Maduro Denounces US Support for Coup Plot in Venezuela

Featured Maduro Denounces US Support for Coup Plot in Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro denounced that the alleged coup against the Bolivarian government of Venezuela responds to a script designed in the offices of the US Department of State.

In a speech delivered last night from Simón Bolívar Room of Miraflores Palace (Government House), Maduro said that Washington gave the green light and the approval for a coup process against Venezuela.

In his address, broadcast live on Venezolana de Televisión channel, the president exposed the nation plans of violence envisaged by groups of the opposition right to be executed in the coming hours.

Maduro commented that the communiqué issued yesterday by the US Department of State is 'a written script to generate violence, death, chaos.'

'Venezuela is not willing to endure coups of any kind ... We are going to fight and confront the coup plotters, and we are going to defeat them with the people and the Armed Forces united, and the Constitution in the hand,' he said.

He also denounced opposition MP Julio Borges, current president of the National Assembly (in contempt), for 'assuming the leadership of this coup that we are going to face and with all the constitutional and institutional firmness.'

'What Mr. Julio Borges has done today constitutes a crime against the Constitution and thus must be processed sooner rather than later by the national justice system, it must be prosecuted when he openly calls for a coup, for the division of the Armed Forces.'

Borges, a member of the right party Primero Justicia (Justice First), and linked to the most extremist wing of the Venezuelan opposition, publicly endorsed the April 2002 coup against President Hugo Chavez, and is involved in the neutralized conspiracy actions in February 2014, which left a toll of 43 dead people in Caracas.

Maduro emphasized that 'we cannot allow an open call to the coup d'etat, we have to fight it, we have the means and we must do it. The time has come for the fight, the time has come to define the destiny of the country, we are at crucial times to decide the fate of our people and I will be in the front.'

A massive march is planned for Wednesday in the center of Caracas, convened by the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), to celebrate the 20 years of the Bolivarian electoral route, and the 207th anniversary of the cry for independence.

By its part, the opposition coalition Democratic Unity Table (MUD) also called for a protest march in the state of Miranda and in peripheral areas of the Capital District.

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