Syrian Army Rejects Terror Attacks in Two Provinces

Featured Syrian Army Rejects Terror Attacks in Two Provinces

Damascus, Oct 8 (Prensa Latina) The Syrian Army rejected terror attacks in northern Hama province and neutralized similar actions in southern Sweida, military sources said on Monday.

Terrorist groups affiliated with the so-called Turkestan Party attacked the Army positions near Mansoura and Tel Waset towns, on the northern tip of Al-Ghab plain in Hama northern field.

The source stated that they tried to take advantage of the farms and olive plantations to infiltrate, but reconnaissance units detected their movements and opened fire.

'Dozens of terrorists were killed and wounded, while the rest fled to the areas under their control in southern Idlib,' the source said.

Joint units of the Army and popular forces strengthened their siege in Sweida province, some 100 kilometers south of Damascus, to the areas still controlled by the Islamic State, Daesh, in the Al-Safa mountains.

The reports stated that several suicide bombers attacked one of the Army's points in northwestern Safa, but the Syrian soldiers repelled the attack and eliminated dozens of terrorists some of them snipers, while the sappers deactivated explosives belts the attackers carried.

According to reports, the Syrian soldiers continued their operations in the liberated areas and cleaned up the cracks and caves of weapons and mine the extremists left behind.

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