Hungary Training 3,000 Civilians to Hunt Down Migrants

Orban would undoubtedly support Trump in his bid to build a wall at the Mexican border.

U.S. President Donald Trump made promises to enforce border security, specifically with neighbors Mexico. This has yet to come to fruition. But on the other side of the pond Trump will find a kindred spirit in Hungarian authorities.

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The European country is training thousands of civilians to provide extra security for its southern border. Hungary shares a border with Croatia and Serbia in that area. These states are not a part of the 'free travel' schengen group – a coalition of European countries that seemingly operate without borders. The more than two dozen states in this group have discontinued the use of passports and promote borderless travel throughout.

The 523 km border to the south of Hungary is secured with a razor-wire fence and is already heavily patrolled, an ordered given by Prime Minister Viktor Orban two years ago. The government stated that this measure has already prevented thousands of illegal crossings. But they are eagar to shore up the sector regardless. Hungary has employed the services of 3,000 civilians to train in combat and arrest techniques. This, they say, is to provide reinforcement for the 10,000 security forces who are currently charged with patrolling the area.

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Orban would no doubt support Trump – who he has enjoyed positive exchanges with – in his bid to build a wall at the Mexican border. “He invited me to Washington, I told him that I hadn’t been there for a long time as I had been treated as a ‘black sheep’, to which he replied, laughing: ‘Me too’.” The prime minister said in an interview published online by business daily Vilaggazdasag that Trump made it clear to him that “he thinks highly of Hungary.”

Trump and Orban also share other ideologies. Hungary along with Poland, Czechia and Slovakia are less than receptive to immigrants entering Europe from Africa and the Middle East.

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World Team Chess Championship: First Round

The meetings of first round of the World Team Chess Championship took place today in Tsaghkadzor. The confrontations Ukraine-Russia and Israel-Armenia were central. Pavel Eljanov defeating Evgeny Tomashevsky gave his team a victory with the minimum score 2.5 : 1.5. The same score was in the match Israel-Armenia. Here the winning point was scored by Maxim Rodshtein who took advantage over Vladimir Akopian.

It seemed that the match USA-China would end in peace. But when the match score was 1.5 : 1.5 and the draw was predictable around the 1st board, Ding Liren took victory over Samuel Shankland and China took victory. In the match India-Egypt the favourites were found stronger and the Indians took victory with the score 3 : 1. The only in-draw was signed in the match Hungary - Cuba with the score 2 : 2.

In the second round will compete India - USA, Hungary - China, Russia - Cuba, Armenia - Ukraine, Egypt - Israel.

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Judit Polgar to retire from professional chess

Judit Polgar is to retire as a professional chess player at the end of the Olympiad. The surprise announcement was made in a brief interview with The Times. Polgar herself was unavailable for comment as she was in preparation for the final round of the Olympiad with her Hungarian team which lies in second place and has a chance for gold in the final round. Polgar has so far contributed as score of 4.5/6 on board 5. It is unclear whether she will play in the final round.

No doubt there will be plenty of interviews after the round finishes. With her retirement she brings to an end an "educational experiment" which saw Judit and her three sisters all become exceptional players in a generally male dominated game.

Judit Polgar reached a career high of 2735 and world number #8 in 2005. At that point her highly tactical style had matured into a stronger all round game. Shortly afterwards Polgar took some time off to raise her family and although her initial return was promising she is quoted as saying her concentration at the board is in decline. Recently her focus has switched to writing books on her career and the Judit Polgar Chess Foundation.

Earlier in the Olympiad Judit Polgar was asked about the possibility of a match against Hou Yifan at a point I guess she already knew she would retire, she was non-committal without ruling it out. With the right money I guess it still wouldn't be out of the question but would really have to be this year. Hou defeated Polgar in their only game together in Gilbraltar 2012 and it was already clear it was only a matter of time before Hou became the women's number one. Now the baton has definitely passed to her.

There will be time enough to celebrate the career of the greatest ever women's player. It seems to me Judit Polgar didn't see playing was about women competing on an equal basis but that gender shouldn't make a difference at all.

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