Win Cuba Pan-American Judo Cup in Lima, Peru

Featured Win Cuba Pan-American Judo Cup in Lima, Peru

Cuba won the Pan American Judo Cup (nine gold, four silver and three bronze medals). The contest distributed points for the ranking with a view to the continental games of 2019 in the Peruvian capital.

The Cuban men's and women's national teams finished the day of Friday in front of the table of positions by countries, with four gold medals, two silver and two tans, booty to which added this Saturday five gold metals, two silver and one bronze.

The organizers of the Pan American Confederation informed the Cuban News Agency (ACN) that Brazil (2-0) -2) ranked second, followed by the Dominican Republic (1-3-1), Mexico (1-2-3), Venezuela (0-2-4), Colombia (0-2-1), Ecuador (0 -1-2) and Argentina (0-0-4).

Asley Gonz lez

Next come Peru (0-0-3), Chile (0-0-2) and Canada (0-0-2), in that order, to complete the 11 nations that managed to get on the podium.

Without giving details of the fighting, stands out in relation to the Cubans, the bronze of Idalis Ortiz, in more than 78 kilograms, and the victory of Asley González before Iván Silva, in the final of the 90 kilos.

In this regard, Dr. Uvelino Moreno, doctor of the Cuban male staff, added to the ACN details that highlight that Gonzalez beat Silva for three Shidos (penalties)

Also that Ortiz fell in his first fight against the Puerto Rican Melissa Mojica, in Regla de Oro, a stage that extended the lawsuit to nine minutes and 57 seconds, when Artemiseña received a third Shido, and for the bronze it defeated the Venezuelan Mariannys Hernández

The other four Cuban champions this Saturday were Kaliema Antomarchi (78), Jorge Martínez (81), José Armenteros (100) and Andy Granda (+100), and the other silver medal corresponded to Onix Cortés (70), surpassed in the final by the Brazilian Ellen Santana.

Cuba also reached titles with Osniel Solís (66), Magdiel Estrada (73), Melissa Hurtado (48) and Maylin del Toro (63), but Friday, in a day in which they deserved p can Roberto Almenares (60) and Nahomi Acosta (52), and bronze, Yandry Torres (60) and Anaili Dorvigni (57).

In addition to adding points for the ranking for Lima 2019, the disciples of Julio Alderete (m) and Félix Portuondo (f) competed as part of the preparation for the Central American and Caribbean Games of Barranquilla 2018, a multi-sport event that will take place from July 19 to August 3.

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