Debate at UN on Objectives of Sustainable Development

Featured Debate at UN on Objectives of Sustainable Development

The advances and challenges to reach the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDO) center today the political high-level forum summoned by the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (Ecosoc).

Thousands of persons will arrive to the UN headquarters in New York to discuss on how to accelerate action to carry out the SDOs, the plan to 'build peaceful and prosperous societies in a healthy planet', announced the UN Secretary General, Antonio Gutierrez.

From July 9 thru 18, will be held this political forum

Under the slogan 'Transformation to sustainable and resilient societies', that will gather participants from all over the world.

As the president of the UN General Assembly in its 72nd session period, Miroslav Lajčák, there is insufficient financing to achieve the SDOs.

In 2015, in this same building of the UN, member States made a group of promises to humanity and the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development was made, consisting of 17 objectives, he recalled.

The SDOs requires each year from five to seven billion dollars in global investment and although this figure seems very big, it really represents only seven to 10 percent of the world's Gross Domestic Product of the world and 25 to 40 percent of global annual investment, he said.

That is why, Lajcak summoned to try new ways and mechanisms, from combined financing to the mobilization of domestic resources, besides establishing bigger and improved associations with the private sector.

Also, he reminded that most of the responsibility at the hour of carrying out of SDOs falls upon the UN member states.

The UN high-level forum starting today looks to evaluate the progress of the SDOs and discuss challenges and successes, the ways to invest in sustainable development, share know-how and technologies, and promote collaboration in that sense, according to its organizers.

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