Silvio Rodriguez Puerto Rico Tour Hails Independence Fighters

Rodriguez formed part of Latin America’s socially conscious Nueva Trova songwriting movement of the 1960s.

About 10,000 people gathered in Puerto Rico's Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum Saturday to welcome back Cuban folk singer and songwriter Silvio Rodriguez, who dedicated a song to Ana Belen Montes, sentenced by a U.S. court to 25 years in prison in 2004 accused of conspiracy to commit espionage for the government of Cuba.

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The singer dedicated his "Song of the Chosen One" to the leading figures of the Puerto Rican independence movement including Pedro Albizu Campos, Juan Antonio Corretjer, Lolita Lebron, Filiberto Ojeda Rios and Oscar Lopez Rivera, citing the line, "This is not a story of a common man but of a human being from another world."

Rodriguez was actually able to meet with and hug Lopez Rivera on Friday in a historic visit after receiving permission to do so as the political prisoner serves out his 35-year U.S. sentence in San Juan under house arrest. Lopez Rivera is the longest-held political prisoner from Latin America in the U.S.

Rodriguez was accompanied on stage by Jorge Aragon (piano), Jorge Reyes (double bass), Oliver Valdes (drums), Emilio Vega (vibraphone and drums) and Trio Trovarroco, with musicians Rachid Lopez, Maykel Elizarde and Cesar Bacaro, as well as the only woman on stage, flutist Niurka Gonzalez.

The prolific musician, who has released more than 20 albums, has always supported Fidel and the Cuban Revolution and he recently condemned the blockade imposed by the United States.

Rodriguez was one of the guests of the Cuban government at the opening of the Cuban embassy in Washington, D.C. in July 2015, the day of the formal reestablishment of diplomatic relations.

In 2010, the 68-year-old played his first concert in the U.S. since 1980, to a rapturous reception.

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Cuban and Puerto Rican Musicians Mix Their Rhythms

Havana, Mar 24 (Prensa Latina) Cuban rap music group ORISHAS expects that soon everyone sings and has fun, with the music of new song ''Pegadito al Piso'' (Right Close to the Floor), recorded in collaboration with Puerto Rican band ''La Tribu de Abrante.''

'The song is mixing the Afro-Cuban and Afro Puerto Rican cultures, and I am sure this song can go round the world, because it is a very joyful song, with a spectacular video clip filmed in Cuba,' said one of the members of Orishas, Yotuel Romero, to reporters of Prensa Latina

'The sound of the drums, make those who don't know how to dance move', stated Puerto Rican band's director, singer and composer Hiram Abrante.

Abrante sees this kind of collaboration as a chance to let know the Puerto Rican cultural roots, and is a great admirer of the music by Orishas.

For his part, Yotuel Romero was invited to a party in Miami, and there was some attractive music, that called his attention, he asked who was playing the music, and it was the Puerto Rican group 'la Tribu de Abrante'.

'I saw what they did, and I saw a very fresh and current musical proposal, I saw young people trying to rescue the essence of Afro Puerto Rican rhythms and as Orishas does the same thing with the Afro-Cuban music, blended with the rap, I said: it is necessary to make a song with these guys,' the singer told the reporters.

After eight years of absence in their native Cuba, Romero decided to revive Orishas, the best band of hip hop in the Cuban music's history that had been founded at the end of the decade of the 1990's, together with Hiram Riverí (Ruzzo), Roldán González and Liván Núñez.

For the reunification, they recorded the video clip 'Cuba Beautiful Island', in collaboration with popular local musicians as the duet Buena Fe, Leoni Torres, Laritza Bacallao, Isaac Delgado, Descemer Bueno, Gente de Zona and Waldo Mendoza.

Rosemary assumed the visual part, with a friend photographer with the intention of reflecting in a very subtle and natural way of the Cuban idiosyncracy.

'I wanted to make a non nostalgic song, a song that stands,' he underlined and exposed satisfaction to direct audiovisuals for their group and other artists, as he made it recently in this capital for Spanish Beatriz Luengo and the vocalist of the Mexican band Reik.

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Residente Drops First Solo Single: Somos Anormales

Recorded in South Siberia, Somos Anormales, or We Are Abnormal, is the first single from Residente’s much-anticipated massive solo project. 

On the always strange day of Friday the 13th, Residente – the 25-time Grammy-award winning hip-hop artist for his work with Calle 13 – released the first single, Somos Anormales, or We Are Abnormal, from his highly anticipated solo project.

Twitter was understandably pleased, and #somosanormales began quickly trending.

For the past two years, Puerto Rican rapper and activist Rene Perez – known by his stage-name, Residente – has been working on a solo project “inspired by his ancestors” which has taken him to four different continents to collaborate with local musicians and explore the multilayered heritage he discovered after taking a DNA test.

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In what he calls his “most ambitious project to date,” Perez – celebrated for both the virtuosity and politics of his lyrics – set out to explore his genetic roots through music traveling to and collaborating with musicians from China, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Niger, Spain, England, and Puerto Rico.

"Everything that surrounds me affects me and as an artist, I feel the responsibility to reflect that. That's why I collaborated with talented artists, artists that the musical industry doesn't know of because they don't pay attention to them, artists that make music without expecting something in return, artists whom I share DNA with, just how they shared their stories with me," Residente said in a statement on the launch of the project’s website.

The single released Friday was recorded in Kyzyl, the capital of the South Siberian state of Tuva, along with the Tuvan throat singing group Chirgilchin. The video accompanying the track was filmed largely in Madrid, and directed by Residente himself.

With lines like “beauty is fed by faults,” the song proudly proclaims that “we are all abnormal” and celebrates the unique “labyrinth” of our genetics:

Our genetics, a labyrinth
We are equally different
What mixes is more interesting
Like a fly with elephant ears
Colors triplicate, nobody loses
Yellow with blue make green
They can not copy it
What’s impure can not be duplicated

The release comes just one month after Perez launched a website to accompany his vast project and ahead of a world tour which will begin spring.

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Cuban Residents in Costa Rican Condemn U.S. Blockade

Cuban residents in Costa Rica on Sunday repeated their demand for the elimination of the U.S. economic, commercial and financial blockade on Cuba and the return of the naval base in Guantanamo, which is illegally occupied by the United States.

The demand was contained in a statement issued in this capital by the national meeting of the ‘Antonio Maceo' Cultural Association of Cubans Residents in Costa Rica, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

The text supports the Cuban government's statement that despite the historic vote at the UN General Assembly against the blockade, where no country voted against it, that siege 'remains and will remain the major obstacle for the economic development' of the Caribbean island.

The document, presented by the president of the association, Juan Mesa Lloret, condemns the United States' intention to destroy constitutional order in Cuba through the direct financing of counterrevolutionary groups and individuals.

We will continue coveying to the new generations of Cubans born anywhere in the world the knowledge of Cuba's history, culture, patriotic symbols and our principles of independence, sovereignty and national identity, the statement concludes.

Cuban Ambassador to Costa Rica Danilo Sanchez and other officials from the Cuban diplomatic mission in this Central American country attended the meeting as guests.

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Puerto Rican Singer Víctor Manuelle Visits Cuba

Popular Puerto Rican salsa performer Victor Manuelle paid a cultural visit to Cuba over the weekend, when he spoke with various Cuban artists he plans to cooperate with in the future.

During his stay in this capital the musician spoke with maestro Adalberto Álvarez, singer Paulo FG and young interpreter Laritza Bacallao who

popularized on the Island the song Que suenen los tambores, a piece internationalized by the Puerto Rican artist in the homonymous CD, released last year.

It has been a very nice experience that has allowed me to share with musicians of this country I respect so much, he pointed out.

Victor Manuelle, popular for titles such as Hay que poner el alma and Dile a ella, announced that he would like to perform in Cuba and that he hopes to record in the near future a few songs with Cuban colleagues with whom he has already talked about future projects.

As part of his stay in Havana, he visited the set of the television program Sonando en Cuba, where he spoke with young contestants. (ACN)

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Puerto Rican Singer Ricky Martin to Perform in Bolivia

La Paz, Aug 5 (Prensa Latina) Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin will give two concerts in Bolivia in November, as part of his tour called One World Tour, the local radio reported today.

Martin will perform on November 5 in the eastern city of Santa Cruz and one day later, he will sing to La Paz, the capital of this South American country.

They estimated that each concert would last two hours and the audience would be able to listen to his greatest hits.

The cultural article detailed that Ricky Martin would present a varied show, combined with different rhythms, surrounded by an amazing light design and five high definition video screens.

The Puerto Rican singer will present a modern set design and will show his abilities for dancing, with perky choreographies.

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Marc Anthony Named Latin Recording Academy’s 2016 Person of the Year

LOS ANGELES – Singer Marc Anthony has been named the 2016 Person of the Year by the Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, the industry group said.

“Thanks to the Latin Academy of Recording for such an important honor,” Anthony said in a Twitter post.

Anthony, born in New York to Puerto Rican parents, will receive the award at a Nov. 16 gala in Los Angeles prior to the 17th Latin GRAMMY Awards, which will be held the following day at the T-Mobile Arena.

“The star-studded gala and tribute concert will feature renditions of the award-winning singer’s renowned music catalog by an impressive array of notable artists and friends,” the Academy said on its Web site.

The singer of such hits as “Vivir mi vida” and “Valio la pena” will join a high-profile group of artists distinguished with the award, including Brazilians Roberto Carlos and Caetano Veloso; Cuba-American Gloria Estefan; Colombian Shakira; Spaniards Miguel Bose and Placido Domingo; and Mexican Vicente Fernandez.

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Marc Anthony will offer a concert in Cuba

According to, Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony will perform in Havana soon. The concert is actually panning already for this summer 2016.

A source close to the artist has said that the concert will probably be in August.

Anthony would join the trail of success and enthusiasm left by The Rolling Stones, who gave a free historical concert in the Sports City of Havana, on March 25.

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