Cuban Men Equal Best-ever Performance at Chess Olympiad

Featured Cuban Men Equal Best-ever Performance at Chess Olympiad

Cuba achieved the seventh seat through which tied its historical performance in men's sector and a silver medal by Isam Ortiz in the third board at the World Chess Olympiad recently concluded in Tromso, Norway.

Cuba totaled 16 units thanks to its final victory over England (2.5-1.5) and finished at the head of America in a sector attended by more than 170 teams.

Similar performances had been reached in Novi Sad'90 and Calviá'04, the latter with a roster that included the now repeaters Leinier Dominguez (2760 Elo points), Lázaro Bruzón (2664) and Yuniesky Quesada (2649).

The three of them defended the first three boards in the contest that concluded yesterday when the national champion Isam Ortiz (2603) totaled six points in eight matches, based on five wins, two draws and only one loss.

I was eager to play and I think that helped me to have such performance, Ortiz said when summarizing his work which earned him 16.8 units to his coefficient.

Bruzón also highlighted with eight points in 11 games and finished sixth among those playing on the second board, where he shone yesterday by beating Gawain Jones (2665).

Yuri González (2550), who contributed with 3.5 points in four matches, also had an outstanding performance as alternate.

In total Cuba won seven matches, including those against major rivals as India (third seat with 17 points) and Israel (9/16), tied two and was only beaten by Azerbaijan (5/17) and Bulgaria (25/15).

In the final round China defeated 3-1 Poland and with 19 units won its first scepter in these events ahead of Hungary and India, who both amassed 17 points to complete an atypical podium.

Favorites such as Russia (17), Azerbaijan and Ukraine (16) escorted them in that order, while the United States (15) disappointed by finishing 14th.

Among women the podium of two years ago with Russia ( 20) escorted by China (18) and Ukraine (18) was repeated, while Cubans ended 30th with just 13 units.

The Caribbean squad tied 2-2 with Sweden, and individually the substitute Maritza Arribas (2291) had the best performance with five points from possible seven, plus being the only one who won Elo points (3.8).

In general Cuban women's team won six matches, lost four and drew one.

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