informed Monday afternoon during a press briefing that for Mexico, the man who opened fire in a Walmart store in the US border, 'is a terrorist'. He so far killed six Mexicans and at least injured seven.

He said that the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs will provide the Attorney General of the Republic with all the necessary information so that if federal Attorney General Alejandro Gertz Manero considers it, he lodges a complaint for terrorism against Patrick Wood, alleged responsible for the shooting.

Shortly after El Paso shooting, another attack in Ohio killed at least nine people and wounded 26, both apparently by white supremacists, according to some press versions inspired by the philosophy of Donald Trump, although this has been detached from the matter and condemned the crimes which are typified of hate.

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Two Dead and One Injured by Knife Attack in France

Two people died today and one was wounded in France by a knife attack perpetrated by an individual in the commune of Trappes, south of this capital, a fact that was claimed by the terrorist group Islamic State (EI ).

Around 10:00 local time the man assaulted several passersby in the street and then locked himself in a pavilion.

The RAID (elite unit of the national police) intervened on the scene and finally the attacker was killed. The motivation of the attacker seems difficult to define because some clues point to a family drama, but others to a possible terrorist event, said the authorities.

Around 10:00 local time an individual assaulted several passersby in the commune of Trappes, south of this capital, before being killed by the forces of order.

The most recent information indicates that his mother and sister are among the victims, which points to a possible family conflict.

However, the attacker was booked by the police since 2016 for 'apologizing for terrorism', shouted 'Allah is great' before being shot down, and the extremist Islamic State group vindicated the action, for which the authorities cannot discard the mobile either terrorist.

Interior Minister Gerard Collomb told the press that according to preliminary data, the attacker was suffering from psychiatric problems.

For the time being, the Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor's Office has not been involved in the investigations.

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United States: Jungle or Hell?

After a large caravan of tear-moving events, a monstrous event took place in Las Vegas.

The largest city in the State of Nevada is one of the main domestic tourist destinations.

Two Associated Press (AP) journalists, Sally Ho and Regina García Cano wrote a chronicle on what happened.

Their introduction synthesizes the tragedy by saying, "a man kills dozens in concert in Las Vegas."

They say he fired from the 32nd floor of one of his hotels against an outdoor festivity where nearly 22 000 people attended.

Sally Ho and García Cano assessed it as "the worst shot slaughter in the modern history of the United States."

And they add, it turned the esplanade into a field of death from which there was not many options to escape."

With the result that, according to the first count, 58 deaths and near 515 wounded.

“I cannot get into the mind of a psychopath right now”, said the chief of police Lombard Joseph.

Assistants to the festival ran for their lives after interpreting the blasts as fireworks.

SWAT team agents entered the aggressor's room who had committed suicide.

His name, Stephen Craig Paddock, 64 years old, who had with him, at least, 17 firearms, including rifles.

Still some wonder how this person transferred that amount of weapons to the tourist hotel.

There was another detail. Who took claim for the attack? A terrorist gang, the self-proclaimed Islamic State.

Dozens of ambulances carried the wounded, while some people put the victims in their vehicles and took them to the hospital.

Some of the victims were bullet injured, others tramped by mob at moments of panic.

In a speech to the nation, President Donald Trump qualified the attack as "an act of pure evil".

He didn't mention the hairy issue of the free sale of weapons in several domestic stores, although he did ordered flags to be half mast high.

Before Sunday, the worst shooting had taken place by mid 2016 at a gay disco in Orlando, Florida, where 49 people died.

Looking at the new tragedy           that took place in the United States, experts in the matter wonder the following:

Does this government have the face to demand something from others nations around the world?

Should not they perhaps start by establishing order at home before laying behavior guidelines to their neighbors?

This government harshly questions Havana and Caracas for their respective political, social and economic systems.

But not a word on the brutal influence of the National Rifle Association in their electoral processes.

Everybody knows that that multimillionaire organization throws millions of dollars to the two parties, in particular to the Republican Party.

They are plentiful and they already overflow the reasons that support a very justified question: In reality, what does it mean the United States today, A jungle or hell? The facts speak for themselves.

Amilkal Labañino Valdés / Cubasi Translation Staff

Yemen: U.S.-Backed Strike Kills 9 Civilians

In Yemen, residents of the capital Sana’a say a U.S.-backed, Saudi-led air-strike killed nine civilians Tuesday.

This comes as Doctors Without Borders called for an independent investigation into Monday’s strike on a hospital, which killed as many as 15 people.

Monday’s attack on the hospital marks at least the fourth time U.S.-backed, Saudi-led air-strikes have hit a Doctors Without Borders-supported hospital in Yemen during the 17-month conflict.

The medical organization says it had provided the Saudi-led coalition with coordinates for all four of these hospitals, so they would not be struck.

Françoise Bouchet-Saulnier, Doctors Without Borders’ legal director, said the attacks have killed patients and staff, and have come with disregard even for the fact that there were no combatants being treated at the premises.

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The Orlando Tragedy: Some Reflections


The Orlando incident was a hatred crime, example of the tragic contradictions in the very core of a system which yet wants to be seen as a universal example…  

The snake biting its tail: after the massacre, the United States presidential candidate Donald Trump hurries to claim that events prove him right, that we must fight strongly against Islamic terrorism… but he forgets the terrorist bought the weapon very easily, despite he had been investigated by the FBI more than once. Now (and just now) Trump believes in the need of somehow regulating the acquisition of weapons; but that is not clearly the opinion of the powerful Rifle Association that has been a close ally of the magnate. Anyways, Trump defends the possibility of buying a revolver with the same strength with which anyone would defend the possibility of buying a TV set. Americans are entitled to defend themselves from the shots of criminals who attack them since almost everybody (just and sinners) are entitled to buying a gun… so easily. A never-ending story.

* * *

That is the country of freedom – some defend. Included the freedom to buy guns and shoot down half a hundred people. It is extreme, it sounds harsh, but it’s the reality.

* * *

The U.S. government has dedicated some resources to the promotion of the rights for the LGBTI community in Cuba. Agree: there’s a lot to do in this country regarding the rights of homosexual, lesbians, bisexual, transsexual and intersexual… homophobic manifestations still remain in certain environments. There is a debate in that sense and some progress has been made, although some people (like this columnist) considers that it’s a slow pace. But something is evident: in Cuba there has never been a massacre of homosexuals. And the hatred crimes don’t make the everyday news. The U.S. government better watch its own backyard.

* * *

The sacred writings may say whatever they say, but no religious man from any religion has the right of attempting against the greatest gift of men: life itself. And no morality should be built on the discrimination of the different ones… for the mere fact of being, of being born, of assuming to be different.

* * *

The murderer's father "explained" his son's reaction somehow: he saw two men kissing each other before him and that bothered him. It is the same annoyance felt by those who saw a black man kiss a white woman a few decades ago in the United States and they considered it was fair to burn the black man. For blacks things have changed there: even the current president is black. But paradoxically the police keep abusing Afro-descendants. For homosexuals the panorama has also changed, at least it is politically incorrect to discriminate against them… but there are people who keep mistreating them regardless. It is not a problem not only from the United States, it happens all over the world, regrettably… but the U.S. government feels morally compelled to judge others (although his "justice" is not blind, it imposes too many double standards).

* * *

Some say: we should not care that most of the victims were gays, we must care that they were human beings. But I say that we must care about the fact that they were homosexual, because in fact they died because they were homosexual. Does anyone believe that it was a chance the election of the place of the massacre?

* * *

I heard this and I could not be quiet: "If homosexuals were more discreet, if they didn't meet in those night clubs, nobody would feel the necessity to attack them. You can have a defect, but there’s no need to shout it out aloud". In the middle of the XXI century somebody (white, heterosexual, "normal") speaks like that, it shows the great challenge we have ahead of us.

* * *

The extremisms are not endemic. History proves the decisive influence of power. The big empires have raised many storms.

* * *

We are hurt by the dead in Orlando (and it is natural we hurt), but we sometimes forget the hundreds of homosexuals who die killed every year in the Middle East conflicts. The Islamic State has been declared a mortal enemy of homosexuals, "Because God has commanded so". But not only the Islamic State.

Massacre-Florida: Who is the Boss in the United States?

The rifle of Orlando’s massacre is easier to buy than an iPhone.

What happened last Sunday in the Floridian city of Orlando corroborates where the true power resides in the United States.

Pulse nightclub witnessed the killing of 49 people and the toll of 43 wounded.

A 29 year-old North American youngster shot them, Omar Mateen Seddique, of Afghan origin, who later killed a cop.

Among the wounded, according to journalistic and consular sources, was a Colombian, Paula Andrea Blanco, and a Mexican, Javier Dale Coria.  

The Orlando medical organization Health indicated this Sunday that they were still performing surgeries.

It youngest victim Luis Omar Ocasio-Capo, 20 years old, and the eldest, Franky Jimmy Dejesus Velásquez, 50.

Among the 26 killed identified, 22 are of Latin origin, most of them attending the Noche Latina, organized by the nightclub, and they were Latinos.

According to the Spanish agency EFE, the scenario of that hideous slaughter is frequented by “gays, lesbians, bisexual and transsexual."

The same agency said: the killer from Orlando is a lone wolf “well-known by the FBI."

Another Spanish source, El, with the help of the British newspaper The Guardian made an assessment on the event.

They assert that the case in Orlando proves the difficulties created in the United States to investigations on terrorist acts.

They added that the walls exist even for the FBI “even when the suspect has been interrogated and put under surveillance."

They support this claim on the case aforementioned.

The FBI had investigated the perpetrator Mateen Seddique for his links with a man from Florida who acted as terrorist in Syria.

However, the FBI reached the conclusion that his connections were "minimum."

The FBI also closed an investigation on people who later committed an aggression, as it’s the case of the Tsarnaev siblings, authors of the attack to the Boston Marathon 2013.

Finally they mentioned the multiple killings at the LGTB club of Orlando, carried out by a man whose links with terrorism had been qualified as "unsubstantial."

Washington claims that the terrorists called “lone wolves” are difficult to identify before they perpetrate their acts.

But in the case of the attacker from Orlando the appearance of that sort of wolf was broadly known by the FBI.

However he carelessly walked into a store and bought an assault rifle with which he shots his victims.

Other shocking case of impunity and the gigantic power held by the United States the National Rifle Association.

Just one of the multimillionaire corporations that govern in the United States.

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