Cuban chess players descend in Chilean tournament

Featured Cuban chess players descend in Chilean tournament

Peruvian Jose Eduardo Martinez was the luckiest during Monday´s double-header and now appears as solo leader of the ZICOSUR 2019 chess tournament running in Antofagasta, Chile, where Cubans Yuri Gonzalez and Yusnel Bacallao lost ground.

Martinez first defeated Bacallao in the morning session and then did the same over Argentine Pablo Acosta to become the only one of the contest with perfect performance of five points, according to the info published by

The also Peruvian Cristhian Cruz is now his closest pursuer with 4.5 units due to his success over the local Franco Gasic and draw with Argentine Alan Pichot, who incidentally appears third by having the best tiebreaker among the 10 players amounting four points who share positions from three to twelve.

That group includes Cubans Gonzalez, fifth, and Bacallao (8th) after undergoing different roads yesterday. The first drew with Chilean Cristobal Henriquez and Argentine Federico Perez, while Bacallao beat Gasic after being defeated by Martinez.

Recovered from Sunday's loss, Peruvian Julio Granda, first seed of the tournament, won twice and climbed to sixth place with four points and will be Gonzalez´s rival today in the sixth round.

The ZICOSUR 2019 is a 9-round Swiss system contest attended by 78 competitors that will also feature a Blitz contest upon completion of the regular program.

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