Marco Rubio and his "Secret" Documents on the "Acoustic Attacks"

Last Saturday, visiting Cuba, the republican senator Jeff Flake affirmed that "U.S. authorities have not found evidence that the North American diplomats in Havana have been victims of attacks with an unknown weapon."  

The member of the Foreign Relationships Commission of the Senate declared to AP news agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from the United States has told Cubans that after four trips to Cuba, their agents have not found evidence that the mysterious illnesses suffered by North American diplomats have been the result of attacks. However, the very president of the U.S., Donald Trump, classified the incident as an attack.

Likewise the Arizona senator asserted that “there is no evidence that somebody intentionally attempted to hurt anyone. Nobody is saying these people didn't experience some dysfunction, but there is no evidence that there was a deliberate attack perpetrated by somebody, either Cubans or someone else".

However, quickly in his twitter account the senator of Cuban origin, Marco Rubio, rejected the statement of his colleague. According to Rubio, Flake "knows very well that the method used in the attacks is still reviewed, but not the attack and the lesions they caused."

"It is a documented FACT that 24 officials of the United States government and their spouses were victims of some sort of sophisticated attack while living in Havana", tweeted Rubio.

In his opinion it’s impossible to "carry out 24 separate and sophisticated attacks" against U.S. government personnel without the Cuban officials knowing anything about it.

The documents Rubio mentions are apparently in his custody because they have never been seen by the Cuban part neither these documents have been presented to the “free” press of his country that keeps fueling the rumors and crazy versions on the topic.

It’s well known that what Marco Rubio says cannot be trusted. In October 2011 the senator was openly accused of liar by the newspaper St.Petersburg Times for using the political deceit that his parents of Cuban origin had arrived in Florida after the triumph of Fidel Castro, however, press reports revealed that the senator's parents had reached the United States in 1956, while Batista still ruled over Cuba. Rubio’s father was a barman and he traveled to the United States for economic reasons. Fidel Castro was not even in Cuba when Rubio’s family left the country.

But not everything is black and white and some truth must be behind Rubio’s tweets. His declarations confirm what some experts have already pointed out as a fact: that the invention of science fiction of allegedly acoustic attacks is a fiction within the sick minds of some members of the anti-Cuban mafia of Miami, and right now Rubio is their most active representative.

Anti-Cuban legislators from Miami show serious symptoms of "breakdown attacks" after president Obama, with the reestablishment of relationships with Cuba in December 2014, ruined the "arguments" that for decades have justified their involvement in the U.S. politics.

Trump, Marco Rubio and the Cuban Migration

Since his presidential campaign Trump has been Benton creating a climate of racial, religious and political hatred within and outside the United States.  

He broke up with the Paris Agreement about climate change and did the same regarding UNESCO. He refused to certify Iran’s fulfillment of the nuclear agreement, despite the fact that no one objects the strictest execution of his terms by the Persian country. Now he is travelling through Asia immersed in selling weapons and heating up with his very presence and words the dangerous conflict with Pyongyang that could be solved through the dialogue, but with Trump’s provocations can lead to a nuclear war.  

The aggressive imperialistic group Trump represents is not willing to accept that the United States cannot longer exercise the hegemony almost alone as it did after the collapse of the Soviet Union neither admit the irreversible fact of the multipolarity. He can’t accept disagreements, even less from small countries.  

For that reason he is tearing apart most of Obama’s softening measures regarding Cuba, although the main argument his predecessor used to carry them are still intact: that the blockade and hostility politics had not worked (to attain a régime change). As an aftermath, Obama proposed to the Congress the lifting the genocidal measure. He hadn’t become socialist. He expressed an idea shared by most North Americans and Cubans residents in the United States who have made great part of the establishment, as evidenced on the shower of critics this week after Trump’s announcement of detailed Anti-Cuban measures.

Likewise Trump breakaways from the agreement with Iran although the latter meets is to the letter, the Department of State expels almost the entire personnel from the Cuban Embassy without any explanation, beyond vague reference to the already huge lie of the sonic attack. What’s more critical it leaves with hardly any personnel the consulate with the ultimate purpose to hinder the travel of North Americans to Cuba and of Cuban residents in the U.S. As if traveling restriction weren’t enough for the North Americans as well as for Cuban residents in the island, he has forced them to move to third countries to request a North American visa.  

Nevertheless the verbal attacks Marco Rubio directed during the republican pre-campaign to the presidency, Trump has made peace with the senator and keeps a romance with the old hard core of counterrevolution of Miami, a minority group within the Cuban community and far from the feelings of this very community but with economic and political power in Florida, enriched with the Anti-Castro industry. The real estate magnate has given Rubio and the representative Mario Díaz-Balart an important share in the politics design toward Cuba and Venezuela. It seems as if both legislators understand each other directly with general McMaster – National Security advisor and expert in counter insurgence - and with the CIA and the United States Southern Command.  

But as Washington blocks the relationship of Cubans from both shores, Cuba takes more steps to facilitate it line with the politics of migratory upgrade started on January 14th, 2013. It eliminates bureaucratic red tape, it authorizes the entrance of thousands of migrants who left the Island illegally and who since January 1st, 2018 will be able to meet their relatives in Cuba. It decides to grant the right to Cuban citizenship to children born abroad from Cuban residents in other countries, an important benefit in the case of France and Germany who don't allow them to obtain their citizenship.  

Since 2013 have traveled abroad more than 769 254 Cubans, 79% for the first time. So far in 2017, it has been achieved 28% of growth in comparison with the same period of 2016.  

In 2016 a total of 428 000 Cuban resident abroad, 329 000 of them coming from the United States, while in year 2015 Cuba was visited by 378 000 Cubans and 285 000 North Americans. The increment of overseas Cuban residents who decide to establish their permanent residence in Cuba is still steady.  

The irregular emigration has decreased to the minimum since Washington eliminated the infamous wet feet dry feet politics, which confirms the posture of Havana that always considered it the trigger of that dangerous and chaotic emigration.

Amilkal Labañino Valdes / Cubasi Translation Staff 

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Washington: What Motivates its Repeated Anti-chavista "punishments"?

Marco Rubio, the leader of the Anti-Venezuelan circus in the U.S.

Once again, as if it were a world government, the White House passes down sanctions against those who act regardless their laws.

Journalist Patricia Mazzei for the New Herald in Miami notified so this past Wednesday.

According to her article, now Washington decided to punish eight Venezuelan prominent personalities "for their participation in the recently inaugurated Constituent Assembly of Venezuela."

How, for example, they plan to punish what they think is a mortal sin?

Mazzei wrote: Trump’s administration will freeze their assets in the United States, they are banned to travel there and they won't allow North American citizens to do business with them.

Current and former Venezuelan government members would be affected, as well as a person accused by Washington of "promoting repression."

The list includes the following people:

Francisco Ameliach, governor for Carabobo State and leader of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV); Tania D'Amelio, member of the Electoral National Council; Adam Chávez, governor for Barinas State and brother of the deceased president Hugo Chávez.

Also, Hermann Escarrá, constitutional lawyer and delegate of the Constituent Assembly; Erika Farías, Minister of Urban Agriculture; Bladimir Lugo Armas, colonel of the Bolivarian National Guard; Carmen Meléndez Rivas, delegate of the Constituent Assembly; and Ramón Darío Vivas Velasco, Delegate of the Constituent Assembly and leader of the PSUV.

Those new punished join another list that includes President Nicolás Maduro, the vice-president Tareck El Aissami and other 20 current and former members of the Venezuelan government.

That was not the end of it, then they published an official statement of their Secretary of Treasure, Steven Mnuchin.

"The scorn of this régime for the will of the Venezuelan people is unacceptable, and the United States will support them in opposing the tyranny until Venezuela is restored to a peaceful and prosperous democracy".

Once again it was heard the voice of whom is consider by some the advisory of Trump’s administration, the republican senator Marco Rubio.

"I support that the president (Trump) has punished these corrupt officials of Maduro’s régime ", he said.

Mazzei clarified that Marco Rubio has exercised different pressures aimed at attaining penalties against Venezuela.

The time has come for the president make his promise good of imposing significant economic sanctions to the illegitimate dictatorship of Maduro."

These were the words of the North American senator who is part of the Commission of Intelligence of his high Chamber.

Acording to journalist Mazzei, Marco Rubio has a message for Maduro:

“The path you are on will not end well for you”. But is worth answering. The path Rubio is will end well if a few years ago he virtually fled from Florida avoiding serious charges for dirty performances?

Few have forgotten, also as an example, his scandal after it was known he had paid several times with a credit card of the Republican Party to pay his personal expenses.

Neither the very difficult situation The Washington Post threw on him when, after a thorough investigation, it was revealed that Rubio lied when talking about his parents past.

What happen then? For electoral reasons for a long period of time he "sold" them as heroic anti-Castro fighters who could flee from Cuba in 1956.

That is, two years prior the triumph of the Revolution, and not for political reasons, just like thousands of Cuban back then, for economic reasons.

This is just a glimpse of what is expected to be written on these matters.

No wonder Washington appeals to monumental violations of all legal behavior to sustain its very fragile arguments.

Amilkal Labañino Valdés/Cubasí Translation Staff

US Senator Marco Rubio Calls for More Sanctions on Venezuela

The former presidential candidate took to the Senate floor Wednesday calling on Washington to impose more sanctions on Venezuela.

U.S. Senator and former Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio called on Washington to extend its sanctions on the Venezuelan government Wednesday. 

President Barack Obama renewed sanctions against Venezuela last March, which referrs to the South American state as "an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States."

During his comments on Wednesday, the Florida senator stated, "there will be an effort here, I hope, in the next day or so, to extend those sanctions for another three years.”

In efforts to impose additional sanctions, Rubio called on allies within the Organization of American States or OAS to support actions against Venezuela.

“The United States should ask our allies in the region, countries that receive an extensive amount of aid from this country—Haiti, Colombia, the Central American nations, our neighbors up north in Canada, among others—to support this effort,” Rubio added.


According to a 2014 Congressional Research Service report, the United States is the organization’s largest donor, contributing nearly US$65.7 million in fiscal year 2013, which is equivalent to 41 percent of the total 2013 OAS budget.

"We have poured millions of dollars into Haiti’s reconstruction. We should use that as leverage to ask them to support something happening at the OAS," Rubio added.

Meanwhile, Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro has repeatedly called for talks with the United States to improve relations.

Venezuela and the U.S. have had strained relations since Hugo Chavez became president in 1999, with Washington supporting the right-wing opposition that has tried multiple times to overthrow the socialist government and destabilize the country.

Marco Rubio: His Thin Glass Roof

In an attempt to prevent more mud to fall on his backgrounds, he returned money aimed at his presidential campaign. Splattered by a filthy record, the Floridian senator reinstated collected funds for his uncertain electoral crusade of 2016. Motive? Because they exceed the limits formally authorized to deal in those kinds of shows.  

This was published on Tuesday by the website Miamidiario, remarking that the figure reaches about 23 000 dollars. Other 27 000, dedicated to the last primary elections for the Senate. They will be reclassified looking at the presidential elections. This amount of money responds to questions of the Federal Elections Commission (FEC), after three-month financial statements presented during 2014.  

One of Rubio’s campaign officers, Lisa Lisker, responded to such charge: Neither his campaign committee (Marco Rubio for president), neither his Committee of Political Action (Rubio Victory) have seen excessive contributions or duplicated entrances. Almost by mid 2014 they warned the treasurer of Rubio’s campaign, Keith Davis that they had received "donations" above the established figure.  

Only one of them, in charge of Ned Lautenbach, was exceeded in 7600 dollars. Together with that, other notifications showed contributions that surpassed the 6 500 and 18 800 dollars between July and October of the same year.  

Treasurer Lisker defended his employer, Rubio, alleging that they had not received information from the FEC. “It was recently discovered while presentations of the committee were revised at the FEC website", Lisker wrote.  

Seemingly, he added, nobody examined the electoral data correspondents sent to the Commission until the Washington Post revealed excessive donations. In 2012, Treasurer Keith Davis came to an agreement with the FEC after it was revealed the acceptance of 210,173 dollars in contributions of that sort for the general elections in which Marco Rubio was elected senator.  

The Commission also rebuked his team since they didn’t return the illegal donations in the allotted time. In addition they were fined with an 8 000-dollar ticket and part payments to reduce similar errors in the future. It was in that framework that observers searched briefly on the life of the Floridian senator Marco Rubio.  

On June 19, 2012 he presented in U.S. cities his autobiography, "An American Son" Marc Caputo, a New Herald journalist, said then that it was a figure born in Miami of "exiled parents".  

However, on the following line he sweetened the statement by pointing, “son of immigrants”. The Washington Post denied the supposed exile after demonstrating that both parents left Havana bound to the United States in 1956, mainly for economic reasons. Later it was known that the story around that supposed heroism of his parents was fabricated in their son's office in the Capitol.  

But in his autobiography Rubio avoids all responsibility in the events and blames it on an employee who "by mistake" included it in his computer. On the High Chamber of the federal Congress he dared say: "I sometimes feel like I joined a theater company where each vote and each statement is calculated for its maximum political effect, instead of the public benefit".  

Even The Wall Street Journal advised him to avoid scandals like those he raised in Miami after using credit cards of the Republican Party to pay personal expenses. In his book An American Son he tries to justify: my clumsiness for accounting was really expensive.  

The press – he said – wielded the topic during my campaign to the federal Senate, when they suggested that I had stashed money from my committee of finances to purchase personal articles. “It was not true", "but I had helped to create the misunderstanding…" Rubio had an important collaborator, the Floridian representative for the municipality of Hialeah, Ralph Arza.

So racist that his boss was forced to take him transitorily out of scene for the hot comments of racism he made against a school official of Miami-Dade.

This was a sounded case of racism that black legislators of the territory threatened to boycott the ceremony where Marco Rubio would be invested as president of the House of Representatives of Florida.

Here it is on the nude the North American politics, this red-handed event show his intention of being candidate as head of the White House.

Thanks God, as a religious believer would say, without the most solid chances to achieve his goal.

Antonio Pacheco and the Fake story of the Cuban Adjustment Act

What we’ve seen so far, and according to his statements Antonio Pacheco didn't ask for asylum in the United States fearing the communism to which he represented in his international career as a baseball player.

Almost a month after his arrival in the U.S. the star Cuban player Antonio Pacheco declared to the website Centro Tampa that he wanted to become a coach in the Major League Baseball.

Though the player refused to speak about politics because, as he stressed: “I am not a politician. Baseball is my thing and teaching”, his decision of "taking refuge in the United States questions, once again the so-called Cuban Adjustment Act.

Pacheco, assured to "be requesting the Cuban Adjustment (asylum). As all Cuban who arrives to North American soil and wants his papers to be in order. I won't be an illegal foreigner here and I am trying to get my work permit, my driving license and I want to contribute to society”, he said.

"The Cuban Adjustment Act – according to the Cuban encyclopediaEcured-is a legislative monster adopted in 1966, with the deliberate purpose of motivating the illegal exodus of Cuban citizens into the U.S. This Act is one of a kind in the world; it offers Cubans who arrive illegally in the United States privileges that no other citizen of any other nationality or country receives."

According to declarations of the senator of Cuban origin Marco Rubio who has intended to make amendments to this Act. The Act was put into force in 1966 to offer refuge to those escaping from the "horrors" of communism.

In an interview to Las Americas Journal, Marco Rubio criticized those who use the Law to stay in the United States using alleged reasons of political sort that: "The Cuban Adjustment Act allows any Cuban to enter U.S. territory with the argument that they are escaping due to political persecution. But if afterwards you travel back like 16 times a year… you are no longer that afraid.

As website Centro Tampa reads: "Pacheco Massó, 50 years old, resided in Canada and worked as trainer in the neighboring country, thanks to a job contract with Cubadeportes, company of the Cuban government which exports the sport."

“I travel from Cuba to Canada for a job contract and lived there for a year and half. I worked in a baseball academy for children”, said Pacheco Massó.

“I played 22 national series with the Cuba team; I made it 16 times to the national team; I was captain of the national team for 16 years. I went to three Olympic Games, I coached the Cuban team in one Olympic Games, I coach Santiago de Cuba team for 7 years, we obtained three championships and a ended runner-up in another one”, said Pacheco in his interview to the Tampa newspaper.

He also said "he holds the record in Cuba with the best life batting average with .334 and he ranks among the best 10 Cuban baseball players. He also holds the record for more hits with a total of 2,356."

Once asked why he hadn’t returned to Cuba after Canada, the player answered:

“We weighted everything, it was a family decision and we wonder: Where is a better place to be? In Canada, too cold, it was not the kind of weather we have in Cuba. In Tampa the climate, the people are very much like our thing, it’s a quiet place”, he said.

He also added, "here I want to feel like any normal person. It’s not easy to take a decision to enter or leave a country. It’s a personal decision. The United States offers me the opportunity that offers everybody, this is first world country.”

It’s striking that at the same time Pacheco made his statements in Tampa, the U.S., the country that offers "opportunities to everybody" deports dozens of thousands Central American children who arrived into the United States escaping from the violence and misery in their countries of origin.

There is nothing apolitical in becoming the accomplice of the so-called murderous Act that it’s being used, as a means of propaganda against Cuba. In the end this Act seeks to spur the illegal exits, even in the unlikely case of Pacheco, afterwards they portrait to the world the evidence of the Cuban socialism’s inefficacy. This act is indeed the same that has robbed the Cuban people from many sport talents trained by the Revolution over the last years.

Paradoxically, the most developed country in the world, so it seems, cannot do without the doings of a small country whose social system they have wanted to wipe out of the face of earth. Each home run of the Cuban players who play today in the MLB should embarrass them.

Pacheco's "decision" reveals once again the hypocrisy of the so-called Cuban Adjustment Act, used by many as political alibi to escape the suffocating blockade of the United States against the Island.

A blunt lie. Who attempts to strangle you, later becomes the savior to give you a quick CPR. Regrettably there are some who taking advantage end up choosing the bait of money over “people's affection.”

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