U.S. Sanctions are Against the Russian People, says Putin

Featured U.S. Sanctions are Against the Russian People, says Putin

U.S. sanctions, including the publication of the Kremlin list, affect today each one of the 146 million Russians, denounced president Vladimir Putin.

When referring to the inclusion of the list of over 60 big businesspeople of the country, Putin recalled that behind each of those persons are dozens of thousands of employees and workers in the companies and businesses under their command.

That is why by placing our businesspeople in warning lists

they affect the over 146 million inhabitants of our country, indicated Putin, who described as unfriendly act the publication of the referred list.

Also, the decision of the White House, approved barely a few hours before the term given by U.S. Congress to approve sanctions against Russia, puts bilateral links to a still lower level, he commented.

The so-called Kremlin list refers to all members of the cabinet, including Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev and the presidents of the Duma (lower chamber), Viacheslav Volodin and the Council of the Federation (Senate), Valentina Matvienko.

Whoever imposes those measures barely know our people and our country, as such negative actions for bilateral links will only end in a greater unity of our nation and more support to the President, alerted Matvienko.

The list, which barely left out Putin, also included the mayor of Moscow, Serguei Sabianin and the spokesperson of the Kremlin, Dmitri Peskov.

Although the inclusion in the referred list does not mean the application of some additional measure against those included, it is a warning to those personalities that are described as 'toxic' for relations between both countries.

Observers consider the inclusion of those persons in the Kremlin list is a guide for action to U.S. institutions against those figures.

However, from White House recommendations was left out the measure of attacking the issuing obligations for Russia in the United States and the collection of interests, among other more radical proposals.

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