China Defends Opening and Reform, Despite U.S. Pressures

Featured China Defends Opening and Reform, Despite U.S. Pressures

China's Ministry of Trade emphasized today this country will continue the reform and opening as well as protecting multilateralism, despite pressures from the United States on trade issues, highlights the local media today.

The spokesperson Gao Feng thus responded the accusations of Washington on alleged disloyal trade practices of Beijing.

Foreign trade activities of China have been done in strict compliance with the international multilateral trade system

since its entry to the World Trade Organization, assured the spokesperson.

According to Gao, economic and commercial cooperation China-United States, of mutually beneficial nature, has generated a notable growth for enterprises of both countries and for both peoples.

We hope the United States does not ponder the general situation based on the criteria of a reduced number of persons and does not mislead itself or the public, said Gao.

The spokesperson repeated the call to an equitable, honest and pragmatic dialogue with mutual respect and listen to the voices of industries and consumers, long-term cooperation and fundamental interests of both peoples to take the right decision.

According to Bloomberg news agency, president Donald Trump wants to go ahead with a plan to impose higher tariffs on Chinese imports valued in 200 billion dollars as son as next week.

If the new tariffs are enacted, it would be the greatest escalade in the trade war between the two biggest economies of the world, which according to the same source, creates even greater worry in the financial markets.

The head of the White House continuously accuses other nations, fundamentally the Asian giant, of taking advantage in trade with that country and boosts this aggressive tariff policy, criticized by the affected territories, U.S. economic sectors and mwembers of his own party.

The news on the possible enactment of more tariffs on China is published when trade conversations between Washington and Beijing do not show signs of progress, as those held last week in this capital showed little results.

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