Ethiopia Declares Maximum Alert for New Outbreak of Ebola in DRC

Featured Ethiopia Declares Maximum Alert for New Outbreak of Ebola in DRC

The Ethiopian government declared a maximum alert to counteract the Ebola virus disease after an outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) this week.

According to the Ethiopian Health Ministry, inspections are carried out at the main international airports and in the border areas to prevent the entry of the deadly disease.

The organization specified that clinics and hospitals throughout the country received the necessary equipment to treat suspected cases of Ebola, and training is being given to strengthen response capabilities.

A new outbreak was declared on Tuesday by the government of the DRC, after two samples tested positive in Bikoro, province of Equateur.

The African Union (AU) announced that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC of Africa) activated an emergency operation to support the fight against the epidemic.

Thus, the CDC mobilized combat resources for an imminent deployment; The team includes experts with experience in the treatment of the condition, who in turn participated in the 2014 pandemic that affected West Africa.

At that time, Ethiopia also previously sent a medical team, made up of about 200 health workers.

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