Cuba and MLB Negotiate on Baseball Issues

Featured Cuba and MLB Negotiate on Baseball Issues

Cuban Baseball Federation President Higinio Velez has confirmed today that Cuba and MLB are holding talks on dissimilar issues.

When we agree on various topics and set forth the corresponding policies, then the right moment to clarify such an information will arise, said the director at a press conference held at Adolfo Luque Hall of the Latinoamericano Ballpark in Havana.

One of the main issues to debate is the MLB Cuban-born players inclusion in the Cuban baseball Team.

Cuba will be participating at the 4th World Baseball Classic next March with a selection made up of domestic league players, with the exception of the Cleanup Hitter Alfredo Despaigne, who in addition to playing in the Cuban Baseball Series also plays in the Nippon Professional Baseball.

An MLB delegation - made up of senior managers and several Cuban baseball players playing in the Major Leagues - visited Havana and Matanzas in December 2015.

A few months later, in March 2016, Tampa Bay Rays team played an exhibition game versus the Cuban Baseball team at Latinoamericano Ballpark, with the presence of Cuban and US Presidents Raul Castro and Barack Obama, respectively.

Cuba is the only country in the world that can not legally insert its players in the MLB, due to the unilateral intentions of the U.S. blockade.

Cuba Ready to Belong to the Caribbean Series, but USA Prevents it

Cuba has everything ready to be a full member of the Caribbean Baseball Series, the acting baseball national commissioner Yosvani Aragon said.

If it were up to us, we would be members tomorrow. We have everything ready (documentation and money) to enter the Caribbean Series as a full member, pointed out the executive in an exclusive interview with Prensa Latina.

But it neither depends on us, nor on the Confederation of Caribbean Baseball, not even on the Major League Baseball (MLB). Everyone knows that behind all this is the US Government and the blockade, he emphasized.

Aragon went further and said that Cuba is even ready to host the Caribbean Series after 2020, which demonstrates the medium and long-term commitment of the country to the traditional tournament, founded in Havana in 1949.

Next year, in Barquisimeto-2018, we will return as guests (as Cuba has done since its reinsertion in 2014), but we will continue seeking for full membership, he insisted.

Days ago, in a dialogue with Prensa Latina, Juan Francisco Puello, president of the Confederation of Professional Baseball of the area (CBPC), also confirmed that Cuba's permanence in the Caribbean Series depends on the US Government.

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