In an entertaining and heavily contested match, Brazil imposed their will on Argentina for a final score of 30 to 21 to win both a gold medal and a golden ticket to the Olympic Games next year.

Brazil and Argentina arrived at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games with their best Handball teams in search of tickets to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. So it was not a surprise that both teams starred in the Grand Final of the Pan Am Games in Peru.

In an extremely exciting duel, there was no rest for either team and the score was deadlocked at 12 after the first 30 minutes of action, reflecting the parity of the teams.

However, during the halftime, the green and yellow squad made a tactical change, pressed harder and left everything on the court in search of victory.

They began to cement an insurmountable advantage over the team wearing the albiceleste flag in the second half. Crucial to Brazil’s success were the talented players Adriana Cardoso, Larissa Araujo and the goalkeeper Renata Arruda.

Finally, Brazil won by a clear 30 to 21 margin and Carnival broke out in the VIDENA sports complex.

Brazil not only has a new gold medal to their name, but also won the ultimate jackpot of reaching the top handball tournament in the world that will take place next year at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

After a hard fought final, Argentina took home the silver medal and the bronze went to Cuba.

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In the semifinals Georgia will meet Great Britain

After four games, Georgia and Bulgaria were already semi-finalists, but they had to decide who would take first place in Group B. This was important for the determination of semi-final pairs. Georgia defeated Bulgaria 35:19 and on saturday, June 15 will meet Great Britain. In turn, Bulgaria will play against Cuba. Thus, Georgia gained 10 points from 5 games and finished first in group B.

On June 15 at 14:00 GMT Georgia will play against Great Britain and at 16:00 GMT Cuba will meet Bulgaria.


The Bulgarians played on a par with the tournament hosts at the beginning of the game, but after the 18th minute the difference in the score began to grow.

Best players of the match were Temur Orjonikidze (LB, Georgia) and Stefan Dimitrov (GK, Bulgaria).

Nikola Karastoyanov, Coach of Bulgaria: First of all I’d like to congratulate my players, they played very well, both in the first half and the second. They have very good players. We tried to fight in the firt half but at the end of it, I decided to play lighter, because we have a very tough game coming up in semi-final, that’s why I gave them a break in the second half. The reason we lost in the first half is that we made too many technical mistakes, we’ll try to make less in next games.

Nikola Maksimovic, Coach of Georgia: First 15 minutes we didn’t play so well, but then second 15 minutes in the first half we played excellent in defence, we stopped their strong points and it was enough to make good results till the end of the first half. Their strong point were right wing, middle back and right back, we stopped them after 15 minutes and they don’t have substitution, so when they put second line up we finished our job easily. We will come prepeard for the strongest opponent in Semi-final.

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Cuba is the First Semifinalist

Cuba beat Azerbaijan 31:26 and became the first semifinalist of the tournament. In addition, Cubans have 8 points from 4 games and have already won first place in group A. Now they are waiting for the second team from the group B. Tomorrow’s match against India means nothing for them.

After four games Azerbaijan have 2 points and have no chance to get to the semis. In the best case, they can take third place. To determine the second place of the group and China and Great Britain will play at 12 o’clock in the Tbilisi Sports Palace.

From the National Team of Azerbaijan the best player of the match was named Ramazan Muradov (LW), and from Cuba Reinier Taboada Dranguet (LB).

Ramazan Muradov: I would say that todays game was really good, we knew that our competitiors were stronger and bigger physically. We got mentally ready for the game with Cuba, made some mistakes, but in the end we played well, we were fighting till the end. We played defencively better then in other games, but still, we had some problem. In the end we didn’t make many mistakes. I’m thankfull for my team, the game was great.

Reinier Taboada Dranguet: I think todays game was very easy, I’m glad we won and we’re going to keep on fighting.

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