President speaks out for boosting Moldova’s relations with Cuba

Moldovan President Igor Dodon met with Anna Teresita Gonzalez Fraga, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic of Cuba, who is in our country on a working visit.

The parties discussed current issues of bilateral cooperation between our states, speaking out in favor of their development in all areas of mutual interest. Igor Dodon expressed hope that the current visit would give a new impetus to bilateral dialogue, contributing to the development and deepening of ties between the two countries.

“We noted the insufficient implementation of trade and economic potential. The last trip of representatives of business circles of the Republic of Moldova to Cuba, organized under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova, took place in April 2013. I advocated intensification of relations in this direction, organization of contacts at the level of business circles, increase in trade, implementation of bilateral economic missions, participation in fairs, exhibitions and other events, development of cooperation in the agricultural and food industries, in the field of tourism and healthcare,” the President noted on his page on the social network following the results of the conversation.

At the end of the discussion, the Head of State thanked the representative of the Cuban government for invitation to visit this country at a convenient time.

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Cuban Health Minister Unable to Attend PAHO in Washington

Lack of Medical decency, breaking of the human and international rights that are incompatible with their role as the venue of that Health venue and the wickedness and the powerlessness are some of the very deserved criticism against the U.S. Government on the social networks to refuse the Visa to the Cuban Public Health Ministry, José Ángel Portal Miranda and the rest of the delegation that would attend to the Health Pan American Health Organization in Washington city.

It is not more than an unusable way to gag a truth that floats like a sovereign flag before the astonished world sight.

It would cause great envy that our local Health Ministry commented that Cuba reached the lowest infantile mortality of its history with a 4.0 for each thousand child born alive and that is a number that is a number much better positioned that the one reported by the mighty US nation with a 7.0 for each child born alive.

It would be uncomfortable for them that the Cuban official announced that the life expectancy for Cubans reaches the 80 years, along with over 2100 centenarian people.

Cuban Health Minister Unable to Attend PAHO in Washington

The US Health officials don´t like the WHO recognizes Cuba keeps eliminated the congenital Aids and syphilis transmission and the fact that Cuba has trained until July of the current year 376608 health professionals through the Medicine and Stomatology, Nursing Spheres and others such as the Health Technologies and they are added to the 35787 foreign students from 141 countries who were graduated in our universities.

As it is well said by my female neighbor through her peculiar way to call the things by their name. She, who is a Spanish citizen who has traveled throughout the world, said to her local clinic´s doctor:

“I go overseas, but I always return because it sucks abroad, without a medical insurance, and I paid $ 25.00 Dollars for an vaccine , so I come to see you here even for a minor pain in my food, for instance.”

The Cubans have one of the best regional parameters in terms of doctors per inhabitants, 9 doctors per 1000 inhabitants and that also gets upset our US neighbor that has tried to asphyxiate us without achieving to make us to give us.

The little Cuban nation should buy related technology and medicine at a double price multiplied by two and even three times its real price. However, Cuba is accused of people trafficking, enslave the local Health staff who travel to other nations and for benefitting economically from the Medical works overseas.

If Cuba obtains strong currencies and thankfulness for the services carried out by its Health collaborators, it also obtains them for keeping a free and accessible health system that can be improved by guaranteeing medical care for all, while they gain millions dollars, along with an US arms industry that causes death, pain, disruptions and traumas to other lands.

Our little territory with only 11 million inhabitants has had to invest in the training of its human resources due to the lack of industrialization and development due to the US Blockade. The Commander, Fidel Castro, had dreamt about it and put into practice due to he knew the human resource was certainly the best value in terms of the social and economic development of a country.

Cuban Health Minister Unable to Attend PAHO in Washington

Nevertheless, it was so human his way of thinking that he tried to go beyond the instruction as such, taking into account that human potentiality implies not only related knowledge but also an ethical awareness, solidarity, true human feelings, sacrifice spirit, heroism and the capacity to do a lot with very little.

The arrogant Trump´s government feels annoyed due to the Cuban medicine´s high quality is praised and even the fact that the hospital with Cuban medical staff in Qatar is the reference in the Persian Gulf and the one preferred by the local citizens there do not mind travelling the 80 kilometers separating them from the Doha capital city because they do know that apart from examining them the Cuban doctors watch them into their eyes, talk and find the way to cure them and not taking away their money by making them dependent of medicines.

The current demon of the White House and his Brazilian subject, Bolsonaro, don´t really care the millions of Brazilian people who lost that Cuban doctor who placed a stethoscope on their chests for a first time in those far-off lands of religious people who talk about the Cuban doctors as the best after God.

The US feel worried because the best of Cuba keeps present throughout 67 nations of the world where they are transforming the health parameters with their presence as if a humanism and sensitivity brigade had arrived.

Cuban Health Minister Unable to Attend PAHO in Washington

If the Cuban Health Ministry and this delegation attended to Washington, they would practically disrupted the millionaire campaign used for discrediting the Cuban public health care system because each of the slanders on the international medial cooperation would be drawn by the power of a true that hurts them: Cuba gains the international prestige and admiration for its own efforts and intellectual one and the capacity to diagnose properly with little resources.

As part of the most laudable pages of the international medical cooperation, Cuba magnifies its altruism. It was the Cuban medical staff who cured the Haitians´ wounds after the earthquakes.

In the frozen geography of Pakistan, they carried out their healing work as well as in Guatemala, Chile and Mozambique in its fight against the Ebola disease in Africa in spite of the risk of losing their lives. They got to those lands with their backpacks and campaign hospitals to show that all the world glory fits in a corn grain.

Once again, the United States tries to prevent the participation of Cuba in a scenery where it has the right to be, but there are starts which shine with their own light and there is an island that has resisted 60 years.

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Diaz-Canel: Nothing is more important in Cuba than the life of a child

Havana, October 14 (RHC)-- President Miguel Diaz-Canel conveyed his condolences to the parents of Paloma Dominguez Caballero, the one-year-infant who died on October 9 because of health complications resulting from an adverse reaction to a Mumps, Measles and Rubella (MMR) vaccination.

Diaz-Canel wrote on his twitter account that the Public Health Ministry is investigating the event and is taking good care of the other children hospitalized.

 “The political manipulation of adversaries offends and hurts. Nothing is more important to the Cuban Revolution than the life of a child,” he stressed.

A note from the Ministry of Public Health issued Saturday reported about an incident in Habana del Este municipality in which five children reacted adversely to the vaccination and were hospitalized. Of them, Paloma Dominguez died.

No similar incidents have been reported anywhere else on the island.

As a result of this unfortunate event, enemies of the Cuban Revolution have unleashed a political campaign of manipulation intending to tarnish the image of Cuba and its health system, which enjoys worldwide recognition for its achievements.

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
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Cuban journalists organization unmasks maneuver by IPYS

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel commended a declaration recently issued by the Union of Cuban Journalists (UPEC)  against entities at Washington´s service as dignified and described it as an expression of the firmness and patriotism of journalists in the face of manipulation and interference.

A declaration of UPEC leadership  issued over the weekend blasted the maneuvers orchestrated by the Press and Society Institute (IPYS), an  NGO whose primary goal is to work against progressive governments and organizations in Latin America, especially the Bolivarian revolution.

According to the document, IPYS made phone calls and sent messages to Cuban journalists, informing them that some of their works had been chosen for a chronicles contest on Cuban issues, in which they had not enroll to participate.

Among those finalists on the competition were works published initially by public media and private outlets, whose antisocialist editorial line of the latter is aligned with Washington's anti-Cuban policies.

The UPEC´s declaration noted that the OAS, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), and the Open Society Foundation finance the subversion of IPYS.

The Cuban journalists' organization said it has a very clear political and ethical bases;and that while there is room in its base for multiple opinions, its members are not  in communion with the NED, nor with the OAS, nor with the Open Society of Soros, which are functional to the strategies of the United States government to suffocate the island.

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Cuba sends condolences to Japan in aftermath of Saturday’s typhoon

Cuba has sent heartfelt condolences to the people and government of Japan for the loss of human lives and damages caused by typhoon Hagibis.

“Our deepest sympathies and solidarity to relatives and persons close to the victims,” wrote on Twitter Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla.

Rescuers in Japan are working through waist high flood waters, searching for those who remain missing after Saturday’s typhoon.

At least 36 people are confirmed dead, with another 16 missing. Tens of thousands of searchers from police and firefighters to soldiers and coastguard personnel have been deployed.

Thousands of homes on Japan’s main island are flooded, damaged or without power.

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Dominicans win NORCECA Title in five thrilling sets to USA

Dominican Republic won NORCECA Women’s Continental Championship to United States in five thrilling sets 3-2 (25-19, 25-23, 15-25, 20-25, 15-9) on Sunday night at Roberto Clemente Coliseum of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Dominican Republic finishes the tournament with 4-1 record serving United States their only loss of the tournament 4-1; Dominicans have lost to the U.S. in the preliminary round. This is the fourth time Dominicans and the U.S. battle for the NORCECA title and the first time Dominicans come out on top winning their second gold medal in the history of the event.

Dominicans offense and defense over the net, as well as receiving skills were solid, from the beginning. Outside hitter Brayelin Martinez was unstoppable but the U.S. reaction did not come light, bouncing back 0-2 for the overtime on a formidable display of speed.  

Dominican Republic led 11-9 in blocks and allowed 19 points on errors against 29; the U.S. held a 69-58 advantage in kills and a 4-2 margin in aces.

Dominicans leading scorers were Brayelin Martinez with 20 points on 20 kills and 4 blocks, followed by Bethania De La Cruz with 19 points and Lisvel Eve added 11 points. Michelle Barsch-Hackley of USA scored a match-high of 26 points, Kelsey Robinson and Andrea Drews tallied 13 and 12 points accordingly.

Prisilla Rivera, captain of Dominican Republic: “It has been a rough year for us, many events, lots of work, lots of suffering and finishing this way is the icing on top, I am very proud of my team. We could have finished 3-0 but United States is one of the best teams in the world and wasn’t going to give up easily. Our best skill was team effort; we had a moment of distraction when they started to pressure with serves”.

Marcos Kwiek, Head Coach of Dominican Republic: “Today we faced an elite team, it wasn’t easy. We lack money, we lack structure, among other things, but we have big hearts. My players battled a lot and it was a spectacular way to close the year; they worked a lot, it was a difficult year and we are happy that none of the players were injured, it’s a blessing”.

Karch Kiraly, Head Coach of United States: “Well played match from Dominican Republic, congratulations to them”.

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Havana City Historian Eusebio Leal elected a member of AAA&S in US

Havana City Historian Eusebio Leal, one of Cuba's most recognized intellectuals, is now a member of the important American Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAA&S).

Cuba's Ambassador to the United States, Jose Ramon Cabañas, attended on Leal's behalf on Saturday the initiation ceremony held by the Academy based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in which Leal became an International Honorary Member.

'It is an honor to represent Dr. Eusebio Leal Spengler at the initiation ceremony for new members,' the diplomat posted on his Twitter account, and described the award presented to the historian as a very timely recognition, as there remains just over one month before the 500th anniversary of the founding of Havana is celebrated.

It was revealed in April that the Cuban intellectual was a member of the list of 42 International Honorary Members from 23 countries chosen by the institution this year to highlight their outstanding achievements 'in the academic world, arts, business, the government and public affairs.'

In addition to the Cuban historian, other distinguished figures to have received this recognition are Sri Lankan parasitologist Nadira Karunaweera, Singaporean academic and former diplomat Kishore Mahbubani and British theologian Mona Siddiqui.

'We are pleased to recognize the excellence of our new members, celebrate their compelling achievements and invite them to join the Academy and contribute to its work,' David Oxtoby, president of the Academy founded in 1780 by John Adams, John Hancock and 60 other leaders and scholars, noted in a statement.

AAA&S, which concludes this Sunday a weekend dedicated to incorporating new members, is identified as an honorary society and an independent research center that brings together leaders from all disciplines, professions and perspectives to address significant challenges.

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High-level Cuban parliamentary delegation visits Serbia

Ana Maria Mari Machado, vice president of the Cuba's National Assembly of People's Power and Council of State, arrived in Belgrade leading her country's delegation to the 141st Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).

The delegation is made up of lawmaker Yolanda Ferrer, president of the International Relations Committee of the Cuban Parliament and member of the IPU Executive Committee representing Latin America.

Lawmakers Estela Cristina Luna Morales, president of the Health and Sports Committee, and Miguel Enrique Charbonet Martell, as well as official Jesus Rafael Mora Gonzalez, are also on the list.

Cuba's Ambassador to Serbia Gustavo Trista del Todo received the delegation on Saturday evening at Belgrade's Nikola Tesla Airport.

Mari Machado and her accompanying delegation paid tribute early Sunday to former president Marshal Josip Broz Tito (1892-1980), and laid a floral wreath on the white marble tomb that holds his remains at the House of Flowers, part of the Museum of the History of Yugoslavia.

Immediately, the members of the Cuban delegation joined the preliminary work of the IPU meeting, whose solemn opening ceremony will be held tonight, with the attendance of representatives of the parliaments of 178 States and 12 regional legislative assemblies.

The IPU, founded on June 30, 1889, in Paris, is headquartered in Geneva and has permanent observer status at the United Nations since 2002 due to its important role.

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