Amilkal Labañino

Amilkal Labañino

Soccer World Cup: What Team I support?

What do you think, feel and do around these days those of us who don’t like soccer?

The Soccer World Cup has begun and, according to estimates, almost half of the world population, nearly 3 thousand million people will be following it in body and soul.

Among them my neighboring Ildelisa joins in. Yesterday, when I walked down her front door it was half opened, she was staring at her television as if her life depended on watching the screen.

She was so absent-minded that I knocked, pushed the door, and she only realized I was there when she heard the cracking of the armchair where I sat next to her.

- Oh, my friend!, that was her greeting accompanied with a deep sigh.

- What happened, did your team lose?

- What team?

- The soccer team dummy; the game just ended now.

- Ah, yes?

- But Ildeliza, weren’t you watching the game?

- Nooo, I was looking at the goalkeeper; that is, both of them, and I could not decide which one was hotter.

In fact, what attracts my neighbor is by far the main motive of fans or simply followers of what has been called, understandable, the sport of crowds.

Undoubtedly this is one of those unique opportunities, just like the Olympic Games that is worthwhile enjoying although no team from Cuba is on the field.

But what is sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander. And in more than a Cuban home, conflicts because of the World Cup have erupted.

The soap operas, Pánfilo and other coinciding show in schedule with the games broadcast, pit together loving couples, mothers against children, grandparents against the most loving grandsons.

It’s also worth talking about those whom soccer doesn't move them inside not even a twitch, neither for those uninterested in it about that sport - because there are some.

Those who don’t like it, these days usually feel a secret sense of guilt that makes them step aside, like keeping a low profile from the groups where people comment passionately of a given game.

If they can’t help it but joining the debate - because any other way would be drawing much attention - they do it as a mirror, repeating what louder voices have said, or, ultimately, nodding agreement over and over, like the little toy dogs that were in fashion on car dashboards in the Cuban streets for a while.

Around these days, and until July 15th with the great finale, not knowing of soccer is like having bad breath... or something worse.

And if you are a man and know nothing of goals, balls, and fans thing could get complicated. Because even a few eyebrows are raised doubting their manliness, although until he has had a manly image so far.

While the most important world competition of soccer is on - the most popular and best paid - many contradictory emotions are lived. Because there are those who would like to watch all games, all of them, without caring to get blood-shot eyes on the third day, and although they want, they can’t.

Work, family duties, must-do, planned or accidental commitments, prevent most humans from staying put in front of screens for the 31 days with their 64 matches of the World Cup, even wishing it fiercely.

It’s then that strong fans look entertained, they forget things or important data, they are there, but they are not present. As soon as they have a chance they will be updated on the match result, to complain or scream euphoric if among the contestants is his favorite team.

Nobody knows if to avoid mistakes like those described in workplaces or the streets, perhaps for when the semifinal or finale are played, in any of the 32 national teams participating in the World Cup decide to declare a free day.

Meanwhile let happiness or displeasure - according to wins or defeats - don't cloud anyone’s judgment, and that my neighboring Ildeliza, from evaluating the work of goalkeepers, forwards, defenses and midfielders, she really ends up loving soccer, that which today draws multitudes.

Cubasi Translation Staff / Amilkal Labañino Valdés

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Donald Trump: New Craziness

Another revelation contributes to clarify even more how the threads of Donald Trump’s behavior move inside the White House.

A large report published last Monday by the New York Magazine explains it. The article reveals aspects that push into the background Trumps’ famous addiction for golf.  

The document reveals his devotion for the far-right television network Fox News.  

The article adds that there are daily links between the president, the New York Magazine and the star host of Fox News, Sean Hannity.


The leader, amid the turmoil that hit him from every angle, has found another new addiction by exchanging his government strategies with the ultra conservative Hannity and at the same time knowing "the last political gossips of the United States."  

Close sources to the leader informed the New York Magazine that "the feeling is that Hannity is the cabinet leader outside the White House."  

The magazine argues that Hannity is filling the void left by Steve Bannon former White House Chief Strategist.  

Hannity even belongs to a chosen group of authorized officers to call the president directly.  

The New York Times said previously that Donald Trump spends several hours a day watching television, and his main source of news is Fox News.  

According to the report, circulated in January, the president begins every day around 5:30 a.m. watching Fox News followed by "Fox & Friends."  

His favorite TV shows include "Fox & Friends", as well as the show host by Sean Hannity.  

However, the most watched show is the one he is having among the stern walls of the White House.

Cubasi Translation Staff / Amilkal Labañino Valdés

Antonio Becali Visits Japan

Cuban sport's top leader Antonio Becali visiting Japan met Masatake Yamanaka, vice president for the Baseball Federation of Japan according to Carlos Miguel Pereira, Cuban ambassador to the Asian nation.

During the meeting, both managers exchanged new ways of cooperation, in both the training of athletes and the practice of baseball. They also celebrated the return of baseball to the 2020 Olympics.

INDER president and the delegation that accompanies him also shared with Cuban baseball players who play in the NPB: Alfredo Despaigne, Livan Moinelo, Yurisbel Gracial, Raidel Martinez, Ariel Martinez and the batting coach of the Dragons of Chunichi, Omar Linares .

Becali referred to the positive contribution of the Japanese League in the formation and development of our players and highlighted the willingness of its directors and franchises to expand and consolidate cooperation with Cuba.

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Cuba Advocates at UNESCO for a Peace World

Cuba has advocated today at UNESCO for dismissing forever war, threat and force in the planet, and stressed UN potentialities to strengthen a peace world.

Cuban representative at the Executive Council, Oscar Leon, said this statement during the 204th session of that UN body.

The United Nations is 'the better prepared international institution to strengthen international peace and security through education, culture, scientific knowledge and access to information. We need of this agency today more than ever to become men and women of peace', he said.

Leon, who is also the president of the Cuban Commission of UNESCO, stressed as an inspiring element the statement of Latin America and the Caribbean as a peace zone, 'a milestone in the history of our region.'

The representative emphasized in his speech Cuba's commitment at UNESCO and the values it represents, as well as reaffirming the willingness to work together to reach the 2030 Development Agenda goals.

Leon Gonzales also stated that the Executive Council is meeting during a complex situation, in which 'serious and imminent dangers are threating the existence of our specie, such as climate change, nuclear weapons and cultural intolerance causing armed conflicts and endangering peace.

Leon also said that 'the multidimensional and systematic crisis accompanied of violations to principles and regulations of the international law impede the construction of a fairer world order, based on human solidarity, dialogue and cooperation.'

According to Leon's statements, UNESCO is not exempt from that, as it has been living since 2011 the deepest financial crisis in history, as a consequence of the non-payment of its main taxpayer, the United States, which debits more than $600 million USD and has declared its withdrawal from the organization.

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