People's Summit Accuses OAS of Servility

Featured People's Summit Accuses OAS of Servility

The Organization of American States (OAS) and its secretary general, Luis Almagro, were on the stand at the People''s Summit held in this capital.

Social and students movement from several countries attending the forum denounced the political detentions and disappearances in some nations of the continent, and called the attention on the OAS silence on those events.

They also noted the alliance between the OAS and regional bourgeoisies by responding only to their interests, leaving aside cases of true human rights violations in the region.

Participants also denounced the regional organization's support for the exaggerated smear campaign against Venezuela and the government of President Nicolas Maduro, and Cuba's social project.

They also condemned the assassinations of social leaders in Colombia, the disappearances in Mexico and the electoral fraud in Honduras, among other cases of proved complicity between the OAS and the continental right wing.

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