Eminent Threat of the Vermin against Venezuela

On the wide spectrum of criteria on the matter it’s worth turning the eye to one in particular that was published last Sunday in Miami by the New Herald.

The name of the article:”How likely is a military intervention of the United States in Venezuela?

The author, Andrés Oppenheimer, an Argentinean born journalist more pro-Yankee than Donald Trump himself.

He begins, “although speculations on a military intervention of the United States in Venezuela are escalating, I think believe it’s very unlikely.”

However, he clarifies, after hearing from diplomatic sources that North American officials consider to summon the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance of 1947 (The Rio Treaty).

He said that he is less convinced than before that there won't be a military foreign action.

On the following line he explains his arguments.

Firstly, Donald Trump and his men go further in their discourse after the attempt of April 30 “to reestablish democracy.”

They were beyond their usual statements, all options are on the table, and the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, said “a military action is possible.”

Secondly, in the White House there are some who fear that Trump is not longer taken seriously if he doesn't impose the force to overthrow Maduro.

His promises that he will overthrow Maduro “could begin to sound as his empty threats that “Mexico will build the wall.”

Oppenheimer, a famous “gossiper” of the White House, thinks that Trump’s greatest interest in Venezuela resides in that he wants to win Cuban-American and Venezuelan votes in Florida for the 20220 elections.

But it’s not discarded, and observers alert, also that the leader could be talked into using the military option in that country by some of his collaborators.

Thirdly, Latin American diplomats tell him that there are private discussions within the OAS to summon the Rio Treaty.

Who are the members of the Rio Treaty? The governments from the United States, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Peru, that is, the rotten extreme right.

In his article, when he asked Trump’s special correspondent for Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, (a Medieval figure) if there were secret discussions about summoning the Rio Treaty, he didn't confirm it neither denied it.

In spite of him, even Oppenheimer was forced to acknowledge that practically all countries of Latin America have already opposed a foreign intervention in Venezuela.

Cornered, the journalist tried to save his image when saying, but it’s unclear what would happen if more Venezuelans moved to neighboring countries.

He therefore gave credit to the hope that cynically keep depositing in the effects of the vicious attack of Washington against the South American nation.

The truth is that, as it has been defined for good, the vermin from Washington can’t be trusted a bit.

U.S. Plans More Annual Spending on Nuclear Submarine Program

The U.S. Navy plans to increase annual spending on its nuclear missile submarine program to $5 billion by 2024, according to a Pentagon report cited Tuesday by Bloomberg News.

According to that report, the Department of Defense details in a report sent to Congress that the increase would begin next year, when the Navy will seek $4.3 billion for the Columbia class submarine program.

That figure will be higher than the $2.3 billion currently projected for fiscal year 2020, which begins in October.

The document mentioned by Bloomberg projects budget requests of 4.46 billion in fiscal year 2022, and 4.13 billion in 2023, ahead of the goal set for 2024.

Bloomberg said the Columbia class project aims to build 12 new ballistic missile submarines, which will replace an older force of 14 Ohio class submarines first manufactured in the 1970s.

The submarines are part of a trillion-dollar (trillion-dollar) effort to modernize the U.S. marine-air-to-ground nuclear triad over the next 30 years, including maintenance and assistance, the agency said.

The Columbia class program was initially approved during Barack Obama's administration (2009-2017), although the current president, Donald Trump, asked the Pentagon to accelerate actions to strengthen the size of the naval fleet, the publication added.

Last week, in statements to the press at the White House, Trump said they are spending 'billions of dollars on nuclear weapons, figures like we have never spent before'.

Last March the executive mansion launched a $4.7 trillion budget plan that would increase spending on nuclear weapons by 11.8 percent by fiscal year 2020 compared to the current level of spending.

In response to that anticipated increase, the Global Zero campaign, an international movement for the elimination of nuclear weapons, stated that the top U.S. national security priority should be to prevent the use of such devices.

The Trump administration's accelerated search for 'low-performance' nuclear weapons does the opposite, the group's executive director, Derek Johnson, said in a statement.

For its part, the American Arms Control Association published a report in April on how the rising costs of the government's plans to replace the nuclear arsenal are 'unnecessary, unsustainable and unsafe'.

The United States keeps a larger and more diverse nuclear arsenal than is required to deter and respond to a nuclear attack against itself or its allies, said Kingston Reif, the group's director of disarmament and threat reduction policy.

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The Government of Ignorants

Many might think, and with good reason that the worst enemy of the United States president, Donald Trump, is himself.

This thought comes as a result of the statements he made last week in Michigan, as part of a meeting campaign in which he waded against liberal "elites" and he praised his republican brothers and himself for the fortune he’s been able to gather, as Hispantv reported.

At this meeting the number forty five president of the United States, assured that his colleagues are the true elite, better said, the super elite, because they have "more money, more brains, better houses, apartments and better boats."

"I am more intelligent, I went to better schools, I have better apartments, I am better educated", said Trump, mocking the liberals. And you might think now I’ve heard it all, it can’t worse anymore than that, but no, it goes one: "I have a much more beautiful house, I have everything much more beautiful. And I am president and they aren’t", he added.

Nobody doubts that he is the president, what’s more, nobody doubts that he is the most unpopular president since surveys are carried out. It’s not even in dispute his large wealth. That he is a millionaire, he is certainly millionaire. That is a huge truth that he shouts through e very roof top and by the way, he should add a few little things he keeps hidden.

For example, Forbes Magazine assures that the wealth of the North American magnate and investor reaches 3. 700 million dollars and also that he has refused, in several occasions, to publish his tax report.

On the other hand, the The New York Times judged the way in which has grown the fortune of the White House tenant by publishing a research work, where he was accused of helping his parents to avoid taxes and create next to his siblings a fake company to hide millions of dollars.

The real estate tycoon, expressed the newspaper, built an important part of his fortune thanks to doubtful fiscal practices and, in some cases, clearly fraudulent. In back then his lawyer, Michael Cohen, came forward to reject the content of the report, but let’s remember that this same man accused him recently before the Congress of “swindler and cheater.”

«When Donald Trump ran for the presidency, he didn't have the intention of running this nation, but to promote his trademark, himself, and build his wealth and power. The campaign to presidency for him was always a marketing opportunity», said the lawyer.

It is so that Trump at a moment of the meeting mention before expressed that "his surprising victory in 2016 elections was possibly the most extraordinary event in his life."

And yes, we have had time to assimilate the great event and confirm that he never had the slightest intention of directing, neither of taking care of the problems of his nation. In four years in office, the world’s first power has 40 million North Americans living in poverty, 18,5 millions in extreme poverty and 5,3 millions under conditions characteristic of the third world", according to a report of Philip G. Alston on UN Human Rights.

With these figures what president could think of, at a campaign event for his reelection boast of his huge wealth and that of the members of his staff ($4.300 millions) when such figures contrast alarmingly with the conditions of many of their citizens.

That, ladies and gentlemen, at least, shows the lack of wits of Trump and all his gang.

It’s not me who is saying it. The journalist Paul Krugman said it on April 1st in The New York Times: "many have described Trump’s government as a kakistocracy—the worst of governments —, and there is no doubt that it is. But it could also be said that is an ineptocracy—the government of the ignorants and incompetents—".

Xi Jinping Stresses Need of Mutual Respect in USA Negotiations

President Xi Jinping on Friday stressed the need to maintain equity, respect and mutual benefit in negotiations with the United States to soon reach an agreement that would halt the trade war.

In a message addressed to his U.S. peer Donald Trump, the president exhorted him to work together because these values prevail, while the parties try to resolve both sides' concerns in economic matters.

Xi praised that the negotiators achieved substantial progress in shaping the pact after contacts were resumed early this year.

He also stressed that the development of healthy and stable relations between China and the United States requires strategic leadership and close communication between him and Trump.

Xi's letter was delivered some few hours ago by Deputy Prime Minister Liu He -chief negotiator of the Chinese team- during a meeting with Trump in Washington.

The bitter dispute marked one year in March, and the White House investigations on the alleged Chinese efforts that allegedly distort the national market to force, press and steal technology and American intellectual property unleashed it.

After knocking into levels of dangerous tension, the relations between Beijing and Washington go down a little, and found a mid-point on those and other important issues in their economic-commercial ties.

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Mass Popular Mobilization in Venezuela on April 6

The speaker of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, called on Thursday to a mass popular mobilization in this capital on April 6 to defend the Bolivarian Revolution.

On his regular program Con el Mazo Dando, broadcast by Venezolana de Television, Cabello assured that the revolutionary forces will fill Caracas 'from end to end' in light of the opposition's desperation.

He ruled out the call by the opposition lawmaker Juan Guaido, who proclaimed himself Venezuela's president in charge, a maneuver scheduled for the same day as part of the so-called Operation Freedom, aimed at destabilizing the country.

On several occasions, Guaido has called on his supporters in the opposition to organize in the next few days for an alleged peaceful occupation of the Miraflores Palace (the Government's venue) and the activation of large-scale local protests.

In that regard, Cabello, who is also the first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), pointed out that the failure of those calls to mobilization by the speaker of the National Assembly (parliament) in contempt shows Guaido's lack of leadership.

Cabello also revealed the satisfaction by some right-wing spokespersons when they learned that Guaido had been disqualified to hold public posts and that he had been stripped of his parliamentary immunity due to several crimes that he has committed flagrantly.

In that regard, the socialist leader pointed out that the decision made on Tuesday by the Constituent National Assembly, which authorized the judicial power to indict the 'self-proclaimed' president, was adopted in accordance with the Constitution of Venezuela and the legislation in force.

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US Policy on Iran is not Economic War, but Terrorism, Iranian FM Says

Iran's Foreign Minister, Mohammed Yavad Zarif, accused Tuesday the US policy against Tehran of economic terrorism.

By imposing more sanctions against our nation, he said in a message on social media, it is even impeding relief efforts for people affected by the floods throughout the country.

With that decision, said the Iranian Minister, the United States violates U.N. Security Council Resolution 2231 and a ruling of the International Court of Justice.

U.S. sanctions prohibit the Iranian relief organization Red Crescent from purchasing goods and products to help communities devastated by unprecedented flooding.

Blocked equipment, Zarif said, includes rescue helicopters.

'It's not an economic war, he said, but economic terrorism.

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Cuba: The President’s 500 Tweets

Since last October 10th the President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, began in Twitter, his tweets have already reached more than 500. Number 500 was posted this Wednesday on March 20th, at 7:41 a.m.

The piece of news is not just simple math, but the consolidation, through that media of thousand of messages, of the new type of communication in the Cuban political environment that the Cuban president has started in the Island.

The President’s 500 tweet

Although the topics in the tweets have been dissimilar, all are characterized by the same super objective explicit on the hashtag #SomosCuba, #SomosContinuidad and #FidelCastro.

Hence, from the systematicity, the transparency and commitment, the presidential agenda is on the hand of all residents and anyone interested worldwide.

Next to the Cuban flag and the royal palm as symbols he intentionally repeats, the President has made of his micro blogging a unique engine that drives leaders and institutions to join this contemporary way of doing which are a way to stay in touch with the people they respond to.

With every tweet, Díaz-Canel ratifies his respect to the citizenship that voted for him, his commitment to democracy and to “man's full dignity” validated in the Constitution by which he voted among the first ones.

His exhortations and arguments in favor of the new Constitution put the #YoVotoSí in Twitter.

What does the President talks about?

The order here below does not sets priorities, the Cuban President has talked about his journeys through the country and the contact with the people, about meetings held at the Council of Ministers, about science, computerization, History, about the Cuban economy and associated to it the Blockade, the commerce, the innovation, the production and efficiency, as well as imports and exports.

His tweets have also touched health, education, culture, family, students, youth in general and the Cuban woman.

There have also been present topics like Havana and its 500 years, the disaster and recovery soon after passing of the tornado, the press, the laws, the new constitution and especially, about Fidel Castro as example and guide next to Raúl.

He has also approached in his topics the foreign affairs, particularly the United States actions regarding Cuba and Latin America. In this topic of foreign affairs, the message on January 23rd, at 6:52 p.m., on the support of Cuba to Venezuela, he received the largest amount of “Likes” among all tweets, as indicate index engines for that social network.

Indexes also revealed that January was in fact the month in which the President was more active in Twitter, with 99 messages.

The so-called online government, the electronic government, and specifically the contact with leaders at the bottom, those who work in municipalities and provinces, have been rules in the President’s mandate and have equally feedback in his Tweeter profile.

Another of the peculiarities that distinguishes his tweets, marked by their reach, passion, feeling and strength, it’s how many of them highlight the worth of Cubans, their self-esteem and feeling of belonging.

When the president congratulates one specific Cuban, either a famous personality or somebody little known, when he equally stimulates with one of his messages to a group of workers or an entire sector like that of lawyers or the written press, he is also motivating the will of improvement every day.

Praising in those people or groups features like dignity, decency, human solidarity, the selflessness, the working spirit and the commitment to Homeland, he is implicitly setting examples to follow, stressing the “Yes we can” of Raúl, ratifying that #VamosPorMás.(#WeWantMore)

Venezuelan People Alert Against New Terrorists Attacks of the U.S.

Venezuelans went on the streets last Saturday 16th in Caracas, with a parade to support their President Nicolás Maduro and celebrate the great popular victory that meant the endurance of the Venezuelan people against the electric sabotage, reported TeleSur.

The mobilization lead by the president of the Constituent National Assembly (CNA) of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, in rejection to the cyber attack against the Hydroelectric Power Station Simón Bolívar, also known as the Guri Dam, which took place last Thursday March 7th with the objective of blaming Maduro’s Government.

Although it’s true that the sabotage to the electric system was planned in Washington we cannot forget that it was carried out with the help of a Venezuelan opposition that regrettably responds to the interests of this foreign power that seeks to drown the people into despair and raise chaos.

Cabello warned looking at this reality: "By order of the president we will preserve all strategic domestic facilities. We must be alert, the Venezuelan right-wing and the imperialism have no other way than violence". Furthermore, he warned of the possibility of new terrorist attacks against the operability of domestic public services.

The True Situation in Venezuela

The situation in Venezuela is that most of the Venezuelan people support Maduro while the Washington’s puppet doesn't rally almost anyone. His attempt to occupy the presidential chair dwindles with every passing minute. An example is that international media considerably diminished his recognition granted to the supposed authority of calling him "acting president" of Venezuela, they now call him "self-proclaimed president", "leader of the Venezuelan opposition", "opponent" or simply "Guaidó."

Following an analysis, the Venezuelan News Agency (VNA) realized that this change has occurred mainly in the last weeks especially in media like The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Bloomberg and CNN that had used the term "acting president."

The change was maybe caused by phone prank to Guaidó that has gone viral: Russian jokers Vovan and Lexus talked with the self-proclaim president as if they were the Switzerland president, Ueli Maurer. Guaidó fell for it and revealed the plans against the leader of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro.

The call was made last February 20th and lasted over 12 minutes, in which the pranksters informed Guaidó that President Maduro has "large accounts" in the banks of that country, therefore they awaited his instructions on what they should do with them, said TeleSur.

“We need to find a way to freeze those accounts, president, and you will tell me through official channels how to proceed", commented the self-proclaimed president, very sure of with whom he spoke.

In order to proceed with the "blocking" of those accounts, Vovan and Lexus told Guaidó they would send a draft of a formal request, in the request appeared a fictional bank named "Lexus Vovanial Bank Ltd", their nicknames.

Two days after the “official talk”, Swiss authorities denied to have discussed on the Venezuelan assets with the self-proclaimed president, since he assured to the foreign media that he had spoken of a possible blocking of accounts with the president of that country.

“There was no contact between Mr. Guaidó and President Maurer”, asserted the spokesman of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Switzerland, Pierre-Alain Eltsching.

The answer of Elliot Abrams, North American official didn't take long and he guaranteed to the “Swiss President” that things would carry on from that day forward in strict secret, and he will personally speak with Guaidó to repeat "that his comment was an error that should not happen again.”

Pranksters not only spoke with the self-proclaimed president, they also spoke with Abrams, impersonating the Swiss leader.

The "executive" expressed his Government's will to cooperate in financial matters with the U.S., particularly on the topic of Venezuela. Abrams’s answer was to confirm that his objective is to "preserve assets" of the South American country and that they work with several European Governments to achieve so.

"I believe that everything should be frozen. Absolutely frozen, just to make sure that it remains where it is. That is our perception", said Abrams.

Mistake after Mistake.

Meanwhile this Saturday an extraordinary mobilization of the people from Caracas demonstrated to the world, once again, the dignity and patriotic conscience of Venezuelans while members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces together with the people, preserves 24 hours a day the strategic facilities of electricity, petroleum, water, and telecommunications.

The People of Maduro is alert for the next terrorist attack from Trump’s government or for their next mistake. We will see.

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