Florida: "For the Nibbling Critic of Rodents"

Terrible news travels his territory, he has to return millions of dollars to his tax-payers.

Two journalists of the New Herald, Daniel Chang and Elizabeth Koh revealed this Monday that the Jackson Health from Miami-Dade county received and spent those funds illegally.

It was discovered by an audit carried out by the Department of Health and Human Services of the United States.

Thus was reported by a media, "Political", and several other publications repeated.

The aforementioned audit found that since 2010 up to 2014, Medicaid of Florida supposedly paid Jackson Health those unauthorized millions to people of low incomes and without health insurance.

Authorities discovered that in that territory those funds were not controlled, opening the gates to all sort of corrupt tricks.

It was in fact in this scenario that the Florida Health System claimed the costs of the care to undocumented migrants and prisoners who received ambulatory care.

To make matters worse, they also discovered the concealment in Florida of 64 million dollars in terms of over payments.

Mary Mayhew, Secretary for the Agency for Health Care Administration in Florida, as well as of the funds distribution, refuted the discoveries of the audit.

"The result is mistaken and deceiving", she expressed in a written declaration.

The Florida President of the House of Representatives, José Oliva, republican of Miami Lakes, underestimated the already mentioned report describing it like this:

“These are disagreements among suppliers and bureaucrats from Washington that happen almost every day, especially in the field of medical care."

He added that the audit demonstrates that "the health care in this country are too bureaucratic, too complicated and too expensive."

Many there endorse it, even when their points of view only receive as an echo the nibbling critic of rodents.

Trump: “A Boy with a Fifth Grader Understanding”

As it frequently happens, in the United States Donald Trump’s performance is judged again with a bitter and pessimistic tone.

Alarmed White House officials attempt to control the unsteadiness, ignorance, amorality and childish behavior of their president that can cause damages beyond repair.

Several media published that this Wednesday. One of them, The New Herald, wrote an article under the signature of Rosa Townsend.

Another of their concerns revolves about what they call republican plot, where they exonerate the behavior of the leader, nevertheless the great threat it represents to National Security.

They operate under the motto: “It doesn't matter that Trump is crazy if economy goes well and if we can name ultraconservative judges, it doesn't matter while his base of fanatics follow him and that allows us to stay in power.”

The aforementioned journalist adds that while a national debt never seen before is looming, the president refused to integrate the World Trade Organization, (WTO) although, in general, it favors the United States.

With that and other countless tantrums, and impulsive decisions, Trump appears as a president disconnected from reality, reluctant to learn or change his opinion.

Also paranoiac, vengeful and with a huge inferiority complex that tries to be strong. A wayward and ignorant baby sat in the Oval Office.

He was even called “idiot” by his Chief of Staff, John Kelly.

“A boy with a fifth grader understanding” by the Secretary of Defense, John Mattis who frustrated by his ignorance had to explain to him during a meeting of the National Security Council that the North American Army was in South Korea “to avoid the Third World War.”

Due to the characteristics of the leader, now the North American people are even more aware of the dysfunctional government they have.

Although, Trump sustains the approach that true power resides in instilling fear.

In articles published in other media, their authors wonder: who would lead Washington in the event of a serious crisis, or another catastrophic situation?

An erratic, isolated, more paranoiac than never president, while he spends several hours a day to watch television and tweet nonsense.

Journalist Rosa Townsend affirms that a number, every larger of North Americans also wonder: Whose hands are we in?

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Hillary Clinton: Another of Her "Nudes?"

New uncomfortable revelation has just ruined the image of the supposed North American democracy.  

Thus wrote last Friday the journalist Roberto Casín in The New Herald whose article was named: THE MARIA RAMOS’S KITTEN.  

At some point in his text he refers the scandal of the electoral agreement between Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

He added: "nobody with an ounce of self-respect endorses the old stereotype that some belong to the party of the rich and others to the party of poor."  

In his writing he asserted that the dividing line of money between Republicans and Democrats, if there was ever one, has already vanished.  

Casín added that certain honest voices among democrats admit that the concept is obsolete and that the party has been disconnected from the minds and hearts of the country.  

He said that the great ethical slap has just been delivered to the puritans of the politics of the former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, after the former chairman for the Democratic National Committee, Donna Brazile revealed in a book the existence of a secret agreement between her and highest echelon of the party that confirms the suspicions of Bernie Sanders‘s followers regarding the blockade to his nomination as democrat candidate for the White House last year.  

According to the pact, undersigned in August 2015, in exchange for helping the Committee to collect funds, Clinton obtained a huge control of the party machinery. The money in control, and it won't be illegal – claim the lawyers - although goes beyond the boundary of vile and immoral.  

And finally the Herald journalist meant that from now on the lady won't be able to do what María Ramos kitten does, throwing the stone and hiding the hand. Neither begs to the universe of her admirers to blindly believe in her.

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Miami: In Underwear

A few days back the New Herald published an editorial that exposes the glamorous image of that city.

It highlights that the frauds to the public funds is customary news around there.

These frauds are carried out, through secret monetary leaks of the selected firms.

The Herald´s editorial, under the title: "A club against the fraud and the personal greed" informs that this procedure stirs anger among citizenship, since that money would have gone to the poorest.

Only in one of the companies involved owners deviated to their pockets 36 millions in tributary loans and other additional amounts in bribes.

The article remarks that what is said corroborates the use of dirty and illicit money, hidden behind the facade of apparent good deeds for the community.

For the time being, according to reporter Jay Weaver there are seven managers who, guided by their personal greed are involved in that sort of problems.

Weaver's revelation indicates that subtracted funds were meant to ease the housing needs for very poor people and elders.

The Editorial also says that beyond the shameful insult to taxpayers, the denounced case poses a bigger problem: "an outbreak of corruption that must be quenched with a hard hand".

The opinion of the Editorial adds that the Medicare swindle is everywhere among clinics and crooked doctors who present bills for non-existent treatments to patient.

Also, insurance corporations falsify accidents to multiply the cost of the policies.

All in all, there are plenty of identity thefts in the attempt to gaining fiscal reimbursements with false applications, as well as organized scams even by agents from the municipal public safety forces.

The aforementioned Opinion page of the New Herald finishes with a sentence that still makes that city shivers:

"General ethics is in mourning in Miami."

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