Trump Orders Attack on Syria with French and UK Support

Featured Trump Orders Attack on Syria with French and UK Support

U.S. President Donald Trump announced that he ordered an attack in Syria with the support of the Armed Forces of France and the United Kingdom, after a week of threats against the Arab nation.

When talking to the nation from the White House, the Republican leader announced that missiles were launched on targets in Syria, after Washington blamed the government of Bashar Al-Assad for an alleged chemical attack, without waiting for the results of relevant investigations.

The president stated 'I have ordered the U.S. armed forces to carry out precise attacks on what I have called targets associated with Al-Assad's chemical weapons capabilities, even though Damascus has reiterated that it has no responsibility in the alleged aggression.'

Trump recalled that over a year ago he also approved the launching of projectiles against Syria, in response to an alleged chemical attack, an action that was criticized by several legislators as they considered it required the authorization of Congress.

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