Manrique Larduet excels in his debut in German Gymnastics League

Featured Manrique Larduet excels in his debut in German Gymnastics League

Cuban Manrique Larduet excelled in his debut in the German Artistic Gymnastics League. He was the top scorer in the second win of his club Siegerlander KV.

“I am grateful for this wonderful experience with my team, SKV. I was the top scorer so my team won more points,” wrote Larduet in Instagram.

According to the official website, Larduet’s club outperformed TV Wentzgau (61-18), which stunned some experts.

Larduet is only 21 and he is already two-time medalist in world championship, in Glasgow 2015. Besides, he is Olympic finalist and competed in five out of the six disciplines summoned. He performed with great results in four of them; namely, freestyle 14,300, rings 14,250, pommel horse 14,500, and the horizontal bar 14,750. He only underperformed in parallel bars, his best discipline, with 13,200.

Thanks to his performance, Manrique was the target of many compliments such as Ukraine Olympic champion Oleg Vernaiev’s. “First competition and you are top scorer. Good job brother,” wrote Vernaiev congratulating the Cuban.

Several top gymnasts like Vernaiev and Russian David Beliavsky —bronze medal in the all-around discipline in Montreal 2017— are members of the eight teams competing in the German League.

The next club’s outing will be on March 31st when SKV faces KTV Straubenhardt, precisely Beliavsky’s team.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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