Great expectation to meet the new manager of the Villa Clara Baseball Team

Great expectation exists among the baseball fans of Villa Clara about knowing the name of the new manager of the Villa Clara Baseball Team who will represent the province at the 60th National Baseball Series. For this reason, the CMHW spoke with Ramon More, Commissioner of the discipline in the territory.

More said that they have discussed about Jose Luis Cueto, from Camajuani, Oscar Sachado and Noel Guerra, both from Caibarien, among others.

Among those proposed, the specialists from both the provincial and the national press agreed on the high probability of appointing Noel Guerra Cantero, after taking into account that he already trained in the younger categories to many of the young people who are called to assume the leadership of the baseball in Villa Clara; in addition to being the last manager to win an international event for Cuba, the U-15 World Cup in Mexico.

In the conversation with Ramon More, Commissioner of the discipline in the territory, we learned that Pedro Jova and Oscar Machado declined the proposal; in the case of Jova on the grounds of personal reasons, while Machado prefers to remain as a batting coach, for which he has been preparing for years.

For his part, Jose Luis Cueto asked the provincial baseball authorities for more time to prepare himself to assume such a responsibility in the future.

Likewise, the possibility of importing a director from another territory was ruled out.

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ETECSA aspires to complete telephone digitalization in Villa Clara

The technological reconversion process from analog to digital telephone plants is progressing at a good rhythm in Villa Clara with a chronogram that will benefit even the clients of the most intricate towns in the region, with completion date on November 15.

In statements to ACN, Dianitsy Barreto Martinez, communication specialist at the Cuban Telecommunications Company S.A (ETECSA) in Villa Clara, explained that once the action plan is completed in November, in Cascajal and Rodrigo, both in Santo Domingo, the province will then have 100% of its telephone plants digitalized.

Since the technological reconversion works began in May in Carrillo, Remedios, there have been completed between two and three plants per month, and of a 15 analogical ones still in the area, only six remain today.

The technological change offers a better quality in communication, improved services of landline telephony, increased capacity of the plants and the influx of data traffic with the possibility of buying the service Nauta-Hogar to those customers who want it, Barreto Martinez explained.

Nowadays, the marketing process of outdoor plant capacities for landlines is being carried out in already digitalized areas, an aspect that will gradually increase, the executive concluded.


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President Diaz-Canel Visits Cuban Central Province

Sancti Spiritus, Cuba, Jul 6 (Prensa Latina) Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel today began a working visit to this central province of the country, recently arrived from the Jamaican city of Montego Bay.

After attending the 39th Ordinary Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community, in Jamaica, Diaz-Canel began his first visit to this territory, after taking office on April 19.

The President of the Councils of State and Ministers of Cuba participated as a special guest in the important regional meeting.

Diaz-Canel began his tour here in the municipality of Cabaiguan, particularly in the farm of the peasant Yoandry Rodriguez, considered the best producer of covered tobacco in the country.

During the meeting with the renowned producer, the Cuban President was interested in the damage caused in the area by last May's heavy rains.

He was also concerned to know how the peasants have faced the damages caused by excess moisture in the tobacco stored in the healing houses.

This Friday morning, according to the media, Diaz-Canel visited the neighboring province of Villa Clara.

There he learned about works executed by brigades of the Engineering Works Construction Company, while he inquired about the quality of the investments, the raw material used and the equipment available, among other details.

He then exchanged with directors of several agencies at the headquarters of the Villa Clara People's Power Assembly to evaluate the progress of the recovery, after the damages caused by the recent subtropical storm Alberto.

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Fire Causes Severe Damage to Telecom at the Center of Cuba

Santa Clara, Cuba, Jun 25 (Prensa Latina) A fire reported in one of the venues of the Telecommunications Company of Cuba (ETECSA) in this central city causes today severe damages to the coverage of cell phones on the island.

According to a press release issued by the entity, the incident occurred in a technological site of the Telecommunications Center of Villa Clara, which provokes serious damage to the cellular network in the west and center of the country.

The provinces of Villa Clara, Cienfuegos and Sancti Spiritus, in the center, as well as the western Pinar del Rio remain totally without cell coverage, ETECSA reported.

In addition, the number of services for mobile phones that begin with 54, 55 and 56 from any region of the country can be affected, according to the telecom company's statement.

Local radio reports point out that the source of the fire has not yet been clarified, which occurred in one of the most central buildings in Santa Clara, the capital of Villa Clara province, some 250 kilometers east of Havana.

At this moment, the causes are being identified and the contingency measures are taken, according to the authorities.

ETECSA will continue to inform the population through the mass media and the usual channels of information, as well as telephones 118 and 52642266, the company points out.

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Cuba: WiFi zones to boost participation of the youngest population

The next opening of three new WIFI zones in Santa Clara, throughout the current summer period, will respond to ETECSA’s projection to boost surfing for children and youth.

The next opening of three new WIFI zones in Santa Clara, throughout the current summer period, will respond to the projection of the Telecommunications Enterprise of Cuba S.A. (ETECSA) to boost domestic websites surfing for children and young people.

In statements to ACN, Dianitsy Barreto, ETECSA’s communication specialist in the province, said that the imitative seeks to make visible the contents made from and about Cuba and that nurture this age segment with knowledge: Ecured and Cubaeduca are two of these platforms, for example.
Although they have the same characteristics as the connection spots already installed in several sites in Villa Clara, the aim is to educate them when choosing the contents, and the focus falls on the places where they will be located.

According to Barreto, the first inauguration is foreseen at El Parque de la Audiencia, but later it will be transferred to the nearby Pioneers Palace, currently in renovation stage; as well as outside the Augusto César Sandino stadium on its third-base side, which therefore will light up most of the sports facility.
Then, the third zone would be in the vicinity of the Camilo Cienfuegos Zoo Park and in some way they all join together to strengthen the reanimation program of the central region “Villa Clara con Todos” (Villa Clara with All), Barreto added.
Seeking the inclusion of children and youth, no matter others wish to use the service, with emphasis on the domestic surfing also responds to the reduction of this modality to 0.10 CUC/hour, since March this year, and is another of the options facilitating web access to users.
Barreto explained the new tariff price is only applicable to permanent Nauta accounts, which at the same time have two modalities: international surfing with international mailing and the aforementioned domestic surfing.

Nevertheless, she remarked that users can indistinctively interact with the two types, depending on the modality they choose.
The specialist concluded that in addition, so far July her enterprise opened two spots for wired connection in such towns as Calabazar de Sagua, in Encrucijada, and Rancho Veloz, in Corralillo, in accordance with ETECSA’s policy to take WIFI service to second towns within the province.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / Cubasi Translation Staff

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