Trump: President's Inauguration Brings Stress in USA

Featured Trump: President's Inauguration Brings Stress in USA

Washington, Jan 19 (Prensa Latina) One day before the inauguration of President-Elect, Donald Trump, about 35 percent of Americans say they are suffering additional stress from the magnate's inauguration, a poll released today stated.

The survey, conducted by The Washington Post and ABC News, showed that the level of tension for the new president is far superior to 65 percent of those who supported former Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton, defeated by Trump in the November 8 elections.

Investigators found that about 33 percent of supporters of the former secretary of State assert that the election of the New York businessman did not change the usual level of stress in their daily lives.

According to another Post and ABC News poll released on January 17, when Trump takes over the presidency tomorrow, he will be one of the most unpopular leaders in American history.

According to that survey, about 40 percent of citizens approve the way in which the magnate led the power transition process in recent weeks, very below to 80 percent of the endorsement Barack Obama received in 2009 when he took office.

Presidents George W. Bush, William Clinton and George H. W. Bush had popularity ratings similar to Obama, with 72, 81 and 82 percent, respectively, as presidents-elect.

The poll also showed that about 54 percent of Americans have an unfavorable opinion about Trump, very far above James Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush and Obama, who achieved about 20 percent rejection among voters when they occupied power.

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