Kremlin Rejects Links between Trump and Russian Intelligence

Featured Kremlin Rejects Links between Trump and Russian Intelligence

The Kremlin rejected today the versions on a supposed link between US president Donald Trump''s team and the Russian intelligence, considering that it has no basis at all.

I recommend avoiding the reading of morning newspapers and not trust certain information, as every day it becomes more difficult to determine what is true and what is a forgery, presidential spokesman Dmitri Peskov said.

The US media say they are based on five different sources, but they do not mention any, he said.

They are just press reports that are not based on any concrete evidence, Peskov said.

The New York Times newspaper cites officials who would have revealed the contents of intercepted phone calls between members of Trump's team and Russian intelligence before the start of the election campaign in 2016.

The Foreign Ministry called for a careful analysis of the reports in the US press, because within that country, he said, there is a political uproar over the new administration of the White House.

Trump carried out his electoral campaign by stating he wanted to improve ties and cooperate with Russia in the fight against terrorism, as well as with promises of a possible recognition of the will of the people of Crimea.

However, in recent days, it has placed Iran as the number one country in sponsoring terrorism, which Moscow disagrees with, while expressing its hope that Crimea will once again become part of Ukraine.

In March 2014, the vast majority of Crimean people voted in a referendum for the independence of the peninsula and its return to the sovereignty of Russia, which it belonged to until 1954.

Even so, Trump's team is in the midst of attacks from the press that criticizes him for his fears of approaching Russia.

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