Glories of Cuban Athletics Receive Distinction in Nicaragua

Featured Glories of Cuban Athletics Receive Distinction in Nicaragua

The glories of Cuban athletics, Javier Sotomayor and Ana Fidelia Quirot, received today the Order of Sports Excellence Alexis Argüello, from the mayor of Managua.

They are two of the most important athletes of all time, stated the vice mayor of this capital, Enrique Armas, from the Miguel Larreynaga Auditorium.

'It is truly impressive the race of these giants, to speak of Javier Sotomayor is to speak of the best high jumper in the world, he has the record of 2.45 meters,' Armas recalled.

Referring to the world 800-meter flat champion, the official highlighted the courage and fighting spirit of the so-called Caribbean Storm, who returned to the track and won several medals after a domestic accident.

For the first time, Cuban athletes receive the highest sports award in Nicaragua.

The Cuban stars arrived yesterday to this country to participate as special guests in the award ceremony of the best Nicaraguan sportsmen, to be celebrated today.

Sotomayor and Quirot will also talk with players and coaches of the Nicaraguan Athletics Federation, according to the Association of Sports Writers.

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