More than 150 Fencers to the Cuba Cup in Havana

Over 150 epee fencers from 30 countries will animate the World Cup of this capital from today thru Sunday, confirmed the methodology expert of the National Fencing Commission, Zuleidis Ortiz, to Cuban newspaper Granma.

Ortiz said that 14 of the 16 world ranking leaders will contest the event in the 10 fencing tracks at the Havana Sports City, venue for the event, with highlights for the Italian Mara Navarria, number one in the universal ranking list.

The event will count on the participation of 155 fencers from 30 nations, demonstrating the prestige of Cuba as a venue for fencing competitions, a discipline in which Cuba led in the Central American and Caribbean Games of Barranquilla 2018.

The Cuban team, very motivated to score points in the event for the world ranking, headed by Ceily Mendoza, individual gold and by teams from the last Central American and Caribbean event, followed by Gretel Carbonell, Giselle Franco, Yania Gavilán, Diamelys González and Yamilka Rodríguez, guided by the coach Nelson Loyola.

The World Cup will begin its actions this Friday, at 8:30 local time with the qualifiers, which will continue in the afternoon.

On Saturday from 9:00, local time, 32 contestants will cross their respective steels, then reduced to 16 before the quarterfinals and the finals, the latter programmed for 16:00 hours local time.

The competition by teams will start Sunday at 9:00 local time.

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Did Usain Bolt do well Running one More Year?

Watching the bitter farewell to the best sprinter of all times, many wonder if Usain Bolt should have said good-bye after winning his third Olympic gold medal in a row.

But first let’s turn to the motives to stay. Competitively, he had given all he had; he wasn’t interested either, judging by the little interest he showed in his training for this competition. Then, why continue?

He said he wanted to dedicate his last campaign to his fans and, although I don't distrust of his good intentions, it doesn’t seem as a convincing argument to me.

Now we get to the point: how much did Bolt win to continue for one more year? According to Forbes magazine, almost always well informed in money issues, it was more than 30 million dollars earned by the Jamaican bolt this season.

The greater part was not earned winning races, not even running, but by sponsoring. That is, no matter what he did, his account was going to get fat enough. It’s not like he desperately needed it, because in his brilliant career as a runner he is estimated to earn around 150 millions, but not bad to keep going for a few months without the pressure of having to win it all neither the demand of the gyms.

We go back to our opening question: did he do well or bad?

To me, watching Bolt is a unique show, and these months have been a priceless gift. It’s also true he didn't have the expected ending, but we must not forget his opponents trained with only one objective in mind to defeat him, and if he is not at his best, it could happen what we saw in the 100-meter final.

The lesion in the relief final was no surprise either, because when you push your body to the limit and you haven’t had the necessary training for that, lesions occur, as it just happened to him.

I have dreamt these last days that he is not injured and he performs the feat of surpassing Christian Coleman and Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake, as he did many times before with other rivals, but it’s just that, an impossible dream.

Anyway, I feel privileged to have seen all his career, and this bad moment does not clouds his legend, neither erases his message that to be the best it’s not necessary to get dope, but working very hard. The bolt fades, but thunders will come.

Amilkal Labañino Valdés/ Cubasi Translation Staff

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