US Military Bases 'Vulnerable to Climate Change': Pentagon

Featured US Military Bases 'Vulnerable to Climate Change': Pentagon

Although the United States has refused to participate in the Paris Agreement, the Pentagon has determined that the U.S. military is worth protecting from climate change.

A new Pentagon report has determined that the U.S. military empire could possibly come under attack – from climate change, despite President Donald Trump's repeated denials that such a thing even exists.

According to the report submitted to Congress, military installations across the United States are facing climate-related threats such as drought, wind, storm surges and flooding.

The report determines that about half of the massive U.S. military apparatus has already been affected by extreme weather and other climate-related factors. Pentagon researchers surveyed about 3,500 military installations around the world.

The research was commissioned to show "the preliminary qualitative picture of assets currently affected by severe weather events, as well as an indication of assets that may be affected by sea level rise in the future."

Although the current White House administration has consistently denied climate change, attempting to thwart international efforts at softening its impact by withdrawing from important deals such as the Paris Agreement, the U.S. military is adopting a different attitude and insists concrete efforts at reducing climate risks – at least those threatening their own installations – are worth the cost.

Many of the factors analyzed by the Pentagon are expected to take a heavy toll on communities around the world, disproportionately affecting poorer areas and potentially producing millions of climate refugees as a result of extreme weather events and rising sea levels.

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