Cuban Bacallao finished second in ZICOSUR chess tournament

Featured Cuban Bacallao finished second in ZICOSUR chess tournament

Cuban GM Yusnel Bacallao finished second in the 4th Zicosur Open chess tournament which was won by Peruvian GM Jose Eduardo Martinez.

In the last round, Bacallao signed peace with local GM Cristobal Henriquez and amounted 7.5 points with balance of six wins, three draws and one loss, right against Martinez.

The latter remained undefeated all along the competition after achieving seven wins and three draws for a total of 8.5 units.

The third seat went to Argentinean GM Alan Pichot, who signed peace with Peruvian GM Julio Granda and had the best tiebreaker among the eight contestants that totaled seven units.

That group also included Cuban GM Yuri Gonzalez, fifth of the classification after finishing with draw against Peruvian GM Cristhian Cruz.

Granda, first seed of the tournament, ranked seventh and the defending champion, Paraguayan of Cuban origin GM Neuris Delgado, finished ninth this time, both with seven points.

The 4th Zicosur Open is a 10-round Swiss open that took place in Antofagasta, Chile, from January 4-10, 2019.

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