6-nation Super Round set for WBSC U-23 Baseball World Cup Americas Qualifier

Featured 6-nation Super Round set for WBSC U-23 Baseball World Cup Americas Qualifier

The Super Round of the Pan American U-23 Baseball Championship 2017 has been set, as the field has been cut from 12 to 6 nations following an exciting five-day Opening Round that showcased the elite and competitive level of baseball’s strongest continent.

Group A: Host/No. 15 Panama finished atop a three-way tie with No. 6 Mexico and No. 16 Dominican Republic. All three nations finished the Opening Round with four wins and one loss. These three nations will now play head-to-head against top three from Group B in the Super Round.

Group B: No. 9 Venezuela won the group, with No. 11 Puerto Rico taking the second seed and No. 5 Cuba grabbing the third spot. All games among these three nations were very tightly contested, low-scoring games decided by two runs (VEN 2-0 CUB, VEN 3-1 PUR, PUR 3-1 CUB).

The top four nations — the Americas U-23 champion and 2nd to 4th Place finishers — will advance to the play for the world title at next year’s WBSC U-23 Baseball World Cup.

For the Super Round, nations will carry over their Opening Round head-to-head records against each other, as wins/losses against eliminated nations are not considered. This is the same format applied in the WBSC Baseball World Cups.

Super Round Standings

  •  VEN 2-0 (defeated CUB and PUR)
  •  DOM 1-1 (defeated PAN, lost to MEX)
  •  MEX 1-1 (defeated DOM, lost to PAN)
  •  PAN 1-1 (defeated MEX, lost to DOM)
  •  PUR 1-1 (defeated CUB, lost to VEN)
  •  CUB 0-2 (Lost to PUR and VEN)

Super Round Schedule – Group A versus Group B

Wed, 29 Nov

  •  MEX v  PUR at 2:00p
  •  DOM v  VEN at 2:00p
  •  CUB v  PANat 7:00p

Thu, 30 Nov

  •  CUB v  DOM v at 2:00p
  •  MEX v  VEN at 2:00p
  •  PUR v   PAN at 7:00p

Fri, 1 Dec

  •  DOM v  PUR at 2:00p
  •  CUB v  MEX at 2:00p
  •  VEN v   PAN at 7:00p

Saturday, 2 December, will be a rest day, before the Finals on Sunday.

Final Opening Round Standings

Standings (Top 3 from each group advance to the Super Round)

Group A Group B
 PAN 4-1  VEN 4-1
 MEX 4-1  PUR 4-1
 DOM 4-1  CUB 3-2
 HON 2-3  BRA 2-3
 CRC 1-4  COL 2-3
 PER 0-5  ARG 0-5

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