Rousseff Monday presented evidence showing illicit nature of the impeachment against

Featured Rousseff Monday presented evidence showing illicit nature of the impeachment against

The constitutional President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, will present Monday to the Supreme Court new evidence of the illicit character of the impeachment, driven in 2016 against it, on the basis of statements by the President, Michel fear.

In an interview with TV Band, fear was that in 2015 the then President of the Chamber of Deputies, Eduardo Cunha, accepted the order to open a political trial against Rousseff only because the training of the workers party (PT), did not support him in his attempt to remain in office.

> Rousseff: Brazil requires to repair damage to its democracy Cunha confessed to fearing that he would to “check all orders of impeachment against the President (Rousseff)” because promised you “the three votes of the PT in the Ethics Commission”, which at the time was studying the involvement of the head of the deputies in the corrupt plot in the State Petrobras and its possible suspension.

“The next day, I see the news saying that the President of the PT and the three members of the party broke what was said and would vote against (of Cunha in the Ethics Commission).” “Later (Cunha) called me and said: ‘ everything that I said, not worth, I will call the press and begin the process” against Rousseff, revealed fear.

To the dessert, Rousseff was subjected to impeachment on charges that it violated the law of fiscal responsibility and was removed August 31, 2016.

> “Brazil has date with democracy in 2018″, bode Rousseff “the Supreme now has proof that were not tax irregularities which led to Eduardo Cunha to accept the process of impeachment, but revenge because she did not move to its blackmail”, said in a statement the Attorney José Eduardo Cardozo, former Minister of Justice representing Rousseff.

Cardozo said that the confession of the President elect of Brazil is not included in the remedy of amparo, which currently handles the Supreme Federal Tribunal (STF), to demonstrate the illegality of the process that dismissed the leader of the PT.

“If the PT had voted for him (Cunha) in the Ethics Committee, would be very likely that Madam President (Rousseff) will continue,” admitted fear.

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