Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Starts Working Visit to Italy

Cuba's Deputy Foreign Minister Rogelio Sierra began a three-day working visit to Italy, the Cuban embassy in Rome announced here.

According to the press release from the diplomatic mission, during his stay in the Italian capital Sierra will be received at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, an opportunity to continue the positive exchanges between the foreign ministries of the two countries.

In this sense, the text recalls that last February the Italian Undersecretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Ricardo Merlo, headed the Fifth Session of Political Consultations between Foreign Ministries, in Havana.

During his stay, the Cuban deputy minister will hold meetings with the Council of Delegates of the Italo-Latin American Institute, representatives of Parliament and representatives of the country's economic, social and political entities.

He will also visit the headquarters of the Community of San Egidio and meet with members of solidarity organizations and Cubans living in Italy, as well as participate in a special presentation of initiatives developed to mark the 500th anniversary of the founding of Havana, the capital of the island.

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Cuban Cyclist Sierra conquers Giro de la Toscana

Cuban cyclist Arlenis Sierra conquered today the Premondiale Giro de la Toscana, finishing second in the second and final stage, played between the city of Lucca and this town.

Sierra, 26, and captain of the Astana Women's Team, thus achieved her tenth victory in an elite race of the world season. In the Italian test, Sierra won the prologue of two thousand 220 meters on Friday and then came second to the goal of the first segment, of 133.60 kilometers in Segromigno in Piano, a stretch decided by millimeter difference.

For the 24th edition of the Tuscan classic, the Astana team was also formed by Cuban Heidy Praderas, Ukrainian Olga Shekel, the Colombian Liliana Moreno and the Kazakhs Faina Potapova and Svetlana Pachshenko.

In addition, 25 clubs and national teams from Russia, South Africa, Israel and Ukraine participated.

The competition served as a prelude to the World Road Cycling Championship, from September 22 to 28 in Great Britain, where the elite category women will play the individual route on the final day.

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Italians Demand to End US Blockade against Cuba

The Italian-Cuba National Friendship Association (Anaic) has demanded this Monday the lifting of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba for almost six decades.

In the Final Declaration of its First National Festival, held in Livorno on July 24-28, Anaic recalled that the extraterritorial effects of the blockade 'harm people, businesses, banks and even non-governmental organizations in the European Union and the rest of the world.

The solidarity organization's demand also included the closing of the U.S. military base in Guantanamo and the return of that illegally occupied territory to Cuba.

They also supported 'the progressive governments and movements of Latin America and the Caribbean in their struggle against imperialism, defending their sovereignty, including the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

In addition, 'by positively assessing the political result of the event,' they proposed to the Presidency and National Direction of the Association the holding of another similar meeting on the occasion of the 67th anniversary of Cuba's National Rebellion Day, on July 26, 2020.

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Cuban Business Delegation Carries Out Working Visit to Italy

A business delegation led by Orlando Hernandez, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Cuba, on Monday began a visit to Italy, framed in both countries'' interest to expand and deepen their bilateral relations.

The Cuban delegation is also composed of Juan Gonzalez, President of Cuba Ron Corporation and the Cuba-Italy Business Committee (CICI), and Isaac Hernandez, Director of Foreign Debt of the Central Bank of Cuba.

The delegation also includes representatives of the Ministry of Tourism, QUIMI SA company of the Ministry of Industry, Gaviota Group, Melfi Marine S.A., the Agricultural Business Group and APICUBA.

According to the information provided by the Cuban embassy in Italy, the main goal of the visit will be to participate in the 7th session of CICI, to be held on Tuesday in Padua Congress Center.

Participants in this meeting will discuss on investment and business opportunities in Cuba, based on the priorities and potentialities of both countries, and it is expected that a development plan is also approved for the positioning of joint projects in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

The program of the visit, jointly hosted by the Cuban embassy in Rome and CICI, also provides for exchanges with Italian unions and institutions in the economic, commercial and financial sectors.

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'Twitter is his sword': EPIC Warhammer 40k Trump steals the show at Italian carnival (VIDEO)

Complete with a huge 'tweet-dashing' sword and 'golden' armor, a colossal float depicted US President Donald Trump as the grandiose Emperor from the Warhammer 40,000 series.

In all his might and glory, His Majesty the Emperor of Mankind descended on the small town of Viareggio in central Italy on Saturday. As part of an annual carnival procession, US President Donald Trump 'appeared' cosplaying the iconic character from the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

The popular franchise of tabletops, which also spurred several video games, typically depicts the Emperor as a walking epitome of epicness and unparalleled power. The colossal float of Trump conveyed the same message. Clad in shiny golden armor, he sported a grim, yet pompous and regal look in his eyes.

Italy has created a giant God Emperor Trump

In his hand he wielded a huge broadsword. The phrase 'your duties' in Italian, engraved on the blade, hinted that he slays his enemies as boldly as he slaps tariffs on EU goods. The weapon’s hilt was fitted with blue Twitter birds, apparently suggesting that the US president pulls no punches while attacking opponents on social media.

A human-sized ‘Trump’ was also seen marching ahead on the giant float, dressed as one of the Space Marines, the Emperor’s loyal troops.

The striking float left some commenters questioning whether it was meant to ridicule Trump or compliment him.

God Emperor! Twitter is his Sword.

Others poked fun at the scene, saying that the president may use the sword to combat ‘fake news’, and an army of such warriors would be “better than the wall.”

Meet God Emperor Trump fighting in Italy 2019 Viareggio Carnival that is several stories high with American flags, Trump dancers Check out the size of him & those Twitter birds. They also made huge Moon Dream Trump for 50th anniversary of Apollo 11

 "Trump unveils his 2020 platform," one person wrote.

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Italy vetoed EU recognition of Venezuelan opposition leader Guaido – M5S source to RT

Rome has effectively derailed an EU statement meant to recognize Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s interim leader if President Nicolas Maduro fails to set up snap elections, a Five Star Movement source confirmed to RT.

Italy announced the veto at an informal meeting of EU foreign ministers that started on January 31 in Romania, the source said. The statement, which was supposed to be delivered by EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini recognized Guaido as interim president if snap elections were not held.

The European Parliament is the first European body to recognize Guaido “as the only legitimate interim president of the country until new free, transparent and credible presidential elections can be called in order to restore democracy.”

The parliament urged the EU to follow suit but the effort stalled due to internal discord. A range of European nations have separately recognized the opposition chief as Venezuela’s acting president, including the UK, France, Sweden, Spain, and Austria. The coordinated move came after an eight-day deadline for Maduro to call presidential elections expired on Monday.

The US announced that it is backing the new interim leader and pledged their full support immediately after what has been labeled “a coup” by officials in Caracas. However Russia, China, Turkey and Iran said they see Maduro as the only legitimate leader, warning against meddling in Venezuela’s domestic affairs.

Maduro himself rejected the EU ultimatum but promised to push for political reform. He suggested that parliamentary elections be held earlier than 2020, arguing that the National Assembly – a legislative body dominated by the opposition and headed by Guaido – needs to be “re-legitimized.”

Following the announcement, Venezuela witnessed massive rallies, both for and against Maduro. Some of the country’s high-ranking officials, including a defense attaché in the US, voiced their support for Guaido, but the majority remained loyal to Maduro, including the army.

Also on Maduro says next election will take place in 2025, rejects Europe's 8-day ultimatum...

Political turmoil escalated in Venezuela after a plummeting economy led to skyrocketing prices, and management flaws left most of its population in poverty.

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Cristiano Ronaldo returns to Portugal national team to face Italy

Cristiano Ronaldo is expected to return to Portugal national team to face Italy on November 17.

The news about his upcoming international break was published in a report on

The former Real Madrid and Manchester United striker had skipped the last four games for Portugal national team in order to remain at Continassa to train with his new club Juventus and settle in well with the Italian champions.

Both Portugal coach Fernando Santos and president of FA were in agreement to left Ronaldo out after he joined Serie A giants Juventus in summer.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who is also the leading international scorer in European history, has scored five goals and five assists for his new club Juventus.

The five-time Ballon d’Or awardee CR7 is set to start today’s Serie A clash against Empoli. Juventus are currently the table toppers in Serie A table with 25 points in nine matches.

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Over 100 Migrants, Children Drown off Libyan Coast

The group reportedly asked for help from Italian coast guard but the boats started sinking before assistance arrived.

According to the aid agency, Doctors Without Border (Medecins Sans Frontieres or MSF), more than 100 people, including 20 children died in early September of the coast of Libya when their boats were wrecked.

RELATED: Refugee Aid Groups Urge Action Amid Highest Death Rate in Mediterranean Since 2015

MSF stated that two rubber boats carrying hundreds of people from countries such as Sudan, Mali, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Libya, Algeria, and Egypt, left  Libya on Sept. 1. But one boat carrying 165 adults and 20 children deflated and sank leading scores to their death. Another boat’s engine failed.

Some people survived by clinging to floating wreckage. The 276 survivors, including pregnant women, children, and infants, were brought to the Libyan port of Khoms on Sept. 2 by the Libyan Coast Guard as per MSF. Only two bodies were recovered.

“We couldn’t swim and only a few people had life jackets. Those among us who could hold on the boat’s floating hood stayed alive,” a survivor said to MSF.

MSF provided urgent medical assistance after the survivors disembarked. “Our medical team worked solidly for several hours to assist survivors with the most serious conditions,” said Jai Defrancis, an MSF nurse working in Northwest Libya.

The survivors were transferred to a detention center in Libya where MSF is concerned about their safety despite providing further care. MSF also said the survivors are being held in “arbitrary detention.”

"How can they recover when locked inside cells, in very poor hygiene conditions and sleeping on blankets or mattresses placed on the floor that cause incredible pain for those suffering from severe burns?" said Jai Defrancis

Apart from the grim condition of the migrants in the detention center, UNHCR warned Monday that human traffickers are posing as aid workers to gain access to migrants in Libya. They are either being kidnapped for ransom or sold into slavery.  

"Reliable sources and refugees have reported criminals using vests and other items with logos similar to that of UNHCR, at disembarkation points and smuggling hubs," the UNHCR said in a statement. "The reports of criminals impersonating UNHCR staff come as the situation for refugees and migrants detained or living in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, has dramatically deteriorated.”

Crossing the sea is a perilous journey for migrants. According to the International Organization for Migration, over 1,500 migrants have died while attempting to cross the Mediterranean so far in this year alone.

The Libyan coast guard with the support of European Union returned 13,185 refugees and migrants to Libya between January and August 2018. Italy, with the approval of European Union, also started training and equipping Libyan coast guard to perform rescues i.e., “pulling back” migrant boats.

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