Monument in Crimea to Honor Fidel Castro

Featured Monument in Crimea to Honor Fidel Castro

The city of Olenevka, in Crimea, joins today the homage in the whole world to the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, with the opening of a monument in his honor.

Located in Key Tarjancut, the sculpture is 2,5 meters high and it was sculpted in limestone by creator Víctor Kruzman,a resident in this territory.

According to local media, thousands of passers-by visited the sculpture, which includes an image of the Cuban ex-president accompanied by the phrase 'The Victory Is Perseverance', and it was unveiled by the Minister of Domestic Politics, Communication and Information of Crimea, Dmitri Polonski.

During its opening, Polonski pointed out that the above mentioned activity is a way of showing respect for 'this big Commander and friend of Russia'.

Also, he informed that it is foreseen to construct a walk of approximately four kilometers, which will take the name of Fidel Castro.

There are in Russia other spaces devoted to Fidel Castro, such as a square in the North-East of Moscow, which is also a homage after his death on November 25, 2016.

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