UN Tourism ranks Vietnam 7th on their list of emerging markets with 25 percent growth rate

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Featured UN Tourism ranks Vietnam 7th on their list of emerging markets with 25 percent growth rate
Vietnam has received more than 7 million foreign tourists, an average of more than one million 300 thousand per month, and is moving towards the goal of hosting 15 to 17 million in the year.
The visits in these first six months exceeded by 27.2 percent the same period of 2017, a sign of the impressive growth rate of the so-called industry without chimneys in the Indochinese nation. According to the General Statistics Office, there were important increases in the markets of the five continents: Asia, 32.7 percent; Europe, 11 percent; United States, 13.5 percent, Oceania, 10 percent; and Africa, 22.2 percent, as per Prensa Latina.
Vietnam has been endowed with a vast tourist infrastructure that in terms of accommodation translates into the existence of more than half a million rooms, distributed mostly in 116 hotels Five Stars, 259 Four Stars and 488 Three Stars. In recent years the country has won several international tourist awards and titles under an intense and intelligent promotion program.
The National Tourism Administration recently announced that from September 25 to October 7, it will carry out new and important actions of this type in France, Spain, Italy, and Germany. As of July 1, in addition, hikers from these four countries and those from the United Kingdom will be exempt from visa.
Last year Vietnam received a record number of 13 million foreign tourists and the aspiration in this is to go from 15 million and approaching 17 million. According to the United Nations Tourism Organization, this beautiful country ranks seventh in the list of emerging markets with an average annual growth rate of 25 percent. 

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