National Series of Boxing: The Comeback of Veitía

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Featured National Series of Boxing: The Comeback of Veitía

The final stage of the national series of boxing will be held in early November and we have gladly welcomed the first good news: the comeback of Yosbany Veitía, sanctioned for several months after failing to make the weight during an international tournament.

The Cuban Boxing Federation took into account the impeccable career of the boxer and certainly his behavior during the sanction time. This sort of sanctions usually lasts one year but it was reduced by half, which is excellent for the Cuban boxing world.

Veitía, World and Olympic medalist, will be one of the boxers of the national team to become reinforcements of the six teams involved in the fight for the crown: Camagüey, Santiago de Cuba, Pinar del Río, Villa Clara, Havana and Holguín.

As one can see, there will be one or two surprises among the participants, because it’s very likely that Guantanamo qualifies in the East. However, they could not count on their main figures in the qualifying stage, and that spoiled their regular presence in the final.

Nevertheless, Erislandy Savón (with Santiago), Jorge Moirán and Arlen López (with Holguín) will take part as reinforcements. Here it’s worth recalling that the participation of these boxers is regulated and they cannot step into the ring every day.

The actions will kick off next November 4th in the capital (Havana), whose team opens as main candidate to the crown, because its roster includes renowned boxers such as Arnolis Bigñote (52kg), Yoángel Moya and Armando Martínez (60kg), Ángelo Morejón (91kg) and Yoandry Toirac (+91kg), plus Andy Cruz (64kg) and Osley Iglesias (69kg) from Matanzas. Obviously, they will be a hard nut to crack, even more when they are hosts.

The other rosters with a large number of boxers with international participations are central and eastern champions: Camagüey and Santiago de Cuba

Camagüey will have Damián Arce (49kg), Veitía (52kg), Darieski Palmero (60kg), Kevin Brown (69kg) and Julio César La Cruz (81kg) as their main trump card, while Santiago de Cuba’s roster will include Frank Zaldívar (56kg), Arisnoidis Despaigne and Antonio Bicet (69kg), Savón (91kg) and José Ángel Larduet (+91).

Pinar del Rio cannot be dismissed, since its roster includes Osvel Caballero (56kg), Lázaro Álvarez (60kg), Roniel Iglesias (69kg) and Osnay Bencomo (81kg), but this seems not to be enough to fight for the crown, as well as Holguin, whose roster will have Jorge Griñán (52kg), Moirán (64kg) and Arlen López (75kg) as its top figures, but we should remember that there are ten divisions and a team must win at least six times in order to pick the win in each match.

By all accounts, Villa Clara is the weakest team, because it lacks renowned figures, but you should remember that record does not always prevail in this sport.

As is traditional, the participants will compete in three daily matches for five days in a round-robin system, and the boxer who scores the highest throughout the tournament will take the crown. As of now, the bouts among the contenders from Havana, Camagüey and Santiago de Cuba are expected to the most attractive ones, without tarnishing the rest.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / CubaSi Translation Staff

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